Body Confidence

Photo-Art of Curvy Women

I make photo art of curvy women who can see the beauty deep inside their curves. Take this opportunity - grant yourself with a sensual portrait from an artist and a man who respects you for what you ARE.

Thank you Samarel

"I was 39 and over weigh. Looking at 40 and a first-time grandparent. I made many changes. Got off antidepressants, changed my diet and walked a lot. Lost half my weight and sombited pics to samarel art site. It improved my self-confidence and self esteem at half my weight goal.


My touched pictures helped so much that it helped me reach my weight goal. Made me feel pretty again. DO THIS FOR YOU, ART MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. I LOST MORE WEIGHT AFTER AND MAINTAINED...


sounds cheese, but seeing myself "prettied up" in a strangers, artists me see myself differently."


Kara Woodward

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Do you feel naughty? Send me a sexy image of you, I will make it dripping sexy art...
Discreetly between you and me and the inbox. I will show it here only with your consent

Every woman is beautiful.
I truly believe so.
Women should celebrate their beauty, their curves, their 'imperfections'. Every curve creates a beauty. You do not need to hide them, you should show them off and be proud of how you look - just as you are! I am creating those portraits to show you how beautiful you are already.
This is your chance to look like a beauty queen. Order a photo-art of your beauty-self.