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When a woman loves a woman | Lesbian Art Prints

Celebrate love and passion with Lesbian Art Prints. This collection features beautiful and lustful imagery that represents the love and bond between women. From tender moments to bold expressions, these wall art prints capture the essence of lesbian relationships. Order female essence into your bedroom!


'Lesbian lovers'

Canvas print size 42"x32"

Sexy Women Lesbian Art Print | Female Nude Artwork | Sexy Naked Women Art |  Female nude digital art sensual wall art canvas. All images are available on high quality canvas prints, signed by Samarel. Money-back guarantee. Shipping to every country around the world! Click your favorite image to order a print for your home.


'Touch of a woman'

Canvas print size 36"x24"


'Lesbian Lust'

Canvas print size 24"x15"


'Tender Hug'

Canvas print size 24"x36"


'Redhead Lesbians'

Canvas print size 24"x24"

'Licking Girls'

Canvas print size 36"x24"


'In the jacuzzi'

Canvas print size 36"x21"


'Girls of 69'

Canvas print size 36"x22"


'69 Lesbian love'

Canvas print size 27"x18"


'Inner Pink Lust'

Canvas print size 30"x21"


"Lesbian Kiss"

Canvas print size 18"x24"


"Sit on Sin"

Canvas print size 18"x27"


"Nipple love"

Canvas print size 18"x27"


"Lesbian lovers in royal bed"

Canvas print size 18"x27"


"Against the wall"

Canvas print size 18"x24"


"Swirl of gold"

Canvas print size 18"x25"

Lesbians erotic art print

'Simply Lesbians'

Canvas print size 24"x36"

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"Psychedelic Kiss"

Canvas print size 18"x27"

"Lesbi lovers" | SALE price - $97

Canvas print size 18"x27"

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"flying lesbians" | SALE price - $160

Canvas print size 24"x42"

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Lesbian Art girl on girl sex erotic art

'Girl on girl blues'

Canvas print size 36"x24"

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Art-Lesbian erotic print for the bedroom

'Tango Lesbian'

Canvas print size 24"x36"

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"Sitting on you"

Canvas print size 18"x27"


"Blue girl on girl"

Canvas print size 18"x27"

"Bondage lesbians" | SALE price - $135

Canvas print size 18"x27"

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Each piece of artwork is printed on the finest quality artists' canvas, signed by the artist. Your Canvas print will be shipped rolled and packaged in a poster tube. This shipping method ensures that you receive the artwork undamaged. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling. There might be some slight differences in the final print size. Special ordering for specific sizes is available. For ANY question - Contact Samarel here.


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