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Part 2

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel

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Diary 10
Playing your ass

Adult NFT collection 'Eternal Erotica' by Samarel

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You decide to take a hot shower before you go to sleep. I have already taken mine, and have slipped under the soft covers in our bed. As soon as I hear you turn on the water, and know you are inside, I turn around and face the bathroom laying on my side. I have an open view of the glass shower, and your perfect physique. I love looking at your strong naked body, and even more, your relaxed cock. Even when it is soft, it is quite exquisite and impressive in size. I watch as you wash your body, and the steam and scent of the soap tease my nose. You turn around and now and your great ass is facing in my direction. It is a very sexy one, so smooth, and I love to explore it with my hands, lips, and tongue! MMM! I get so aroused just thinking about the things I want to do to that lovely ass of yours! Under the covers, my hand slides into my panties and I finger my wet pussy while I watch you bathe. I can't wait for you to slip into bed tonight. I have plans for you.

I watch as you turn off the water, and reach for your towel. You quickly dry your hair, and matter-of-factly towel off the rest of your body. As you pull on your boxers, you glance up in my direction checking to see if I am asleep. I close my eyes in a blink, not wanting you to realize that I am awake.

You get inside the bed and turn off the light. I hear you sigh, as you start to drift off to sleep. Little do you know that you will not be doing much sleeping tonight. I cuddle closer to you, molding my body against your back in "spoon" position. That is when you realize that I am totally naked. You are completely silent, and at that moment, I am aware that you are on to my little game. We both laugh softly. "MMM", you say.

You stay still, as you feel my mouth start to kiss your neck and down your spine. My hands are caressing your skin and slide down and pull your boxers off of that gorgeous ass that I have been waiting to touch all night. My fingertips trace it lightly in little circles, giving attention to each cheek. I tell you that we are not going to sleep right now...and to get up on all fours. I kneel behind you enjoying the view. Normally, the situation would be reversed, but tonight we are going to play my way.

I slide my hands slowly up your thighs and my flat palm moves under your balls. I caress them gently, then slide up further and feel your hardening cock all the way up to your sensitive head. My fingers swirl gently around your tip and I touch the slit with my finger and capture a bead of your precum. I return my finger to my lips and suck it off, telling you how delicious you taste, and how I am going to enjoy your whole body tonight, especially your cock and ass.

I start to stroke your cock, and at the same time, plant soft wet kisses on your ass. I slide my tongue down the center of your ass, and then deep inside, until i reach your tight asshole. You sigh loudly as my silky tongue licks all around it, teasing and making it so wet with my saliva. My hand pumps your cock up and down, as I am getting so excited from your taste and smell. My tongue pushes in slowly and deeply, invading and filling your hole. I tonguefuck you slow and deep as you move your hips and fuck my hand, moaning and begging for me not to stop. You are disappointed as I slide my tongue out of your asshole slowly. I whisper naughtily to you and tell you that I have a few things in my toybox that I have been dying to use, and you laugh and encourage me to "bring it on".

I reach into the toybox and withdraw a string of anal beads, and a vibrating jackrabbit dildo. I take the beads into my hands and slide them back and forth between my dripping pussy lips, lubricating them fully with my juices. Spreading your ass cheeks, I tongue you once again making your tight hole slippery and ready for my little toy. I take the string of beads and start to insert it inside of you, one at a time, taking great care not to hurt you. I wrap my other hand around your cock and stroke your thick erection, cooing to you softly about how good these are going to make you feel when you cum. You love the sensation and show your appreciation every time I push a bead inside by moaning and moving your hips. I am satisfied when all 10 are deep inside, the little "pull ring" resting outside of your asshole.

I hiss in your ear that I want your stiff cock in my pussy and ass, and that I cannot wait any longer! We change positions, and I squat down on your cock. I push down slowly taking your whole length inside of me. My pussy is soaked and I start to ride you hard and fast, bouncing up and down on your cock. Getting more excited, I beg you to let me have your cock in my ass. I know how much you love my tightness, and tonight I have another treat for ua as well. I kneel up and straddle your hips, positioning your wet cock onto my little rosebud. I rub your head around it, and then push it inside slowly. Then, very deliberately, I push down slowly feeling my ass being filled fully with your cock. I moan in pleasure and pain as I sink all the way down, as you grab my hips hard and tell me how fucking good it feels to be inside of my tight asshole.


I spread my thighs wide, exposing my open pussy, and grab the jackrabbit from the bed. You watch as I push the head of the cock into my cunt, and once inside of me, I turn it on. You can feel this cock on top of yours, only separated by the membranes of my pussy and ass. The sensation of both cocks in my holes makes me crazy, and I excitedly move my hips back and forth, fucking my vibrating cock and your cock that is buried in my asshole. Your hips pound into my ass, over and over, as you moan and enjoy my asshole milking your cock.

The dildo in my pussy is swirling and vibrating, and the "nose" and "ears" of the rabbit are punishing my clit. I can't take much more of this sensation, as I am truly "stuffed" with cock and needing to cum. My fingers reach behind me and fumble for the tiny ring outside of your asshole. I tell you I'm almost "there" and you moan..." too". As I feel your cock start to throb, and my pussy contract I swiftly pull out your anal beads each one popping out in a row compounding your orgasm. You moan louder than I've ever heard you as you shoot your cum into my asshole, feeling it clench and release over and over as I cum all over my jackrabbit dildo. As I recover from my intense release, I slide the dildo out and lay it on a towel next to me with the beads, to clean them for use again later.

Still impaled on your softening cock, I lean forward slowly, letting you slip out of my ass. Our mouths meet in a long satisfied kiss, and we laugh softly as we hold each other and come down from our amazing orgasms.

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Diary 11
One minute elevator sex

During our whole cab ride from the airport, you have had your hands alll over my body. It has been a month since we last saw each other. I have missed you so, and it is VERY obvious that you have missed me a lot as well!!!

You gaze into my eyes, smiling, and your hand moves up to touch my cheek. Your eyes are very dark with passion and lust, and I get a shock of fear that you just might ravage me right here in front of this cab driver!

Your mouth descends upon mine, hard and needy, spreading my lips with your tongue and slipping it inside. Our kiss is sweet and meaningful, showing our deep longing for each other.

Your hand slides from my cheek, down my neck and slips into my blouse. I tremble, as I feel your fingers seeking my breast under my silky bra. I moan softly into your mouth, when your hand gently caresses my whole breast and your fingertips swirl around my nipple making it hard and sensitive.

Your other hand slides up my leg feeling my silky thigh-high stocking. Roughly, you push my skirt up so you can have access to my panties. I'm soaked from your touches, and cannot stifle a loud moan that escapes my lips. The cab driver smiles at us devilishly in his rear-view mirror. I can feel his eyes roaming my body.

As your fingers slip inside of my panties and play with my smooth wet pussy, I move my hand to the huge bulge in your pants and massage and trace it with my fingers. Our kisses become deeper and harder, and if you don't stop touching me like that in here, we are going to fuck right on this back seat, with the driver as our captive audience! I hardly think he will mind!

I am out of control with want for you, and I slide my hand inside your pants and free your hardening cock. I bend at the waist and instinctively bring my lips to the cock that I have missed so much in our separation. You moan loud, as my hot lips wrap around your head. You push your hips up to meet my mouth, and watch as my lips and tongue bathe your thick shaft with my saliva. I bob my head up and down on your stiff erection, making sweet love to it with my mouth...letting you fuck it like it was my pussy. You are moaning loudly, not caring about what our driver thinks, and I think I even heard you tell him how fucking good of a cocksucker I am!

I suck you deeper and harder, my tongue swirling and licking, until all of a sudden we come to a quick stop. You cannot believe your bad luck, but we are already at our hotel! The driver smiles, and tells us that he is now off-duty. He gets out, and opens our door, smiling with a huge hard-on. We quickly fix our clothes and get out of the cab. As I back out of the cab to make sure you are "ok", trying to conceal the throbbing bulge in your pants, my ass grazes against our driver's cock. You step out of the cab and try to pay him, but he tells you this one is "on" him. We laugh and proceed quickly to the hotel.

After checking in as fast as we can, we make our way to the glass elevator in the lobby. It is late, and there are only a few people walking around in the hotel. We slip inside the elevator and as soon as the doors close, we are all over each other. Hands, mouths, feeling, kissing, ripping at each other's clothes. You reach up under my skirt and rip my panties off. The elevator floor is glass, so anyone standing below can see my shaved, now dripping, pussy...and your fingers thrusting inside of them. My hand frees your cock once more, and is stroking it up and down. I hiss in your ear...I cannot wait...I want you here and now...fuck me...right now...we have only one minute...

You bend me over and flip my skirt up onto my back. I hear you moan as I know you are looking at the ass and pussy that you have been wanting to fuck for so long. I reach my hand through my thighs and spread my pussy wide open. FUCK ME BABY.....You plunge your thick cock deep inside of my tight wet pussy. We both moan loudly with so much pleasure. You grab my hips and fuck me hard, thrusting over and over and over, your balls slapping against my ass. My hips move back and forth to meet your deep thrusts. My eyes look up and watch the numbers to the floors light up as we rise to the top of the hotel. Our excitement is enhanced ten fold, as we have no idea when the doors will open.


We are on the 10th floor, but what if someone on a lower floor pushes the button??? Moaning and fucking me harder, you reach down and finger my clit. It is swollen and erect, and your fingers torment it so good, rubbing hard, circling, and squeezing it. I NEED to cum NOW. I tell you so too.




You say....LOVER..I am there too. I squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles and bring you over the edge. I feel your cock throbbing hard in my cunt, and I scream out your name as I start to cum...contracting and releasing...feeling your hot load shooting into my pussy. You bend and cover my my back and ass with sensuous kisses, and slowly withdraw your spent wet cock. You pull my skirt down and straighten it out, and i turn to you and make sure you are presentable as well. We melt into each other's arms and kiss deeply and passionately.

Ding! "Floor 9"....Ding!..."Floor 10"-our stop. The doors open and we are still kissing. Another couple is standing there waiting to enter the elevator. They look so embarrassed, knowing that they have just missed "the show". I know they smell the scent of our sex lingering inside. The man clears his throat, and we break our kiss. We flee from the elevator, laughing like two teenagers. We get to the door of our room, you open it with the key and quickly pull me inside. As the door slams behind us, and we collapse on the bed kissing, I know that this elevator quickie was only the beginning of our long passionate reunion!

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Diary 12
Park suck

Every night I go for a walk in the public park. I love to take some time for myself and get away from my busy life. I wait until the darkness, because I love feeling the cool breeze in my hair as I walk or jog quickly down the path. It is a beautiful park, even at night, with the tall green trees and grass. I love to hear the leaves blowing in the wind. Tonight, you said that you wanted to meet me here, but I waited for almost a half hour at our agreed spot, and you still have not come.

I decide that it is getting late, and the park is now completely empty. It has a reputation for being safe, but I still do not like to walk alone at this hour. I put my headphones on, turn the music up, and start my walk.

As I walk, enjoying the night air, I soon "sense" someone behind me. Before I can turn around, strong hands grab me and pull me off the path pushing me down in the grass. The stranger is larger than me, and I feel his weight crushing down on me as he struggles to pin my hands down over my head with one of his hands. My eyes are squeezed tightly shut, as I am afraid to face my attacker. His knee roughly spreads my thighs wide apart. I am overcome by fear, but continue to struggle against him. His other hand pulls my pants off my hips and onto the tops of my thighs, exposing my cotton panties. I cry out helplessly, when all of a sudden I hear a familiar voice...yours.

I open my eyes and see yours looking at me. A devilish smile creeps across your lips, and I don't know whether to hit you or kiss you. Without a word, you crush your mouth onto mine, giving me a hungry deep kiss, bruising my soft lips with your roughness. Without a word or releasing your grip on my hands, you continue your assault on my body. You push my panties over to the side and thrust two fingers into my wet hole. I am dripping wet from fear, but also being so aroused by you taking me so roughly. You slide your fingers out, soaked with my juices and push them into my mouth, letting me taste my wetness. I moan and suck your fingers the way I would your cock, hard and deep.

You undress me, leaving me naked and vulnerable. Your hands spread my thighs wide apart, and without warning, you put your head between them and start to lick me. Over and over I feel your tongue lapping at my pussy, and soon you push it into my wet hole, making me scream with delight. Your fingers move to my clit and rub in hard circles. My hips gyrating against your mouth, trying to get more of your hot tongue inside of me.


My hands bury in your hair and I moan loudly as I cum hard around your tongue, filling your hot mouth with my cum. You kiss and lick my pussy gently as I come down from the intense orgasm. I pull you up to my lips and lick yours with my tongue. Your face is wet from me and I kiss and lick my juices from it. We kiss deeply, and i feel your thick shaft protruding against my cunt. I smile at you, knowing what you want now, but tell you that I plan on punishing you first for frightening me so bad!

Man fucking woma's mouth in a deep blowjob art for sex diary

Diary 13
How can you sleep...

do you know that today...I was so tired from sleeping only an hour or two at a time...that I fell asleep this afternoon for a short nap? I was missing you SO MUCH...and feeling especially horny for you. I started to dream that you were here with me....sleeping next to me in my bed...naked. I could see you clearly in my mind...your face on my pillow so peaceful as you rested. The blanket barely covering your nice ass...the tops of your cheeks exposed. As I lay on my side, studying your body, my fingertips caress your skin. I touch the back of your neck very lightly, and trail my fingertips downward....


Softly tracing your spine, moving slowly all the way down to the valley between your soft cheeks. My fingers explore it, sliding up and down, then slide inside deeper. I drag one finger down lower and find your tight asshole. I swirl my fingertip around it gently. You stir slightly in your sleep, but do not wake. I take my finger and bring it to my lips and push it inside, my nose catching the musky scent of your ass as I do this, and it drives me wild.

I suck on my finger making it very wet with my saliva and return it to your asshole. I slide the wetness all around it, and you move slightly as if this starts to awaken you. Slowly, I push my finger inside, the way you have done to me countless times. I hear you moan into the pillow in appreciation. I slide my other hand down and trail my fingertips over that little ridge that connects your ass to your cock. My fingers gently stroke your balls, and I push the finger on my other hand deep into your tight asshole. You groan louder this time, and you arch your ass up higher, giving me full access. I slide my finger out, and use both hands to spread your ass cheeks wide...just looking at your aching asshole, knowing how badly you must be wanting me to fuck it with my tongue and fingers. I lower my head and plant little kisses between your exposed cheeks.


My mouth opens slightly and i use my tongue to swirl all around your tight perfect bud. As you moan loudly, fully awake now and knowing what I am going to do to you, I push my tip inside still holding your cheeks wide apart. I withdraw my teasing tongue and ask you "Do you want this baby?" I await your answer. "YES", I hear you groan spreading your thighs apart. "Like this?" I ask. "Fuck YES". 

This is all the invitation I need, and I plunge my tongue inside of you deeply until my lips are open wide around your asshole. As I fuck you with my tongue, you move your hips up and down, trying to get more of my tongue inside. My hand reaches under you and I stroke your cock, giving you a firm grip as I wrap my fingers around your shaft.

Your asshole is so wet and open for me now, as I thrust my tongue in and out, my hand pumping your cock, and my fingers swirling around your cockhead spreading your precum around each time I reach your tip. It makes my pussy soaked to see you in this position, as it is normally I who am under your control. I look to the side and see my double sided dildo on my nightstand. I was looking through my toy box last night before we fucked searching for the perfect toy and threw this one here absently. I reach for it now and suck on one of the ends.

I rub the cockhead onto your wet hole, around and around, hearing you moan and feeling your hips moving up and down. Slowly, I insert the head, as I watch you grip the sheets as you take the pain with the pleasure.


I move my mouth down and lick around your asshole as I push this cock slowly in and out, each time making you take more of the shaft, the way my ass takes your beloved cock inside. I stroke your cock steadily, and I feel you fucking my hand back and forth. I slide my hand off your cock and take the other end of the dildo, and rub it around my clit. It is hard and swollen, and I cannot resist playing with it any longer. I tease my pussy with the head and then push it inside of my wet cunt, the other part of the dildo, snug in your tight asshole. I squat over your ass and spread my thighs wide, wishing you could only see my dripping wet cunt, and sink down onto the cock, moving my hips back and forth taking the cock inside of me.


This pushes the other end of the dildo deeper into your asshole. I moan and tell you to grab your cock and stroke it, as I fuck my pussy and your ass with the dildo. Soon the cock is sliding back and forth between us, giving us both incredible pleasure. My thrusts drive the cock in and out of your stretched asshole and soon we are both moaning loudly, nearing our orgasms. My pussy starts to contract around the shaft, my juices drip down onto your asshole, making the cock slide so good in and out of you. I watch the cock slide in and out of your ass as I scream and cum all over it.

I know you want to cum, so I lay on my back and pull my knees to my chest, spreading my thighs widely apart and giving you access to my pussy and asshole. You kneel between my thighs and thrust your needy throbbing cock deep into my dripping cunt. I grab the dildo and push it back into your asshole, pumping it in and out of you as you fuck my pussy. You moan and stiffen, shooting your cum into my pussy, bucking into me as your ass clenches around the dildo.

You collapse on top of me, and we kiss a hard passionate kiss, with your cock still inside of me. We are breathing hard and when you break my kiss, you look into my eyes and devilishly tell me..."you are going to pay for this big time...naughty slut"

Fucking scene erotic art for sex diary, adult nsfw erotica

Diary 14
The hem of her skirt

It is 2:00 p.m. and time for their "afternoon smoke break". Neither of them are smokers, but the hot quick fucking that they do here everyday, could most certainly start a fire. She knows he is coming, and patiently waits by the window in the office basement. She is ready and her heart pounds waiting for his arrival. Just then, she hears the door open and the sound of his footsteps tell that he is almost right behind her. She instinctively puts her hands on the window to brace herself for what is to come.

He slides one strong hand around her, his fingers splaying across her belly, pulling her tightly to him possessively. His other hand slides the hem of her skirt up her thighs to her waist. His hot mouth is almost pressed against her ear, so warm and inviting. It excites her as she feels the puffs of his breath against her skin. He praises her for not wearing panties as he instructed her the last time they were together. His hands caress her soft ass cheeks, tracing the outline with his fingers. The softness of her silky skin under his fingertips, make his cock stand at attention. He pushes his body against her, bending her forward, as his leg moves hers further apart. She moans as the thick bulge in his pants presses against her ass. Her hips press back, and she rubs her ass on it teasingly.


As she looks out the window, she smiles, knowing she is about to get what she has been longing for all day.

He tells her to bend forward a little more. She does as he instructs, blushing profusely, as she knows he is going to be looking at her pussy, ass and tiny sweet rosebud. His fingers explore her aching cunt, spreading it wide. He pushes two fingers in deep, withdraws them quickly and spreads her juices all around her clit and pussy lips. She is soaking wet, and he presses his mouth to her ear and whispers seductively, "Is my sweet slut's cunt ready for me?" She loves it when he talks so dirty to her before they fuck.


"Yessssssssss, it is ready for all 7 inches of your thick cock baby", she says. He positions the head of his erection directly on her pussy, rubbing and teasing, but not entering her body. "Tell me what you want slut?" he says as he rubs he slaps his cock against her clit. "I need you to fuck me now, and make me cum", she breathlessly tells him with so much need in her voice.

Without another word, he thrusts all the way into her cunt. He holds his cock there steady for a minute enjoying the feeling of her pussy locked around his throbbing shaft. She squeezes her pussy muscles tight and milks him, gripping and releasing his cock. He groans loud, and slides both of his hands up to her breasts pinching both nipples hard. She cries out in pleasure and pain, and pushes her ass out to bury his cock as deep as possible into her pussy. He fucks her hard and deep, with long strokes, watching his wet cock slide in and out of her tight hole. She moans and moves her hips to match his thrusts, her juices dripping down her thighs. He slides his hands back down and grips her hips, slamming his cock in and out of her, until she screams that she is going to cum.....


He slides his hand down and plays with her clit while she cums around his fat, throbbing cock. He feels her clenching and releasing over and over, as her hands brace the window finding her release.

He withdraws his dripping cock and orders her to spread her ass cheeks. She slides her hands down the window, sticking her ass out further for his use. Her hands spread her cheeks wide. His cock becomes harder than ever when he sees her cum dripping from her cunt, and that beautiful tight little asshole that is begging to be fucked thoroughly. Their afternoon break is almost over, so he wastes no time letting his thoughts linger about the beautiful sight before him.

Without haste, he stuffs his cock into her tight hole. She screams out "OH GOD YES, FUCK MY ASS", and he thrusts in deep all the way down to his balls. She moans in pleasure and pain, and slowly moves her hips back and forth, getting used to his size and girth. He pumps his cock in and out, moaning and loving the tightness of her ass around him. She moans and tells him how good it feels to have his cock buried in her ass. Her fingers reach between her legs, and she finds her button that is once again aching to be touched. As she enjoys his cock inside of her, she moans and plays with her pussy thrusting three fingers deep inside. She loves the feeling of both holes being filled. He thrusts a few more times, deep and hard, and soon she feels his cock throbbing and shooting his thick hot cum deep into her asshole. She instantly cums around her fingers, as his cream leaks out of her ass and drips down into her cumming pussy.

He bends and licks the cum from her pussy and ass. She turns around and slides his cock deep into her mouth, gently bathing it with her tongue kissing and cleaning it. They stand facing each other and embrace for a moment. Their eyes meet in a naughty satisfied stare, and they kiss softly. Quickly, they help each other dress, and kiss playfully and tenderly as they head back to the emergency stairway leading to the office. Breaktime is over. Boss and secretary head to their next meeting.

Fingering wet cunt for a sex diary erotic art image

Diary 15
Nature takes it all

We sit at the river's edge, taking a break from our long hike. Your feet are in the water, and I laugh because you still have your shoes on...and they are untied. I get into the cool water and kneel down in front of you. I slip my hands down into the wetness and pull your shoes...and soaking wet smiling up at you. Better? Mmmm...yes. My soft hands massage and caress your feet and toes. It does not matter to me that my pants are getting wet as I kneel here, because just touching you makes me very aroused, and I know that I will not keep these pants on long. I slide my hands up and push your pants to your knees, feeling your calves and the silky wet hair that clings to them. Having other ideas about how we are going to spend our afternoon, I stand up, and hold out my hand for you to take so I can pull you to me.

Once you are standing and looking down at me, I slide my arms around you and play with the soft curls at the base of your neck. I tilt my head up and press my lips against yours, slanting them and nibbling at your bottom lip with my teeth so gently. I slip my tongue inside and find yours, circling and playing with it seductively. I pull you closer to me, and our bodies press together.


Your mouth greedily takes over our kiss, and you push your tongue inside deeply. My hands slide from your neck, over your shoulders, down your chest. My fingers splayed wide and tease your belly as they descend even lower. I unbutton and unzip your pants, as your kisses become more passionate and hungry. My hand slips inside and baldly finds your hardening cock. I feel your silky cock skin, and it makes my pussy instantly wet. I break our kiss and tell you to follow me, as I fix your pants...temporarily.

I pull you down the stream farther, to a place where it deepens and the surrounding forest becomes more lush and dense. In front of us is a beautiful, small waterfall, splashing it's clear cool water into the stream. I undress before you...slowly...and fully...letting your eyes gaze upon my naked skin. I kiss you once more as I start to undress you as well, first pulling off your shirt and throwing it into the grass. My hands feel your naked chest, fingers nestled into your dark hair there. I trail them down lower and this time, slide your pants off.


I kiss you deeply and stroke your cock to life, my hands working their magic on your shaft. I kneel down into the grass, and look up at you as I take your cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around you getting your taste and scent in my head, before I push my lips down to your base. I bob my head back and forth taking more and more of your cock inside my lips with each movement. I begin to moan when I taste your precum sliding onto my tongue. My hands slide to your ass and caress it gently. My fingers slide into the crevice between your cheeks, feeling your soft down. I explore further until my fingers have found your wanting tight asshole, and I play with it, as I suck you hard and deep until you are throbbing.

I slide my lips up and slowly off of your cock, as you pull me to you. I stand and press against you, wrapping your arms around my back. I slowly move us backwards toward the water. I laugh as I know this water is pretty cool for you, hoping that it will not ruin all my "hard" work. I know you are pretty worked up, so as soon as we are in deep enough, I wrap my legs around your waist, and push your cock into my hot pussy. I move my hips back and forth rapidly on your huge erection, and your hands wrap around and grab my ass. You impale me all the way onto your cock and I moan in your mouth. I squeeze my pussy muscles tightly around you, and move my hips in small circles, feeling your cock stirring me inside. Your hands continue to move my hips to match your deep thrusts, and I moan at you that I am going to cummm...let me baby?

You push your finger deep inside of my asshole, giving me my answer, and I immediately start to cum...HARD...grinding against your cock, my fingers rubbing my clit as I cum around your shaft. You groan loudly as you feel my cunt clenching and releasing over and over. I know how much you love to cum in my asshole, so I turn around facing away from you and grip your outer thighs, with my knees, pressing my ass against your cock. You rub it up and down my ass crack and then push it inside of my tight hole. I sit back on your cock, and your hands slide to my tits and nipples to steady me. I ride your cock in my asshole, and finger my own pussy. Just as we are about to cum, Your hand turns my chin toward you and we kisssss and moan into each other's mouths.

You slide your softening cock out of my ass and the water washes away our lovemaking. We climb up onto the rock above and lay together to rest, enjoying the soft splashing of the waterfall, and the bright sun through the trees.

Couple in 69 sex position art for a sex diary

Diary 16
Sweet 69

You are late coming home from work, as you had a business meeting to attend. It is getting late, and although I do love my "alone" time, I find that I am missing you. I jump on our bed and lay across it, catching up on my reading. The girlie novel that I am engrossed in, gets so hot that soon I find I am turned on and horny and wanting you to hurry home.

I call your mobile phone, and you are in the car just a few blocks from our house. I purr into the phone that I am missing you so much, and that I am very needy for your cock. You tell me you have been thinking about me all night as well, and to be ready for you. You left before the dinner was over and didn't' get your dessert, so you are craving a taste of my sweet pussy.

I hear you enter the house, throw the keys on the table, and soon your footsteps are on the stairs. I have already dressed in a sexy nightie for you, and have been masturbating since our phone conversation. You come in through the doorway to our bedroom and see me laying horizontally on the bed. My legs are spread open for you, giving you a view of my wet glistening fingers sliding in and out of my needy cunt. "MMM baby, you make my cock so hard with that vision". I moan and rub my clit harder, bringing me closer to a delicious orgasm.

You walk around the bed, lean over and take my hands in yours. Gently you pull me so that my head is hanging off the side of the bed positioned between your legs. "MMMMM yes", I say, "Give me your cock baby". Reaching up with one hand, my fingers wrap around your shaft and start to stroke you up and down. My eyes watch the taught velvety cock skin move up and down, your precum dripping from your tip onto my lips and tongue. I open my mouth wide, as you slip your cockhead inside, moaning as my lips enclose around your rim. My tongue flicks around the top, then swirls around and around bathing it with your precum. I hear you sigh loudly, as you push deeper into my hot mouth. The taste and scent of your cock drives me wild and I suck harder and deeper.

You lean over me, place both hands between my thighs and spread me wide open. Your strong hands slide down my helpless body and torment my exposed, swollen clit with your fingertips. It is wet and ready from my own fingers readying it for your touch. I moan loud on your cock, as my body writhes against your hand. You bend way over me, your weight absorbed by the bed as your legs lean against the edge. You bury your face in my soaking wet pussy and start to tease me, licking and sucking mercilessly. My hips pump up and down on your hot talented tongue, moaning with delight as as you thoroughly tonguefuck my dripping cunt.

Head tilted back, lips locked wetly around your thick shaft, you pump in and out forcing me to swallow all of your length and girth. My soft hands reach up and grab your ass, pulling you into me so that my lips are wide open and touching your pelvis. You look down and moan at the lovely site of my bright red lipstick glossed mouth wrapped around your shaft. My wet saliva and your precum forming a tight wet seal. I use your ass to guide you to fuck my throat with your whole 7" of fully erect thick cock. I moan deeply, enjoying every minute, making your cock vibrate down to your cum filled balls.

Your rapid and heavy breathing tells me that you are getting closer to cumming. My hands slide over your ass cheeks, caressing them gently. My fingers explore further and sink down between them, finding and teasing your tight asshole. I slide one wet digit inside slowly and deeply inside of your ass, and my other hand pulls you deeper into my mouth. I hear you moaning and coaxing me to suck harder and take you deeper. As you thrust against my lips harder you become consumed by the wonderful sensation, imagining it was my pussy you were fucking.

Slowly your hips push against my mouth, forcing your cock deeply into my throat. I gag slightly on your size as I try to relax my muscles and take your whole shaft inside. I swallow over and over, letting you know I am ready to accept your hot thick cream. I want you to cum harder than you ever have before. You explode and flood my throat with your cum, grunting loudly as you feel my throat contract around you. Our mouths are working each other into a frenzy, and we become one with each deep thrust of our hips.

Your hot breath, moans, and tongue in my pussy bring me over the edge and soon I am cumming too, my pussy contracting and releasing around your tongue and fingers. Your cream has escaped the corners of my mouth and is dripping down the side of my face and neck, your softening cock still throbbing in my mouth. Slowly, you pull out feeling my tongue gently lapping and cleaning your cum laden shaft. Your head rubs softly against my creamy wet lips as it slips out of my mouth.

We change positions and lay on the bed side by side, facing each other. You pull me close to you and we kiss passionately, letting our tongues share our hot passionate juices so satisfied that we just made each other feel sooooo good.

Fingering pussy in a sex art image for sex diary. Adult nsfw fantasy

Diary 17
In the motel room

You open the door to the motel room, and pull me inside. We are breathless as we see each other for the very first time, and our mouths waste no time but to instantly lock in a passionate kiss. Our lips crush together and tongues explore and become intimately acquainted. You taste more lovely than I ever imagined. Our hands roam everywhere, hastily removing each other's clothing.

You push me down onto the bed playfully, then collapse on top of me, your mouth seeking mine in a hot, passionate kiss. I break our kiss and gaze into your eyes, not believing that you are here in the flesh. "Shower?" you ask knowing that we've both had a long journey to get here. "Yesssssss", I giggle, "Race ya"!

We spring from the bed and race into the bathroom. "I wiiiin", I triumph, as i turn on the shower and adjust the temperature just right. I kiss you again as I strip you of your briefs, my hands sliding down over your tummy and into your pubic hair. I let my fingers linger and play with it, tugging gently, and it sends a delicious shock to your hardening dick. My hands stroke you, as I moan into your mouth, entering the shower with you.


Your hands explore my tits, weighing their size in your palms, as your mouth kisses the side of my neck. The water falls down on us, feeling so good and warm, melting away any of our inhibitions. Your fingertips squeeze and roll my nipples, making them hard and sensitive. You bend and kiss the tip of each one with your soft lips. I feel the sensation deep inside of my pussy, making me wet and needy.

I reach for the soap and lather it in my hands. I rub them on your shoulders in a very sensual massaging motion, moving them slowly down your body, lathering the silky hair on your chest. My fingertips tease your skin as they slide to your tummy, my hands luxuriating in the feel of your hot manly body. I wrap both soapy hands around your cock and stroke him up and down between them, making the opening feel like my pussy each time your head slides through the top. The silky soap feels so good as your cock slides through my hands.


I look into your eyes and see how much your passion is building for me. I lean forward and kisssssss you deeply while continuing to stroke you, letting the water wash away the soapy bubbles. I break out kiss and kneel down in front of you. I use my tongue to lick from your balls to your tip, my hand bringing your cock to meet my greedy mouth. I stroke you fast in and out, as I suck harder and deeper. You watch as my other hand slides down to my pussy, fingering her deeply as I suck your cock. I moan loudly on your throbbing erection in my mouth, as I cum on my fingers.

You pull me up to you again, and I give you my fingers to suck, so you can see what your long distance lover really tastes like. You moan and hungrily suck on them, letting me know how much you like my flavor. Your protruding stiff cock is sliding in and out between my closed thighs, and we kiss again sharing my taste. I whisper against your lips that I want you to shave me, from my legs up to my cunt. She is already shaved, but I want her to be extra smooth and soft for you. I reach and hand you the shaving cream. You lather my legs and pussy with it, and i sit on the small tile bench in the back of the shower.


You kneel down, taking my foot and balancing it on your thigh. I hand you a new razor and watch as you start to shave my legs. I love your hands on me, and the care you are taking makes me smile. You rinse my legs off and order me to open my thighs wide so you can do your work on my pussy. My pussy is swollen and needy from the tingling sensation of the shaving cream and also the feel of your fingers touching me so intimately.

You carefully work the razor, shaving my pussy nice and smooth. I moan softly as you finish, my wetness dripping out of me and onto your fingers. I want them inside of me so badly I can hardly wait! You rinse her well and then bring your lips to my clit, kissing her gently and sliding your tongue around your good work.

We finish our shower and slide under the covers. We turn toward each other and kiss, my thigh wrapping around yours, pulling you close to me. Your cock twitches against my inner thigh, and i move my hand down and rub your head up and down my wet slit, then circle him around my needy hole. "Fuck me", I whisper as I look into your eyes.

I push your cock inside of me, and you push in all the way with one hard thrust, making me gasp as you fill me with your cock. You are still for a moment, and my pussy greets you with a long hard squeeze of her very tight muscles. You moan and move your hips back and forth, as you roll me onto my back, giving you better leverage to fuck me deeper and harder. My hips meet you thrust for thrust, bringing us higher and closer to climaxing.


You withdraw your throbbing hardness and climb up over me, kneeling above my face. I grab your cock and suck my cunt from it, looking up at you and telling you how much I love tasting me on your shaft. I suck you until I feel that familiar throbbing, and slow down, knowing we are not ready to cum just yet. I slide your cock out and you rub him down my body, leaving a trail of precum, my saliva and pussy down my body. You use your tongue to lick it, and devour my body until you reach my aching pussy. You bury your face there and eat me so ravenously, as your hand strokes your cock. I moan and move my hips against your face as I start to cum around your hot tongue.

You get on your knees and spread my pussy wide, my cum dripping out and running to my ass. You push your cock inside deeply again and fuck me hard, grinding your hips and moving them in circles against my clit. Your cock repeatedly hits my gspot and uncontrollably I squirt all over, wetting us both, as you empty your hot creamy load deep inside of my cunt.

You collapse on top of me, kissing me gently, as we recover from our amazing orgasm. Kisssssssssss...time for another shower...."Race ya"...

eating pussy erotic art for a sex diary

Diary 18
So hot for you

sooooooo when you had to go before....i was still soooo hot for you...mmmmm...and wanting you so much! so i pushed up my skirt and pulled down my is so very smooth and soft...and i petted her so nice..stroked her and rubbed her clit....soooooooooo goooood. I put your hand right on it...where i like it...and i showed you how to touch her...and i let you rub her hard and fast..with circles around her...while i pushed a dildo inside and stroked it in and outttt...over and over...and it was soooooo goooooood..and you were kissing me hard...our tongues were so passionate baby! My other hand reaching and slipping inside of your trousers...finding HIM...the one i love THE MOST...and stroking him...looking into your eyes and telling you OH YES BABY that is soooooooo fucking goood...dont stop dont...stop...mmmmmmmmmm...then making him so hard...and seeing in your eyes that you need your blonde assistants tongue on your rock hard cock....I to the floor...69...and I kneel over your face and lower my pussy onto your hot tongue....god i have been needing that tongue...and it makes me so fucking hot...that i push your erect cock inside of my wet and needy baby...can you feel how much I love sucking you and tasting and smelling your cock? MMMMM sooooo goooood! And I moaned as you ate my pussy.....and sucked deep and hard.....and i came on your juices dripped onto your sweet and salty...and i felt you throbbing as you drank my love...and I sucked harder...used my hands to stroke your cock in and out in and out...until you came too....and i swallowed alll of your delicious milky cream...mmmmmmmmmmmmm....and then baby?


I cuddled up next to you....and buried my head in your neck and shoulder and held you close to me...while we napped.

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