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"Is she or isn't she?" | eBook by Deni and Samarel Eros


Sex journey of a hotwife Slut into the cuckold lifestyle

Introducing "Is She or Isn't She?" A mesmerizing story unraveling the intricacies of trust, lust, and the boundaries within a cuckold style relationship.

When a man stumbles upon his wife's panties stained with another man's essence, his world is shattered. As their emotions collide, their connection is tested, leading to a provocative encounter that challenges everything they thought they knew.

Is she or isn’t she?

Hotwife Black Cock Craving/Cuckold Fantasy by Deni for ‘Samarel Eros’

He stood there, mouth open, frozen in realization that what he was looking at had enormous implications. He was naked with his towel in his hand, after taking a rejuvenating hot shower. His eyes could not leave the tiny, filmy fabric lying there in the clothes hamper. His beloved wife’s new pink thong lay there, right on top of the rest of the clothes.

He blinked. It didn’t work; the panties were still there.

Was that really what he thought it was? It looked like a thick, creamy goo. Part of it had soaked into the part of her underwear that covered her sweet, precious opening. Did women secrete stuff like that? He knew they didn’t, but he was hoping against hope that he could find an answer besides his worst fears. He was more than willing to grasp at straws right now. Anything but that.

God, there was a lot of it.

He reached down, hand shaking, and extended one finger. God, it was still wet. Not the least bit crusty or dried. God. It had to be just before she left work. How long had she been home anyway? He could not remember. His mind was reeling.

It was lying there, with the crotch panel fully visible, like it was waiting for him to open the hamper and discover it. Discover the panties with all their wetness and profound implications. They seemed to be lying there, screaming at him: “Look at me! Look at me, you silly, trusting man! Look at me and all my goo! Guess what this stuff is? Guess where we came from? Look at us, full of his goo!”



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Are you ready for this intense exploration of the Cuckold lifestyle?

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you questioning the true nature of marriage and sex life.

Read all 18 chapters on your computer/cellphone/tablet

Price: $54.90

Published date: March 2024

Format: Epub, mobile friendly, 135 pages
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