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imagine owning unique NFT collection

with 101 sex positions to diversify your sex life.

101 digital paintings  that you can show your spouse

and influence them to experience NEW sex positions.


The art of sexual positions
Kama Sutra NFT-101 Collection

Unique NFT collection of 101 Sex positions, painted by erotic artist Samarel

Positions 001 - 020

Positions 021-040

Positions 041-060

Positions 061-080

Positions 081-101

Let me reveal to you my 'Kama Sutra-101 NFT collection

A modern artistic version of the old Kamasutra. 'Hung' it by the bed or lay it on your desktop to inspire your erotic imagination. Own a sex position, or grab the full collection.

Do it now before someone else will...

©2022 All rights reserves  | Samarel ErosEROTIC NFT  All images are based upon photographs, with permission of their owners

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