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Fine art nude erotic collage couples making love, erotic art on canvas

Me and my art 'Within Me' at the Miami Erotic Museum

The Erotic Galleries Samarel Eros

Welcome to the Erotic Art Gallery of Samarel, a platform dedicated to showcasing sensual erotic art, explicit sex art as well as custom made portraits and home décor prints. My work is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of human sexuality, expressed through a unique and captivating vision.

Immerse yourself in my exotic fantasy world and discover a collection of art that is both sensual and thought-provoking. Whether you are a fan of erotic art or just appreciate the beauty of the human form, this gallery is sure to satisfy your desires.
Explore the art, get inspired, and let your imagination run wild as you discover a world of sensual beauty.

'The Beach Girl' - Erotic art in motion >>


'Venus for Sale' - Erotic Collage gallery >>


'Every woman is a goddess' - Custom made portraits >>


Home Décor

Home décor prints for interior design spaces in apartments, businesses, offices, hotels and homes


Samarel Art Sex Stories

Hot steamy adult sex stories to turn you on while reading thru your smartphone, or taking a break at the office. Best erotic stories by talented yet amateurs writers, mostly women like you. All stories are followed by Samarel erotic images. 


Candy girl in the big city - Comics

Where to, sweetie pie?
To the Internet.
Whatcha mean, internet ? Where d`you want to go?
I told you, to the Internet. D`you get there?
Sure, sure I do. Say, where d`you come from? What's your name?
Candy Girl, from Candylvania.
Eh, you mean Pennsylvania?



Aliena - cyber alien, tired of fighting and following orders in cyberspace, enters the "real world" looking for the meaning of her life, or is it OUR lives.
Are you ready for "The quest for alter love"?

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