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"Love is composed of...."
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NFT - Non-Fungible Token. A unique visual asset that you can buy and resell. NFTs cannot be duplicated, can be easily authenticated, and are immutable. NFT art has unique proof of originality and blockchain proof of ownership.

Why are people buying NFT?
"People have long used art to store value. Crypto NFT art extends easily into digital art. This is just a more modern approach to investing in art and using it like someone would use gold or bitcoin." (Rodriguez-Fraile). Read full article here:

Why are people buying nft


Swirling nude

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Kama Sutra-101

Unique NFT collection of 101 Sex positions. Own a sex position, or buy the full collection.


Alexandria Morrow Muse

God created us all nude. We are all formed out of the purity of love. A growing collection of 33 images of art, nude and love.


Crypto deus

Gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Egypt transformed into NFT collectibles. These unique images are designed to become jewelry.


Eternal Erotica

When was the last time you got aroused by an NFT collection? 166 images growing collection of erotic art by Samarel.


Sama Sutra

eBook of sex positions and erotic poetry + 32 artistic images painted by Samarel. This collection can change your sex life...

NFT collections by Samarel

 Samarel NFT art on the blockchain

Selection of my NFTs minted on several platforms (Ethereum, Smart Chain, Tezos) Sold and buy now


Stevie Nicks portrait

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Lesbians in the woods

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Liz Taylor portrait

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SOLD-The power of giving-sml.jpg

The power of giving
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The pair
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Love energy
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Kissed by porn star
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'The Beach Girl'
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Simply Tits
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Love Storm
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Fine art nude
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Naked at home on a chair.jpg

Nude by the chair
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'All she really needs from you'
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Oral sex quote art
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Enter her matrix
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Quote of the butt
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Silfy Vintage Star
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