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Are you having trouble with orgasm?

Personal Sex Advice by Deni | Edited by Samarel

Using Fantasies

Been awhile since you and your lover made love? Having trouble with orgasm, can't cum before he does? Tired of trying to sleep after you got all hot and bothered only to have 'him' cum first then be unable to bring you the rest of the way? The solution is fantasies. YOUR fantasies! You say you don't have fantasies? Try reading a a sex story. And you can add touching yourself to help your libido rise. Why do all of this? Because you love your man? Because you really would like to experience an orgasm? Because you know that the human body is made to thrive best when it is orgasmic? Orgasms lower your stress level, your blood pressure, your frustrations! Orgasm is good for you! God made you to HAVE orgasms. God designed you to be your best when you are a sexual creature. In fact, that is one of the things that make humans different from animals!

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Tell me about your fantasy

I have been asking many women about whether they tell their husband or significant-others about their fantasies. In the majority of cases, they tell me either "no", or "I don’t have any fantasies!" I do not understand this. To me, my fantasies are such treasures. They allow me to experience the love of people I have never met. They allow me to turn-on my friends and lovers as I recount them. They present me to my cyber friends in a more complete way than I could ever hope to accomplish with just idle conversation. For instance, last night I dreamt of my Irish lover and I making love in the Caribbean moonlight, on a beach, the moonlit shadows caressing our bodies as we caressed, tickled, and kissed. This morning, in the shower, that dream became a full-fledged fantasy and penetration. He filled me with his essence, his cock, and his tongue. I thought of sharing him with my Wom sisters. Suddenly I could feel them beside me, their soft hands caressing me even as his rougher, more callused hands stimulated me. My sisters held me open to his penetration as they caressed him to his orgasm. Their bodies were as much a turn on for him as was mine. My hands and mouth feasted on their bodies even as he was stimulating my orgasm. The soap of the shower aided our fuckings. The penetrations of my fingers brought me to bliss even as they cleansed me of the previous evening’s sperm. mmmmm, I can hardly wait to tell him and my sisters about it. I guess I just did…

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What does an orgasm feel like to me

Orgasm starts as tiny pulses deep under my pussy, between my pussy and my rectum. It begins to magnify until my pussy starts to clutch at whatever is inside it. My hips begin to involuntarily move up and down. At this point the sensation inside my pussy has spread to around my belly button and down my legs a few inches. The feeling is one of being tickled too long, yet still feels like I will die if it stops. The feeling is one that is about 70% pain, and 30% pleasure. However, I need the release so badly by that point that I just allow it to totally control all of my body, even my eyelids succumb to its total control. It is like eating tapioca (which I love!!) that is too hot. Related post: Teach yourself how to cum - Female orgasm tips

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