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Welcome to the Sultry Realm of cuckold stories, interracial erotica and hotwife lifestyle


Step into a world of unbridled desire, where boundaries are pushed and passions ignite. Explore intimate confessions of hotwife cuckold interracial erotica written by Deni Wom.  All eBooks are available on my Amazon page.

Hotwife confession

My wife wants to be a slut

When a marriage built on love and trust is turned upside down by the wife's explosive confession of her hotwife desires, a chain reaction of secrets, lies, and betrayal ensues. As they navigate the treacherous landscape of their relationship, the husband is forced to confront his own insecurities and question everything he thought he knew about his partner's innermost fantasies as a shared hotwife.


Will their love be strong enough to survive the ultimate test of trust, or will the wife's quest for self-discovery as a hotwife, craving BBC and gangbang experiences, destroy their bond forever?

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My Birthday Present

Jay's 40th birthday takes an unexpected turn when he requests his wife's undivided attention for an entire day of pampering. In this sizzling ebook, follow the wife as she agrees to Jay's proposal, embarking on a journey of indulgence and desire.


From breakfast in bed to a professional masseuse igniting newfound sensations, discover how one birthday present leads to heightened arousal and tantalizing moments of intimacy. Get ready for a steamy tale of sexual pleasures, interracial groupsex and thrilling encounters.

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Unlock Your Deepest Desires

Ready to unleash your inner passions and explore the uncharted territories of human desire? Take the first step into the sultry realm of forbidden fantasy. Get instant access to my eBooks on Amazon now and discover a world of unapologetic passion, liberation, and self-discovery.


Are you ready for intense exploration of the Cuckold lifestyle?

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you questioning the true nature of marriage and sex life.

Read all 18 chapters on your computer/cellphone/tablet

Price: $54.90

Published date: March 2024

Format: Epub, mobile friendly, 135 pages
(You will need Kindle previewer to view the eBook

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