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Room 323 | part 1


I walked into the hotel, exhausted after a long flight. All I wanted was my room and hot bath. As I stood at the front desk waiting for my key, I looked around the lobby. Even through my exhaustion I could see how lovely it was. There were plush sofas and chairs in a soothing mauve with a slight floral print; pillows a couple shades darker complimented them beautifully. Dark red wood embraced the fireplace in the center of the back wall.


As I continued to look around, I noticed all the flowers! I'd never seen so many arrangements in one hotel lobby in my life! There were pink and red roses, mixed with baby's breath. Carnations in every shade you can imagine, you'd think the rainbow of colors would clash, but they were arranged in ways I'd never have thought of!


I saw that my favorite, daisies, were placed in huge vases by the doors and the elevators, probably because they're less fragrant and won't offend the guests every time they come in or out of the lobby.


As I admired them, I noticed a woman spritzing them. She was breath-taking! I couldn't take my eyes off of her, the way her body moved as she sprayed the daisies, it was like watching music come to life. Suddenly, she looked at me, as if she felt the weight of my stare. She smiled as I blushed and smiled hesitantly back.


The hotel manager called my name, "Ms. Delacourt? Ms. Delacourt?"


"Oh," I exclaimed, "I'm so sorry. I must be more tired than I realized." I smiled my most charming smile at the man.


"Oh no, please don't be sorry! Your room is ready, and here is your key. You are in Room 323. Would you like help with your bags?"


"No, thank you, I can manage," I said to him. Looking at his name tag I say, "However Mr. Thompson, can you tell me who that woman over by the daisies is?"


"That is Emma. She is one of our newest staff members. In fact, it is her duty to provide your room, and others on the third floor, with whatever they need. Towels, pillows, blankets, she will bring them to you." He informed her.


"Thank you, I will remember that. Do I need to sign anything before I go to my room?"


Mr. Thompson slides a receipt over, I signed and handed it back. He looks at it, "Anita, what a lovely name!"


I smiled, thanked him, and grabbed my key.


As I walked towards the elevator, suitcase gliding along the marble floor, I risked another glance at Emma. She was staring at me with a smile that said I'd be seeing her later. As I stepped into the elevator and the doors slowly closed, I thought to myself, I think I'm going to need more towels.

After I was settled in my room, I grabbed some wine from the mini refrigerator and ventured out to the balcony. It was still a little cold, but you could feel spring in the air, an almost imperceptible warmth tinged the breeze and it felt as delicious as a lovers caress. However as the sun went down, the chill chased out the warmth and I found I had goose bumps down my arms. I went back inside to relax, perhaps with a hot bath.


I walked into the bathroom and sadly discovered there were enough towels to last a week! I laughed to myself, thinking I was acting more like a horny teenager than a grown woman in town for business! I returned my thoughts to preparing my bath, and as the water filled the tub, I noticed there weren't any bubbles or oils for the bath. I turned off the water and grabbed my robe, nearly skipping to the phone to call down to the lobby.


A man answered, "Front desk, how may I help you Ms. Delacourt?"


Wow, I thought, the hotel has caller id!! "I've gone to run a bath, but there are no oils in my room. Do you suppose you could send some up please?"


"Of course, Ms. Delacourt! My apologies! I will send some up immediately. Is there a particular scent you wish for, or would an assortment be more to your liking?"


"Oh, an assortment would be lovely!" I thanked him as I hung up, and waited with anticipation for my oils.


I went back to the bathroom and checked my hair. "Anita, you're being ridiculous!" I thought to myself. Just because I found this woman irresistibly attractive, it doesn't mean she thought the same. She might not even be interested in women. I stood against the counter so lost in my thoughts that I never heard the knock, or the door opening. I more sensed her presence, and looking up I was startled to see her, lovely Emma, standing at my bathroom door holding a basket of bath oils.

She apologized for startling me, explaining that when I didn't answer her knock she assumed I was in the bathroom with the water running while I waited. She looked so embarrassed, adorably so, as I told her to please not worry. She smiled and set the basket down.


"Shall I finish for you?" She asked.


Oh the thoughts that went through my mind when she said that! I just nodded to her, not trusting myself to speak at that moment. But as she bent over the side of the tub, her ass perked out at me, the skirt of her uniform riding up to expose much of her thighs, I couldn't stop myself. I found myself reaching out to touch her, to run my hand along her perfect ass, down her thighs. She tensed for a moment, then relaxed as my hands continued their exploration.


I stepped closer to her, both of my hands now caressing her ass, her hips. I decided to become a bit bolder and let my left-hand travel around to her belly, up to her breast. I could feel her breathing becoming more shallow, quicker, despite her attempts to keep some sort of composure.


She turned off the water and I stepped back just enough to allow her room to turn around. As she turned and looked at me, I could see her face was flushed, and it wasn't from the heat of the water, but rather from her desire. I started towards her, hesitating for a moment to make sure this would be okay. She smiled, and I leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips, wrapping my arms around her at the same time. She kissed me back, with more insistence, letting her tongue split my own lips.


I pulled away, grabbed her hand and led her over to the bed. I watched her undress for me, slowly and seductively. I watched her tease me as she took her time undoing her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I shuddered as I noticed her sheer pink panties were soaked with her juices. Finally she came to me, her beautiful body all for me right now. She leaned in for a kiss, slipping off my robe and pushing me onto the bed.


She lay down next to me, her hand trailed over my stomach down towards my throbbing clit as her tongue danced across my nipple. I moaned, arching my back to encourage her fingertips to my clit and further.


"Oh God please," I whispered, "I want to feel your lips on mine, your fingers deep inside of me."


As she inched up towards my face, her lips kissed my shoulder, my neck, until she reached my mouth. Her fingers found my soaked slit, and slid in easily. I rocked against her hand and kissed her deeply as she fucked me with two, then three fingers. I felt my orgasm build quickly as she continued her assault. She sensed this, and brought her thumb to play with my swollen clit. At this I cried out, unable to contain myself any longer. I could my sweet girl cum as it ran down my legs, down her hand. She kept her fingers inside me, gently massaging the walls of my pussy until my orgasm was complete.


I collapsed back on the bed and shuddered as she withdrew her fingers. She brought them to her mouth, but before she could lick them, I sat up and grabbed her arm. I wanted to lick her fingers clean with her, our tongues tangling together.


I pulled her to her knees, grabbed her hips and said, "Come here." I guided her legs apart, lifted one over my chest so that she was seated on top of me, her pussy right in front of me. She was so wet! I could see trails of her wetness down her thighs. I licked at each one, delighted in the sweetness of her, as I teased my way to her pussy.


I asked her to move a little closer and she eagerly complied. I let my tongue circle her lips as my nose bumped against her clit and my hands reached up to grab her breasts. Her nipples stiffened even more the second my fingers found them and I pinched lightly.


"Please," she begged, "please taste me now! I can't take anymore."


I thought to myself, I've hardly touched her for more than a few moments, but who was I to deny this lovely creature? Especially after what she gave me just minutes ago.


I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, savored her wetness and her taste! My hands went back to her hips, to keep her close so I could get my tongue in as far as possible. In and out, I heard her moan as I teased her clit before I slipped my tongue back inside of her.


She kept squirming against me, her ass bouncing on my breasts. I decided to take a chance, and asked her if she wanted my finger on her ass.


If possible, I felt her get even wetter as she nodded and screamed yes. I tapped at her most intimate place and she pushed back against me, so wet that my finger slid right in. I fucked her with my tongue, with my finger and watched her as she grabbed her own breasts as I furiously worked to bring her to her own orgasm.


Finally, her body spasmed, her ass clenched around my finger as her pussy clenched around my tongue in delicious tightness. I tasted her juices as they ran down my tongue, down my throat and I drank deeply. I used my tongue to retrieve every last drop of her. With a final shudder, she sat up and climbed off of me. I watched her lean down, lick my chin, and then kiss me deeply so I could taste her and myself, on her tongue.


I lay there, not knowing what to say now. But it was okay, because she just lay down next to me, cuddled close and I put my arm around her, bringing her head to my shoulder. I closed my eyes, realized I was finally relaxed enough to drift off to sleep. My final thought was of her, of whether she'd still be in bed with me when I awoke…


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