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Room 323 | part 2

By Katrina | Part 1

I woke slowly, stretching out my body across the bed. As I lay there, memories of last night flooded into my mind. I lifted my head as I reached my hand out to the pillow next to me to find Emma gone. Part of me was disappointed, but if she'd still been here, I'd probably not have gotten anything done today. I lay there, giving one last thought to last night before getting up to shower. I sat up and found a note lying on her pillow.


~Anita, may I call you Anita now? Thank you for a wonderful evening. I'm sorry I won't be there when you awaken, but I would ask that you do something for me. This evening, if you wish to see me again, please, at around 6:30, I'd like you to call room service and order a bowl of strawberries, with chilled whipped cream on the side. Then, at 6:50, please call down to the front desk and ask for more towels. My shift ends at 7:00, so I will be off for the rest of the evening. I'd very much like to spend more time with you.



I read the note, then read it again. I felt goose bumps across my skin, the thought of spending another evening with her sent chills up and down my body. I grew moist, and reached my hand down between my thighs to find myself drenched in wetness. I teased my fingers across my clit, thinking how much I wanted her fingers doing this. Slowly I inserted my finger into my ready pussy. In and out, as my thumb rubbed circles on my swollen clit, I rocked on my own finger. I inserted a second, then third finger, never breaking my rhythm. I rocked harder, my body tensed, and with one final thought of Emma's beautiful body, my orgasm spread through my body. I shuddered with anticipation as I gave myself a moment to catch my breath, then reluctantly got up to shower. It was going to be a long day!


All day, throughout business meetings, lunch, and more meetings in the afternoon, my thoughts went to her and this evening. I could only imagination what she had planned, for she must have something in mind to have been so specific in her note. This last meeting couldn't have more boring, mergers and such, I had no interest today. It felt as if it went on forever. Finally however, it ended and after some small talk I was able to make my escape.


I rushed back to the hotel, stopped momentarily to check if I had any messages at the front desk, and then up to my room. I ran to the bathroom to draw a quick bath, using the oils Emma had brought the night before that I'd never had a chance to use. I grabbed Lavender and Vanilla, one of my favorite combinations. I wasted no time however, pinning my hair up and sliding into the hot water. I glanced at the clock, it was 6:00, and realized I had a few moments to relax. As I soaked, I thought about last night. I wondered how tonight could possibly be better. With a sigh, I toweled off and went to order the strawberries.


With the strawberries ordered, I searched for something to wear, something sexy, yet subtle. I hadn't really packed for seduction, though, and the only thing I had was my satin camisole with matching shorts. They were beautiful, though, in a deep crimson with slits on each side of the shorts that went all the way to the waist band. Not quite as subtle as I would have liked, but they would have to do.

As I'm calling down to the front desk for more towels, there's a knock on my door. I quickly tell the front desk what I want, hang up and, after grabbing a robe, went to let in Room Service. I took the tray over to the table by the balcony doors, then paced nervously as I awaited Emma.


A knock startled me, and I slowly made my way to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. She stood there, as beautiful as I remembered, holding towels. I was speechless as I stepped back to allow her to enter.


"I see you ordered the strawberries!" she exclaimed with obvious delight. "We're going to have fun tonight!"


I laughed, headed to the mini bar and poured us each a glass of wine. I desperately needed it, and as I drank, felt myself begin to relax. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Emma made her way over to the strawberries and whipped cream. I watched as she placed each bowl on the nightstand, then slowly turned towards me, holding out her hand. I walked towards her, exhilarated yet nervous. I took her hand and sat on the edge of the bed.


"You look beautiful. Red is a wonderful color for you, your pale skin and dark hair," she whispered.


"Thank you," I replied, my voice sounded husky to my ears, I almost felt as if I couldn't really speak.


Then, as I watched in astonishment, she began to slowly undress, even more seductively than the night before. First, she slipped out of her shoes, kicking them aside. Her fingers began to unbutton her dress, she started at the top, and worked her way down to the bottom of her skirt. She'd been careful to hold the dress together until the last button was undone, then she slipped off one shoulder, then the other, inching the top down just enough to let me see she wasn't wearing a bra. I could feel myself growing more aroused and wetter with each glimpse of skin she bared to me. I couldn't wait to touch her, to feel her body against mine! She let the dress fall open to her waist before she let it fall to the floor. She stood there in front of me in nothing but a pair of black lace panties.


I was having serious difficulty breathing now, my breaths coming in shallow gasps. I reached out to touch her, only to have her dance away. She shook her head, smiled at me, and pushed me to my back. She slowly slid my shorts off, smiling as she saw how ready I was for her, next came my camisole. She told me not to move, and grabbed the bowl of strawberries.


"Close your eyes Anita" she whispered.


I didn't want to take my eyes off her, but I did what she asked. I felt the bed shift with her weight as she sat down by my legs. I brought my knees up, hoping she'd settle in between them. She didn't disappoint me, and I felt her fingers on my thighs, thrilling me deep inside. I felt her shift, and resisted an urge to open my eyes. I could feel her cheek graze my inner thigh, and her breath against my swollen clit. What I felt next made my eyes fly open wide in shock, she had taken a strawberry and was rubbing the rounded nub against my pussy. The coldness of it, the roughness of the seeds was an amazing sensation against the softness of my wet folds.


She expertly used her tongue and teeth to hold that berry as she circled it around my clit, my pussy, up and down. I writhed beneath her ministrations, having never experienced anything like this before! I tangled my fingers in her long, chestnut hair. I gasped and moaned in excitement as her thumb found my hard, throbbing clit and rubbed gently as she fucked me with her strawberry. I felt it moving in and out of me, growing wetter with my juices. She moved faster and faster, my body tensed as my orgasm coursed through my entire body and I screamed out her name. She crawled up my body, causing me to shudder as she grazed along my breasts. As I looked at her, she smiled, showing me the strawberry still between her teeth. I sat up as far as I could and kissed her, stealing that berry for myself. I savored the sweetness of the fruit and my own juices, it was the best strawberry I'd ever had!


As I kissed her, our tongues entwined, I reached down to grab her breasts. Her nipples were so hard and she groaned as I pinched one before moving down her body, caressing her ribs, her stomach to the top of her panties. I rolled her over and climbed on top of her, trailing kisses down her body and used my teeth to pull her panties off. I grabbed a large strawberry, and as I let my tongue slowly caress her slick thighs I inserted the berry into her pussy, drenching it in her wetness before feeding it to her. She moaned and I slipped two fingers between her slit.


While my tongue circled along her clit, I fucked her hard. Her body shuddered and I let my tongue dip inside with my fingers quickly before sneaking down to play at her ass. With this she bucked hard against me, my tongue slipping inside to fuck her ass while I inserted another finger. I could feel her dripping onto my tongue as she thrust her hips harder, getting me deeper inside her holes. My excitement was fueled by her hands on my head, holding me hard against her pussy, her legs clenched around me so hard I barely heard her scream as her orgasm gushed over my fingers and tongue. I removed my tongue from her ass and licked up to her sensitive clit. Her body spasmed and forced my fingers from her, causing even more of her to flow down my hand.


I began to lick her from my fingers, but as I had done the night before, she grabbed me and our tongues once again danced along cum soaked fingers. As she kissed me, she giggled and said, "We still have whipped cream!"

Part 3


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