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Part 6

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel


Diary 46
Kiss me

I was dreaming about you kissing me the other night. I have been dreaming about this a lot lately for some reason. Kissing and then hands all over each other feeling and mmmmmmmmm so good lover! I felt your lips leave mine hot and needy and they travelled down to my panties breathing through them and then working them off with your hands as your mouth explored my mound and lower to my lips, slit, tongue, slipped inside to taste my warm sweet honey. I moaned very softly and i pushed a finger inside of me like your tongue then two slid them in and out


Imagined your hands on me possessively and your mouth demanding me to submit and let you control me. I was so wet, i imagined watching you, your handsome face and strong stubborn chin eating me so good and i rubbed my clit in circles and moved my hips gently until I was ready to cum. I pushed my fingers inside deeply and rubbed my clit with my thumb until i couldn't take it anymore and i moaned and moved against your tongue and fingers as I came around them, my hand gripping your hair but then softly touching it and caressing you as I came back down.

I crawling over me sharing a taste with me of what you had done to me. I was greedy for this kiss kissing you passionately, holding you close to me feeling our hearts beating together feeling your cock against me so hard between my legs. My tongue wanting to feel the silkiness of him....i urge you to straddle my face. my hands rub your thighs as you feed me your stiff needy dick. I accept him lovingly between wet slick lips and a very soft tongue. I lick all around and over his head sucking the tiny slit with my lips to taste a drop of your sexiness before I open wider and invite him inside. I feel you pushing your hips, sinking him down into my hot mouth as I look up at you waiting for your expression as you feel my lips lock around him. Feeling you moving your hips back and forth over and over starting to fuck my mouth at first slow..


Then faster and hands grabbing that nice ass of yours caressing it, squeezing it tight as you plunge down into my snug throat. As I watch you watching me, i swallow on it making it so tight around him. i moan loud and you can feel those vibrations down into your balls too. I slide my finger around your tight asshole and use my other hand to tease my pussy. I run my hand up and down over my wet cunt loving the way it feels beneath my palm as i suck on your dick. you are moaning and telling me yes like that and i am sucking you deep and hard...letting you use my mouth like my pussy. I feel you throbbing between my lips and then you ask if I want you to fuck me.


I moan with lips tightly wrapped around your shaft. I moan as you slip him out trailing him down my lips my saliva and your precum still attached to your head. You drag him over my wet chin down my neck, over my chest, stopping to tease and tap my hard nipples dragging him down to my smooth pussy rubbing him against her and whispering naughty things to me spreading her with your fingers touching her...


OOOO yessssssssss i moan...i love your hands...feels so good..


You spread her wide as you position yourself between my legs opening her to you fully. Wasting no more time you plunge in to my wet cunt so deep, your balls flush against my skin. I squeeze him lovingly hard on and off inducing myself to cum creating the hard contractions that eventually take over. As i squeeze him and fuck your cock my hips moving against hot cunt milks him until i put him over the edge. I moan and pull you down to kiss me as we cum together.

When i woke up I had cum all over my fingers and my sheets were cool and damp with my cum....

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Diary 47
Wanting you so much

OH BABY I am wanting you so much! The weather has been beautiful here, so I slept with the windows open last night. When I woke up, the sun was very golden and the breeze was upon me so I was slightly cold. I snuggled in my big fat blanket, and immediately my thoughts went to you. I could not help but touch. I shaved close last night, so my pussy is very smooth and soft. I let my fingers tease, and when i closed my eyes again, it was your fingers touching me. I got really aroused when you rolled over to me, so we were face to face. Good morning sexy man, and I had a sleepy smile waiting for you.


Soft kisses to your face, and as you continued to lightly touch me with your hand in my panties, my hands explored your body. I lightly touched and teased your chest, and then snuggled closer to you to feel your heat. My hands love feeling your silky hair there, and your warm skin below. I kissed you more urgently and parted your lips with my tongue. I moaned into your mouth as I felt your fingers open me and two push up inside of me, my slick wetness surrounding them. I moved my hips back and forth on your fingers as we kissed, and my hand slid down between us and found your hardening cock.


I stroked him gently as he started to grow in my palm. I was even more aroused and so needy to taste him, so I broke our kiss and changed positions, feeling a little disappointment at feeling your fingers leaving me even temporarily. I slid under the covers, kissing and caressing your tummy with my fingers. My mouth and tongue moved lower, stopping only to tease your silky pubic hair. I licked down until I found what i was needing so much. My body turned so i was on my side facing kind of sideways 69. I wrapped my lips around him and sucked down toward your body. I moaned as I felt him grow against my tongue, my pussy so wet now and close to your mouth.


So close that i could feel your warm breath waving over my clit. I moaned loudly as I feel you bury your head between my thighs, diving right into my dripping cunt. I love your tongue and the way you please me so much, and I suck him harder and deeper, moving my head up and down fast and deep so that each time I pushhhhh down my open lips touch your pubic hair. leaving that area wet with my saliva. My fingers bury in it and i tug it lightly, knowing that it will leave you stiffer than ever. I sucked and groaned on him, as i moved my hips against your torturing mouth. As I started to reach my first orgasm, I licked your shaft and moved my mouth down to suck your balls. I parted your legs wider so i could have access to your special space and if I slid down just a hair more, my tongue could reach your tight needy asshole as well.


I felt your arms locked around my thighs holding me still as you tongue fucked me out of my mind. I ran my flat tongue up and down your space and then licked over your asshole. My fingers followed in pursuit, working with my tongue to tease and satisfy. Your mouth moved to my clit once more and sucked it hard as your fingers pumped in and out of my wet cunt. I bucked my hips and moaned as I started to cum, feeling my pussy contracting and releasing so hard around your fingers. I pushed my tongue inside of your ass and tonguefucked you while I came. Knowing you are ready to change positions again, I slide my tongue out and lick my way back up your cock. You release your strong hold on me, and I shakily rise up to get on all fours.

On top of the covers now, I lowered my head to the bed. I reached back and slid my hands over my ass, spreading my cheeks wide, showing you my asshole and soaking wet cunt. I moaned to you to fuck me from behind , moving my hips so naughty in a circle, begging for you to push your cock in deep. I felt your hands caressing my round ass as your fingers explored my two needy holes. I moaned loud, almost coming off the bed, as you touch my pussy once more, spreading it open and looking at my pink wetness.


I moved my hips back and forth, as I felt your cockhead positioned on my pussy, wanting him deep inside of me. You controlled the speed, giving me only little tastes as you push your head in and out. I moaned your name over and over, writhing and bucking my hips against yours. You grabbed my hips hard finally giving me what i need and pushing your cock until your balls were flush against my body. Out of control, I moved my hips in circles grinding against your body, feeling your cock stirring me clit trapped and rubbing between us. My cunt muscles grip your cock tightly on your outstroke, my lips wrapped around your stiffness wetting him so thoroughly.


You pushed a finger into my asshole and this brings me to the edge. I was your moaning needy fucking slut, and i could not get enough. I felt your cock throbbing hard inside and i moan to you that I'm gonna fucking cum babyyyyyyyy. You lean over as you thrust hard deep thrusts slapping against my ass....and before another moan can escape my lips, your mouth was on my ear saying.........




Diary 48
Trip indeed

Well damn it! We were on the way to this great trip in the desert, and this damn car had to go and get stuck! I am wondering if it was my panties that slipped down under the hood the last time we were horny and you fucked me on it. Maybe they got caught in the engine or something. My ass got a little red that day from the heat of the car, that probably should have told us something right away, but we didn't care because I just needed you inside of me at that moment! Do you remember it? Well let me refresh your memory.

It was the hottest day, and we were getting ready to go on a trip into the desert. I got up early to get everything ready, and you were slightly disappointed because you love having your morning fuck with me. I smiled to myself as i slipped out of the bed when you were sleeping, already noticing your hard cock rising under the sheets. Poor you I know you will be grumpy that you didn't get any, but I will make it worth your wait, that is, if I CAN wait myself! I have been wanting you since last night, but you were not in the mood for me ; )

I get up, shower and dress quickly and quietly so as not to disturb you from your sleep. We have a long drive today, and I wanted you to get your rest. I am wearing a cute skirt and sexy blouse so you have something nice to glance at on our drive. I slip my foot through one side of my panties, but then laugh to myself and kick them away, nahhhh...I think i will make it a very naughty and needy day for my baby! Besides, I just shaved my pussy so smooth and soft, and rubbed some silky sweet smelling lotion on her, and the breeze will feel nice! I put the last things in our bag and put them in the car, along with a small cooler with ice and drinks, and some snacks that I will feed you along the way.


I turn to go back into our place, but you are smack in front of me, your body touching me and your hands grabbing me possessively. You bend your head down and kissssssssss me sweetly. You say...hmmm and WHERE have you been? I was looking for you this morning, but your side of the bed was empty and cold! I was so needy for you too! I giggle and slip away from you telling you that we can't always have our way, just as you showed me last night! Hmmh!


I smile and ask if you are ready, telling you that i got up early to get us packed. You get your last minute things done and we get into the car and go on our way.

As we are driving, I see that you glance over at me a few times, seeing my bare legs exposed and my blouse is opened just a little too much. You see my tits rising and falling with each breath that I take as we talk and enjoy our ride. You put your hand on my thigh and slide it up under my skirt. You look surprised when you reach your treasure and it is not hidden away...


Naked and smooth...and wet. Mmmm...I close my eyes, smiling a naughty smile. You push up my skirt more so you can see my pussy, I spread my thighs apart wide, giving you better access. You try to pay attention to the road, but it is hard as you watch me moving my hips against your fingers which are now buried in my cunt, my wetness making them so slick. I moan, and finish unbuttoning my blouse. My fingers slide down my chest to my nipples, rubbing and pinching them as you play with my pussy and swollen clit.

I notice that your cock is starting to grow in your pants, needing to feel my hot mouth upon him. I moan and move my hips against your hand as your thumb rubs my clit hard and in circles. I turn my head to the side and let you watch me have my first morning orgasm, hard around your fingers. Through half closed eyes I come down and slide your hand from my pussy. I kiss your fingers tasting my love for you on them. You put them in your mouth and tell me that I am yummy and that you missed me in bed so much this morning. I slide my hand to your cock and say and it seems you are still missing me now! I crawl over to you, as you continue to try to concentrate on the road.


I unbutton and unzip your pants, and slide my hand inside. Your cock is hard as a rock now and i trace my fingertips over the pulsing veins in your shaft. I then slide my fingers down to your balls, and softly caress them. Moving upwards again, I wrap my hand around him, stroking up and down, feeling your velvety smooth cock skin. I lick your earlobe and then whisper into your ear how much of your cock I am going to have in my hot wet mouth right now...all of it...down to your balls...mmmmmmmm My breathing tickles your ear and gives you a hot sensation that moves all the way down your body right into your cock.


You move your hips with my strokes, and my fingertip slides into the precum on your slit. I spread it on your head then bring my finger to my lips, sucking it off in your ear...mmmmmmmmmmm so good baby...mind if i have a taste now? I slide my mouth down your neck as I move down your body. I rest my head in your lap, turning it to the side so you can glance down and watch every now and then. Pay attention to that road lover...i giggle...and then get back to my business.

I stroke your cock with my hands and then lick around your head. I hear you take in your breath as I sink my mouth around your cockhead, my tongue tormenting the rim. I suck and tease it and then push my mouth down to meet my fist. I slide my mouth and fist up and down as I squeeze and suck your cock. I move my hand away and push my lips down to your base, swirling my tongue, and letting you feel the tip touch your balls. I move my head up and down, so into making love to your cock that I don't notice we are stopped!


I look up at you so naughty and you moan and then tell me through your ragged breaths that the damn car broke down. I slide my mouth off your cock and climb up on your lap and say kisssssss me i don't care about the car. Our mouths meet and kissssssss passionately. There is no room in this car to fuck properly, so I open the door on your side and get out.


I pull you along with me, and straighten my skirt with the other hand. You laugh and tell me I am crazy...and ....blah blah...something about the car...I tell you this is the only thing that this car is good for and hop up on it, not thinking about how hot it would be on my ass even through my panties. You laugh at my surprised look, but since this is a lonely highway and no other cars are around, you already have your dick out and ready to fuck me right here and now.


I am also wet and needy, not caring about the heat on my ass. I lean back on my hands and spread my thighs apart showing you my very wet pussy. You grab my thighs and pull me closer to you as you stand in front of the car. Your fingers push up my skirt around my waist and then yank my panties off...throwing them on the hood of the very hot car. I look into your eyes as you lean into me...taking your cock on your hand and pushing it into my open needy cunt. I groan and move my hips up to press against yours. You stand up straight and grab my thighs fucking your cock in and out of my tightness.


I moan and your hands slide up my body, your fingers rubbing and feeling my tits, pinching each nipple between your fingers rhythmically the way my pussy is about to contract around your cock. I move my hips wildly, as you slam into me, your hands now sliding down my body and onto the top of my mound. My head is back and lips parted as you thrust into me deep and hard. Your fingers rub my clit as your cock moves in and out.

You are moaning and telling me how fucking good it feels, and then command me to get on all fours on the hood of this car. I do as you tell me, and you laugh when I turn around because my ass is red from sitting on the hot hood. I do not seem to care and laugh back...spreading my knees apart wider...just fuck this...I am so needy!!! Your hands caress my bright red sore ass, feeling the heat. You rub your wet cock on it and then up and down between my cheeks...making me beg for the fuck. I move my hips in circles and my fingers move down to my pussy. I slide them in and out, needing to be filled as you tease me with your cock. I spread my lips open and look back at you through very passionate eyes.

I moan loud yessssssssss fuck me...


as you push your cock inside of me once again. I am close already and as I feel it coming up upon me once more I moan loud and squeeze my pussy muscles around your cock. I move my hips and look back at you as I tell you I'm cumming pussy contracting hard and deep around your cock, over and over.


You moan as i cum alllllll over your cock...


wetting him thoroughly. My pussy juices running down my thighs. I feel your cock starting to pulse, so we change positions again and i crawl on all fours to the front of the hood...opening my mouth and lowering it onto your cock that was just inside of my hot cunt. I lick and suck it hard and deep, feeling your hands on my head as you pump it in and out over and over. I feel you throbbing and push forward, taking your cock deep into my throat. I deep throat him a few more times, until i feel your hot creamy load shooting down my throat. I swallow and lap at your gift to me. You slide your cock out and finish cumming on my face, cheeks and tongue. I lick my lips and then you bend down and kiss me deeply. You help me from the car and we straighten out our clothes. You fix the car as I get some drinks from the cooler and feed you snacks. We get in the car, but decide to turn around and head for our comfy bed!


Diary 49
Phone fuck me, please...

Today is our day. I can't even describe the complete excitement I feel when I know you are going to call. I dreamt of you all last night, and woke up deliciously wet and needy...for you. You are my cyber lover, but I know that the online chats, the cam, and now the phone calls are the very hot and exciting steps we are taking until we reach the ultimate goal in our relationship...our live meeting.

My phone rings, right on time and I answer. Your "Hello" sends an incredible ache right down to my pussy making me so wet and my heart beat fast. I close my eyes and let your voice take me right to where you are.

You open the door to the motel room, and pull me inside. We are breathless as we see each other for the very first time, and our mouths waste no time but to instantly lock in a passionate kiss. Our lips crush together and tongues explore and become intimately acquainted. You taste more lovely than I ever imagined. Our hands roam everywhere, hastily removing each other's clothing.

You push me down onto the bed playfully, then collapse on top of me, your mouth seeking mine in a hot, passionate kiss. I break our kiss and gaze into your eyes, not believing that you are here in the flesh. "Shower?" you ask knowing that we've both had a long journey to get here. "Yesssssss MMM", I giggle, "Race ya"!

We spring from the bed and race into the bathroom. "I win", I triumph, as i turn on the shower and adjust the temperature just right. I kiss you again as I strip you of your briefs, my hands sliding down over your tummy and into your pubic hair. I let my fingers linger and play with it, tugging gently, and it sends a delicious shock to your hardening dick. My hands stroke you, as I moan into your mouth, entering the shower with you. Your hands explore my tits, weighing their size in your palms, as your mouth kisses the side of my neck. The water falls down on us, feeling so good and warm, melting away any of our inhibitions. Your fingertips squeeze and roll my nipples, making them hard and sensitive. You bend and kiss the tip of each one with your soft lips. I feel the sensation deep inside of my pussy, making me wet and needy.

I reach for the soap and lather it in my hands. I rub them on your shoulders in a very sensual massaging motion, moving them slowly down your body, lathering the silky hair on your chest. My fingertips tease your skin as they slide to your tummy, my hands luxuriating in the feel of your hot manly body. I wrap both soapy hands around your cock and stroke him up and down between them, making the opening feel like my pussy each time your head slides through the top. The silky soap feels so good as your cock slides through my hands. I look into your eyes and see how much your passion is building for me. I lean forward and kisssssss you deeply while continuing to stroke you, letting the water wash away the soapy bubbles. I break out kiss and kneel down in front of you. I use my tongue to lick from your balls to your tip, my hand bringing your cock to meet my greedy mouth. I stroke you fast in and out, as I suck harder and deeper. You watch as my other hand slides down to my pussy, fingering her deeply as I suck your cock. I moan loudly on your throbbing erection in my mouth, as I cum on my fingers.

You pull me up to you again, and I give you my fingers to suck, so you can see what your long distance lover really tastes like. You moan and hungrily suck on them, letting me know how much you like my flavor. Your protruding stiff cock is sliding in and out between my closed thighs, and we kiss again sharing my taste. I whisper against your lips that I want you to shave me, from my legs up to my cunt. She is already shaved, but I want her to be extra smooth and soft for you. I reach and hand you the shaving cream. You lather my legs and pussy with it, and i sit on the small tile bench in the back of the shower.


You kneel down, taking my foot and balancing it on your thigh. I hand you a new razor and watch as you start to shave my legs. I love your hands on me, and the care you are taking makes me smile. You rinse my legs off and order me to open my thighs wide so you can do your work on my pussy. My pussy is swollen and needy from the tingling sensation of the shaving cream and also the feel of your fingers touching me so intimately.

You carefully work the razor, shaving my pussy nice and smooth. I moan softly as you finish, my wetness dripping out of me and onto your fingers. I want them inside of me so badly I can hardly wait! You rinse her well and then bring your lips to my clit, kissing her gently and sliding your tongue around your good work.

We finish our shower and slide under the covers. We turn toward each other and kiss, my thigh wrapping around yours, pulling you close to me. Your cock twitches against my inner thigh, and i move my hand down and rub your head up and down my wet slit, then circle him around my needy hole. "Fuck me", I whisper as I look into your eyes.

I push your cock inside of me, and you push in all the way with one hard thrust, making me gasp as you fill me with your cock. You are still for a moment, and my pussy greets you with a long hard squeeze of her very tight muscles. You moan and move your hips back and forth, as you roll me onto my back, giving you better leverage to fuck me deeper and harder. My hips meet you thrust for thrust, bringing us higher and closer to climaxing. You withdraw your throbbing hardness and climb up over me, kneeling above my face.


I grab your cock and suck my cunt from it, looking up at you and telling you how much I love tasting me on your shaft. I suck you until I feel that familiar throbbing, and slow down, knowing we are not ready to cum just yet. I slide your cock out and you rub him down my body, leaving a trail of precum, my saliva and pussy down my body. You use your tongue to lick it, and devour my body until you reach my aching pussy. You bury your face there and eat me so ravenously, as your hand strokes your cock. I moan and move my hips against your face as I start to cum around your hot tongue.

You get on your knees and spread my pussy wide, my cum dripping out and running to my ass. You push your cock inside deeply again and fuck me hard, grinding your hips and moving them in circles against my clit. Your cock repeatedly hits my gspot and uncontrollably I squirt all over, wetting us both, as you empty your hot creamy load deep inside of my cunt.

You collapse on top of me, kissing me gently, as we recover from our amazing orgasm. Kisssssssssss...time for another shower...."Race ya"....

We laugh together and talk about how good this latest fantasy was. "Baby that was so goooood", I say, and you agree completely, but add, "It will be even better when we meet in person".

Sweet kissses until our next phone fuck session darling....

I can't wait.............


Diary 50
Stand up on our bed, take your panties down

You were sitting in your king's chair relaxed and drinking your coffee. You were watching me lay on the bed as we talked a few minutes ago, but as your hard on started to grow, you decided you wanted to see my ass and pussy. You told me to get up and stand on the bed and then take my panties down. You wanted me to bend and show you what belonged to you.

I slid my panties down slowly, pushing my hands down my thighs in a seductive way as I assumed this position of your request. My cheeks were pink with embarrassment that I was showing you me in this very vulnerable way, even though I was hot and loving this thrill of exposing my most private parts to you. You sat there so calmly feeding your caffeine fix, as I bent all the way down looking at you from around the side of my leg. I knew that you could see tight asshole and pussy shaved smooth.

I heard your sigh, and watched as you unzipped your trousers and pushed your hand inside deep. You commanded me to spread my legs and use my fingers to open my cunt. You wanted to see my pink. I moaned softly as my red lips parted and my eyes closed. I used two fingers to rub my clit first, to ease the ache between my thighs. Then I slid two fingers down, spreading my pussy lips wide open and pinning each wet lip on either side. My moaning became louder and I saw you now stroking your cock to it's fully erect size. My pussy was soaked knowing that the one I love the most was getting turned on by watching me.

You tell me you want to watch me fuck my pussy with my fingers, to stick them inside, and fuck them in and out for you. Wide opened and exposed, I obeyed your wishes by teasing my fingers around my sensitive hole. I heard you moan in appreciation, and this made me more excited and naughty. I couldn't resist the temptation to tell you what was going through my mind. I watched you stroke your cock as I teased and told you how bad my cunt was aching for wet and needy I much I needed to be fingered...eaten...and fucked by you. My own fingers could no longer resist the urge to please myself, as my embarrassment was now replaced by lust.

Legs spread wide, I pushed my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, as my wetness runs down to my wrist. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed my juices all over my clit. I looked at you with need filled eyes that said...come suck me...make me cum......

You rose from your chair and came over to the bed. I saw your lusty eyes looking at my cunt and taking your time to watch your sluts needy actions. You licked at my fingers as they pushed in and out so deeply. I felt your breath against my wet hole and all I could do is beg for your tongue...your out of control wild needy achy slut.

My moans were loud and deep, and your hands slide to my ass. I felt your fingertips graze over my ass cheeks, and I sucked in my breath as your mouth found my pussy. I moved my hips against your face as you teased me with your fingers and mouth. It was so good I could hardly remain in this position, wanting to lay on my back and bury my hands deep into your hair as you ate my cunt. I felt your warm tongue bringing me closer to the edge licking, tonguing, fucking me.

I reached under my body to rub my clit, that was saturated with your saliva, over and over in hard circles as you continue to pleasure me with your tongue. I screamed out my orgasm, rocking against your face. and collapsed onto the bed. As I came back down I looked at you through satisfied eyes...telling you to come to me....telling you how much I need to taste and suck you. I slid down the bed and turned so my head was over the edge of the mattress. My hands grabbed at your thighs and pulled you against it so your throbbing cock was hanging over my lips. I wrapped my soaked fingers around it, making it slick with my saliva and cum. I stroked it firmly before rubbing your head over my lips as you looked down watching me enjoy you.

My thighs were once again open in need, and my other hand was already playing with my pussy. I moaned and my eyes meet yours as I opened up my lips and accepted him inside of my mouth. My lips wrapped around your cockhead, and you moaned loudly as you leaned forward and pushed into my wet and warm....snug like a pussy. My fingers grabbed your ass and I moved you in and out of my lips, feeling your long hardness stabbing at the entrance of my throat.

You leaned over me, forcing him deep inside of my mouth and feeling my tongue swirling around and around as my moans covered him. Your lips touched my clit, and I pressed my hips up against your face needing your sucking and tongue flicking. I moved my hips against your face urging you to make me cum as your cock enjoyed my mouth.

Your hips pumped in and out of my lips and I sucked you hard, feeling your precum teasing my tongue. I swallowed on your cock over and over, as I opened your asscheeks. to expose your sensitive asshole to the cool air. I wet my finger with juices that were running down my chin and slid my finger around your sensitive space, back and forth and then up around your asshole as I sucked you. Your hands grabbed my thighs harder to hold me in place as I moaned and writhed under your grip completely enjoying the exquisite torture your mouth and tongue were giving to my pussy. Your cock slid out of my mouth and I desperately moaned to you...I'm gonna cummmm...

I pushed your cock back into my lips, sucking once again as I felt you pulsing hard and pressing deeper into my throat. I knew you were as close as I was, so I used my fingers to wrap around your shaft tighter as you pumped in and out of my lips. Our hips were moving wildly, enjoying our oral fuck. I lost control completely as you pushed me over the moans uncontrollable as my cunt began contracting around your tongue and fingers. My mouth and tongue expertly worked your cock, sucking your hot cream into my throat as my hands caressed your balls gently. My moans became softer as your cum spilled out from my lips and down my neck, over achy stiff nipples.

You softly showered my cunt with kisses as I came down, and I bathed your cock with my soft tongue ever so gently. You turned around and laid your weight fully on top of me, and we kissed and touched...tasting and loving one another...


Diary 51
Fucking in the kichen

I was trying to talk on the phone....setting up your mobile phone with people that were slow and driving me crazy. I was edgy, but you were laughing and looking at my ass as I leaned on my elbows on the counter. Your hands slid down my spine and over my ass through my trousers. This made me giggle, but inside I was getting hot and WET! I spread my thighs apart and wiggled my ass at you. I looked back at you and gave you a naughty smile, as I spoke into the receiver.

You wasted no time...sliding your fingers down between my legs, grabbing my pussy that belongs to you. You are so wet baby....I hear you say this to me in your low sexy voice. My mind is telling me...yesssss I am wet...because the sexiest man I know is touching me! I push my ass out to you more...and your fingers touch the warm wet spot that is seeping through my trousers.

You want to feel you reach around me...pulling me against you tightly...and slide your hand down over my pussy. I almost moan into the receiver as you open my slit and rub my wetness. I look back at you so you say...yessssss slut I know you want it. I DO want it baby!!!

My eyes tell you this, and as you read push two fingers deep into my open cunt. I hold the mouthpiece away from me, as I listen to the man in the phone while you finger fuck me. I wonder what he can hear, and if he can tell by my rapid breathing that I have fingers running in and out of me .

As I finish the call and hang up...I turn to you and in between kisses...say ...YOU'RE BAD! You give me a wicked grin, and we laugh as you tug me close to you. My pussy is achy and wanting your fingers to return. I slide my hand down the front of you...smoothing it over your chest and working down your tummy through your shirt. I let my palm run over your cock through your trousers, and moan into your mouth in appreciation of your growing erection. I can feel that he is curving slightly and wanting to be inside of me so deeply. I break our kiss while pushing down your pants...right here in the kitchen. I move my mouth down to your proud chin and suck on it gently...nibbling with my teeth.

You laugh and tell me that I am such a slut for wanting to fuck you here. I ignore you and pull your trousers over your ass as I drop to my knees. I let my hands glide over your cheeks and down to the backs of your thighs. Your cock springs out into my face and I start to eagerly suck on him. I flick my tongue over your head and then plunge my lips all the way down to your base. My hands grip your ass and I move you in and out of my mouth. I hear you moan and I look up into your eyes to see your lust. My fingers work their way between your cheeks and I tease lightly around your asshole.


I work my mouth down to your base...all the way until you feel my nose touching your silky hair. I smell your cock and suck harder and deeper...sliding my mouth all the way off your cock and then pushing it down sucking all of you inside of me until you are throbbing and fucking my mouth like my pussy.

You push me back, making your shaft slip from my lips, and I look up again into your eyes...FUCK ME S right here...I cannot wait. I slide my soaked fingers that have been teasing my pussy when they weren't on your fine ass...over your cock, coating it with my juices. I suck it off...taking you deep and long one more time before kissing up to your lips...mmmmmm taste me I tell you. I kiss you while stroking you and fondling your cum filled balls. You push me against the countertop, so my face is laying on the flat surface. You grab my hips and pull them out to you. Your hands grab my trousers and yank them down to my ankles. You tell me to take them off, and I do along with my panties.


Your leg moves between mine and pushes them open wider. Your hands are feeling my ass and pussy , and I can hardly control my lust for you. I moan and move my hips against your fingers. You slip your hand between my thighs and stroke my slit. I am know I'm ready to have you inside of me. You rub your dick up and down my slit , and my impatient fingers, move to spread my cunt open for you. You push your head against my wet opening and I push my hips back to get you inside of me. Moaning and moving against you...cooing to you and telling you how much I need to be fucked...I rock my hips slightly until your head pushes inside.

You grab my hips and push in deep until your balls are flush against me. I moan and stick my ass out further as you fuck me deep and hard...slamming me into the counter. I reach back and rub my clit as you fuck me in and out over and over...

I move my hips and you watch as your slick shaft moves in and out of my wet pussy hole. I look back at you as you deliberately fuck into me at different speeds...knowing I am on the edge. I grind against your clit stimulated by your skin touching me. I moan loud, and you grab my nipples...tugging and pinching, as you slam into me faster and deeper. You lean over my back and hiss into my ear...cum now you fuck me hard and fast...closer to your own orgasm. I moan and turn my face toward you kissing you as I cum around your cock. I feel it throbbing and emptying your hot cream into my cunt, as my contractions wash over me. I kiss you and you pull me into your arms...holding me and laughing with me over our crazy kitchen fuck.


Diary 52
Trough my wet panties

I had a dream that we were in room 420 somewhere and that we were kissing and you were undressing me and talking to me so dirty. You tugged my skirt down and grabbed my pussy through my panties touching me and then yanking them down and feeling my whole smooth mound before plunging two long fingers inside of me. I was moaning and moving my hips and you took your lips off mine and told me to strip and lay on the bed. I was so needy for you....and I wanted to give you all that you I did as you watched me. You were still dressed and looking so in control except for that growing bulge in your trousers. I wanted to touch you, but you made sure you were standing out of my reach...


This made me even more excited knowing you would only give yourself to me when you were ready!

I laid on the bed and you were at the side of the bed standing looking down at me. I know I was blushing all over, uncomfortable and wanting to run but my desire to please you and be with you kept me still. You told me to spread my legs for you and show you my pussy...and use my fingers to open her. I was soaked at this point but my slippery fingers slid down and spread her wide for you. My nipples were so hard and somehow you knew I needed you to touch them so you reached down and touched pinched and played with each one as you told me your next desire. Your fingers teased down my body until you reached my pussy and then only lightly did you touch me..


Even though you KNOW I love it much more rough and lusty. You ran your fingertips over my exposed clit and then slid them lower between my slit and around my opening...only once dipping your fingers in deep to coat them with my honey.

You spread my wetness over both aching nipples making them glisten and I could smell my own lust. Moaning now I played with my wet pussy as intensely as I do when I am alone moaning now deeply and moving my hips as my fingers slid down into my opening. You watched as they became soaked with my juices. My eyes locked to yours as you unbutton your trousers and free your very hard cock. My fingers move noisily in and out of my pussy, stopping at times to rub my clit before plunging them back inside deep.


I watch as you stroke your dick making note of how you like to be touched. You reach down and grab a nipple again tugging hard and it is this moment that I am on the edge of Cumming. I cannot resist the urge to tell you so I'm gonna cum baby....please let me suck you as I do...

Yess baby is your very soft reply to me and I smell your lust combining with my own. I slow my strokes as you rub your cock over my mouth, my needy tongue slipping out to lick it all over. I turn my head towards you as you feed me your full cock. I moan and suck my mouth is so wet and warm feels so good to you as you pump your hips in and out of my lips.


I moan loudly and deeply like your animal slut as I cum hard on my fingers sucking you and feeling you throb. My hand joins my lips in stroking you giving more pressure as I twist my fist up and down your shaft along with my lips. My pussy contracts hard around my fingers...


Cumming all over them and wetting my thighs with my juices. I slide my wet fingers up and spread my cum on your head and shaft....sucking it madly from you...tasting us together. Your hands move to my head pushing me forward on and off of your cock the speed and depth that you need. Our eyes meet as your vein pumps your thick white cream into my lips...some dripping down my lips and onto my neck. I moan in ecstasy as you wet me with your cum.

You slide him out gently and lean to kiss me softly upon my lips. I pull you down over me onto me holding you and kissing you...


Diary 53
When we were spoon like

i was cradled against you...and waking from a beautiful sleep after a long night of lovemaking. I felt your warm kisses on my ear...neck...shoulder...back...and I dreamily smiled to myself. It was so amazing to know that even after being with me all night, you were still wanting me so much. I moaned softly as you positioned your cock against my very wet pussy. I pushed my hips back to give you better access and welcome you once again inside of my needy body.

Your arm slipped around me, and your strong hand found my aching nipple...your fingers giving it no mercy as you pinched and tugged it. My hand slid between my thighs and I found my clit swollen and wet, like a hungry little tongue protruding between my lips. I teased it with my fingers and then traced the opening to my cunt where your cock was pressed, greedy to get inside. I felt my wetness seeping around your head and dripping onto your shaft.


I wrapped my fingers around you and guided you inside, feeling your hips pushing forward and the mouth of my pussy opening my wet lips spreading wide to accept your girth. I moaned and moved against you, reaching back and threading my hands in your hair, as your mouth pressed against my ear. Your soft, sensual whisper of 'I want you fuck me baby' sent a thrill through my whole body and right down to my cunt like electricity, waking me fully and energizing me for another fuck.

My moans became loud and deep needful as you held me and fucked your cock in and out of me. I rubbed my clit, and alternately touched my breasts, as I enjoyed your cock and the sounds and scents of our lovemaking. I tilted my head back and your mouth crushed over mine, kissing me deeply and passionately. My fingers explored lower to gently rake your balls with my fingernails and then slid up and opened in a 'V' to feel your cock sliding in and out of me.

I felt my orgasm coming, so I started to clench and release my muscles around your throbbing shaft. I moaned, as my cunt started to contract involuntarily and I heard your deep lusty response as your cock pulsed your cum deep within me. We kissed gently as we came down from bliss, twitching muscles relaxing and our hands gently caressing each other.

How I love our mornings together....


Diary 54
Delicious break

I walked down the hall and into your work room. I see you sitting there, working so hardת concentrating...

I whisper to you babyת come and get me lover. Over my shoulder I give you a naughty lookת laughing and pointing to the 'ladies room'.

I smooth my hands over my ass and then lift up the hem of my skirt, giving you a flash of my panties and ass before disappearing into the ladies room.

When the door shuts behind me, you look around to make sure no one is watching, your cock is getting so hard and you know what a naughty slut I am, that I am going to ravish your cock.

The door opens and there I am! I knew you'd follow me. I KNOW how I effect your cock. I waste no time and unbutton your pants. I press my mouth against yours and kiss you deeply letting our tongues entwine in a passionate way. I break our kiss and whisper to you that during this short break I need to have you as many ways possible.

I get on my knees and stroke you with my soft hand...I wrap my fingers around your shaft tightly and put my mouth over the hole in my fist. I push your head through the opening and it presses through my wet lips into my warm moist mouth. My tongue greets your cock swirling around it and sucking you inside down to your base. My fingernails lightly scratch your balls and my finger lingers down to your most sensitive space teasing and making you push your hips further forward making me swallow your whole cock.


Your hands bury in my hair and you press my head down on your cock. You feel my throat accepting you and my tongue pressing hard. I swallow and suck moving my head up and down teasing your rim and slit when i get to the top. I feel your cock throbbing hard between my lips, but when I look up at you, you're still controlled...looking down at me so lusty. This makes me so hot that I shove my hand deeper into my panties. You can hear my wetness as I open my lips and push two fingers deep into my cunt. I continue to suck on your erection, as my fingers fuck my pussy.

I slide them out and coat your cock with my honey from my fingers. I look up at you and let you watch me lick and suck it all off enjoying myself from your dick. I whisper 'fuck me' as I lick and tease your cock.

You tell me to get up onto the counter and spread my legs wide, sitting facing you, knees out to either side, my cunt in your full view. I do as you tell me, and I'm moaning as I play with my pussy in front of you, your fingers joining in ..touching my swollen wet clit as we talk so dirty to each other. You bend and finger and lick my cunt. I move my hips back and forth as you eat and fuck me so well. I bury my hands in your hair moaning and begging for more as you tongue/fingerfuck me into my first intense orgasm.

Not tooo much time left on our delicious break so you come closer to me and I wrap my thighs around your waist. My hand reaches down and I guide your very stiff, twitching dick and shove it into my soaked cunt. We hug tightly as you press me against the wall moving your hips thrusting hard up into my cunt. I moan and scratch your back with my nails as you fuck my cunt over and over again. My hand slides between us and I rub my clit promising you that my pussy is gonna suck and milk your hard cock and make you cum inside of me.

Your cock fucks me so well, and I can hardly take any more pleasure. My hands slide down your back and grab your ass cheeks helping you fuck me by pulling you into me. One finger lingers down your ass crack and wetly slides around your asshole. You groan as your powerful kiss claims my mouth kissing me as we both find our cunt gripping and releasing your shaft as you shoot your hot load deep inside of my pussy.

Our kisses soften and I untangle my legs from your waist. You hold me as I lean against the wall...our breathing slowing back to normal. We straighten each other out, making sure we are presentable, and return to our desks.

I send you an are the best fuck.

you are too...

almost at the same time...we IM...

meet me later for round two...

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