Woman receiving a printed portrait gift

When was the last time you really loved yourself

When was the last time you felt really good about how you look...

"Sharing my friend Samarel. He is a brilliant artist and fun to have as a friend. His work celebrates the human body in a aristically and for some erotically. Some of my friends have used him to transform their personal photos into amazing wall size art that expresses beauty and sensuality. He makes people feel beautiful".

Robin got a framed portrait from her husband, a unique gift for her b-day. her reaction was stunning...

Increase your self esteem with a sexy photo-art

A sexy art made from your photo will remind you, how beautiful you are, already!

Sensual portrait of a mature woman

My story
Reaching the age of 38 and feeling unhealthy I decided to get real and do something about it.  A true person is more important to me than size and shape, but how I felt was not unacceptable,  I felt lifeless and unhealthy.  I didn't and still don't have any desire to be stick thin, I love my curves and want to keep them but just wanted to add some some life to myself.

Turning 40 scared me, so I got more active and made some better eating habits and changed my attitude, after 40 is a new life...you really start to figure things out and learn to be ok with yourself.
Progress happened after a mindset of changes, after reaching half of my goal and being ok with seeing myself in pictures again I wanted to do something special for myself and so did my partner.  I sent some pic to a web site I loved, to have them dressed up.

The web site was samarelart.com. I loved the energy and beauty Samarel does when he touches a photo with his art. The end results of the art work where amazing!!!

It  did so much for my self esteem and made me strive for more out of life.  I am in better health than I was 8  years ago by far, and I have a small collection of beautiful art to remind me to keep going.


don't fear age, confidence is ageless.
confidence is sexy.


Let me touch your photo and turn it into a piece of art

All photos are published with the full consent of their owners.

YOUR privacy is of utmost importance to me Therefore I promise you:

  • NO ONE but me will ever see your pictures, either before, during, or after my work is done on them.

  • I will NEVER share your address, email or otherwise, or ANYthing else about you, with anyone.

  • The pictures I use to show my talents are of women who have SPECIFICALLY given me written permission to show them. Yours will never be shown here unless you tell me in writing that I may use them to showcase my work.


Thank You so much for trusting me.

Samarel ~

Shannon likes to play with ropes. She ordered this portrait for herself.

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