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The Sensual Bedroom

After reading our sex stories, prepare your bedroom for love making. We offer Bedroom wall art prints, seductive bedroom ideas to make it a temple of love.


Sex. energy exchange

Whenever bodies unite in a kiss, in a hug or even in a simple touch, an energy exchange occurs. If the union is sexy, in a kiss or in a sexual act, the hormone-informative release that occurs, stimulates all cells in the body and makes energy transfer much more intense.

Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse is an intimate exchange of vital fluids, hormones and subtle energy. The climax, in orgasm, is the apex in the formation of an energy bond between partners. It then creates a common cellular energy memory, an event that permanently connects both partners.​ 

Do you want
this sex energy
in your bedroom?

The sensual bedroom should be a sacred space for both of you. A space in which you develop your relationship. In which you create your moments. The bedroom is a place for romance.

Disperse fragrant smells of aroma, play sensual music, take care of lustful bed sheets, and hung erotic prints above your bed that will evoke memories of joy and love when we look at them.

So, is your bedroom a sacred space?

Bring back the 'spark' into your love life

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