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If you think this book will change your sex must be right

Erotic artist Samarel with the modern Kamasutra - the Sama Sutra sexual positions art book
"You are holding in your hands a dream come true"

Creating the 'Sama Sutra' – The long story

As an erotic artist I have shown my art in several exhibition in USA between 2002 and 2010. Then I moved on to my next project: Creating A sexual positions art book, like the famous old 'Kama Sutra' - in my own unique style. I named it 'Sama Sutra'.

Ever since I was a shy teenager, I dreamed of drawing a sexual positions book. I would peek in my parents closet, looking for their secret love books. I remember a simple book full of text and some black and white drawings of couples making love. It blew my mind. Years later I realized that I can also blow other's minds with my own book of love that I created for them.

But how could I do that?

I needed specific images of many sexual positions. I didn't want to buy some stock porn photos, I wanted something more realistic. I needed a real couple to take pictures of themselves, for me. However, I didn't know how to find this couple. I've been running this idea in my mind for years waiting for the universe to be kind enough and find this couple for me.

Mother universe found them.

First, she sent Natasha to me. She's married and loves exposing her naked body in front of hubby's camera. He's a good amateur photographer with a great camera and a good eye, especially for his wife's nakedness. They don't have kids, nor any inhibitions. She found my art online and sent her photos to me to wrap her with my art. I am enchanted and grant her desire with my artwork. She did order a sexy portrait from me, but I treated her as a friend, more than a client. We kept in touch through emails, phone calls, for about 2-3 years and then I told her about my 'Sama Sutra' dream and she agrees to take photos with hubby, just for me!

The next months were like paradise to me.

I created my dream book. Every week I sent this precious couple, 3-5 sketches of sexual positions to perform and take photos of. They were as excited as I was about all this and wanted nothing in return, saying I've boosted their sex life by this project, and they thanked me for that. I ignored their ‘thank you’ and printed a few prints of the art I made of their photos and sent them, as a deep gift of gratitude.

I feel blessed with unique friends.

Then I ask my dear friend Deni to write some sexy poetry for my new paintings. That sweet woman who wrote erotic sex stories for my website from the start agreed. I feel so lucky to know these wonderful people, without even meeting them in person, yet.

After half a year, I finished all the sexual positions drawings.

I did the layout and the design work myself and printed the book with no publication to support me (after Amazon rejected me). A dream come true!

👌 I'll drink for that.


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