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"When I saw the original art on my computer screen I was impressed, but the beautiful, high quality screen prints you prepared for me are truly fantastic. The colors simply leap out of the canvas and to have the figures almost as large as life only serves to enhance the effect. All of my friends ask where I found such original and bold erotic art and then stare enviously; there is simply nothing like them in the shops"....Paul Lincoln, UK


All images are available on high quality canvas prints. Money-back guarantee. Shipping to every country around the world!

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"A painting is usually looked-seldom looked into, you made this possible by your outstanding work. I quite lost myself, gazing at this work of art.... It thrilled me, it’s sensual and erotic, simply magnificent." Anita Saxena

If you believe as I do,

  • That erotic art expresses our essence as human beings

  • That it gives extra value to our love life

  • That it should be welcome in every home, 

then I have a wall art idea

for your bedroom.


Why do you need canvas art prints in your sensual bedroom
Let's talk a bit about intimacy and passion. In your bedroom.

Passion often erupts in bold and public places, but most couples love their bed and comfort at home.

It's time to turn your bedroom into a sacred place - a sacred space.

The bedroom should be a sacred space for both of you. A space in which you develop your relationship. In which you create your moments. The bedroom is a place for romance.

Disperse fragrant smells of aroma, play sensual music, take care of lustful bed sheets, and hung erotic prints above your bed that will evoke memories of joy and love when we look at them.

So, is your bedroom a sacred space?

Enable your own sexy images to be turned into a beautiful piece of erotic art


"By making my sensual portrait you gave me the best birthday gift when I turned 40, you gave me confidence. You have a great gift of bringing out the beauty of a single picture. your work really makes a difference to help us see our beauty...." Kara, U.S.A


Sama Sutra - The modern Kamasutra sexual positions guide for lovers, with erotic poetry and paintings by Samarel in his unique style.

Samarel Art Sex Stories

Hot steamy adult sex stories to turn you on while reading thru your smartphone, or taking a break at the office. Best erotic stories by talented yet amateurs writers, mostly women like you.

All stories are followed by Samarel erotic images. 

"I have fallen madly in love with your artwork, and want these images to be the first things I see in the morning and the last I see at night. They are beautiful!" .....Terryn

"When I first saw your art it reminded me of my own memories with a man I loved, and it made me happy. The passion and love that you express in your work is so amazing. You truly are an artist..." Sara De Cosmo U.S.A

Spark Erotic images made into erotic art by Samarel


Sexy girls of instagram images made into erotic art by Samarel


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