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immortalize your sex life - make your best sexy memories art on your wall

I make photo art of sexy couples and singles who love to fuck and share their sexy photos.

In 10 years from now we are all gonna look a bit why not make ourselves look AMAZING now thru art?

Enjoy life, fuck and share as much as you can, then, take good photos and send them in to your artist (me)...

I will make sexy art from you.

I will also print your new art on canvas and send it to your address

This sexy gift for life

will cost you only $195.

You get:

  • A digital file of your art to share with your friends.

  • High quality canvas print size 18"x24". (Higher upon request)

  • A FREE copy of my sex-stories ebook "Fuck me! please.."

Let's make your fantasy cum true!

Send me your images - discreetly 

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