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The best oral-dental pleasures

I have a cool dentist. Delicate and sometimes considerate even too much. He's already apologizing about the anesthetic injection, not to mention the penetration itself (of the drill, what else... )

He has managed to relieve me almost completely of the eternal fear of dentists. I mean, I know that the treatment will not hurt under his trusted hands, but I will not give up my full right to be afraid that at any moment something will happen and I will start to feel the wonderful pain from time to time ...

because once upon a time our dentists were very skilled shoemakers. I never knew that this syringe could be used slowly, with circular movements, in and out, to prolong the pleasure...

It turned out that in my childhood, time was a rather expensive commodity and the doctors rushed to finish the treatment, at the expense of my pleasure. Quick penetration of the syringe to perfect torture and that's it. No preliminary torture, let alone a polite kiss. Sharp and simple. In and out.

One thing they did best though, they didn't talk during the treatment. Today, my esteemed dentist will not stop explaining, apologize if he made the wrong move, talking softly to me, really the perfect lover... and I'm already lying on his bed so?...

His assistant also bends at me but somehow it doesn't work. I admit that in her case I try a little more to enjoy the treatment. After all, there is always the impossible chance that a cheeky demon will escape from her closed shirt to visit the tortured patient right?

One time I was lying there I suddenly realized that this was it - I found the only place in the world where I manage not to think about sex. And that's kind of unreasonable because all the conditions exist: bed, penetration, even anesthesia ...

but then I looked up at the ceiling and asked why not really? Why not hang up prints of hot girls? It seemed to me a great place for an erotic show. My gaze passed over the walls and came across soothing pictures of flowers, a mountain landscape with a herd of sheep, a colorful pasture - as far away from erotica if you did not consider the sheep and here the silence really suits them. Think about it ... Why not relieve our suffering there on this terrible bed, why huh?

And another word for my perfect dentist.

Tell me, why do you insist on asking me questions when you know that I can't exactly answer even though my mouth is open as it was never closed?



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