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illustrated erotic eBooks

Adult sex stories, dirty erotica, Bdsm submissive fantasies, lesbian sex, romantic sex fantasies...

A mind blowing trip into sexy words and erotic art

Feed your mind with lust and sexual fantasies

High quality eBooks written by the 'Artcore Fantasies' group writers, edited by Samarel.


Price: $39.90 | Published date: November 2017 | Format: Pdf


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The Submissive Slut-1


The Submissive Slut-2


Lesbian sex stories

Quickies - eBook erotic stories cover



Romantic sex stories


Fuck me please

Excerpt from 'Fuck me please'


Chatting to you on email this morning, my mind working overtime thinking about your words, your last remark, go home, ill meet you there… dash home and fly into the shower... scrub my body from top to toe... till my skin tingles.... soap my swollen throbbing clit.... gently, gently... taking extra special care... squeezing it between my fingers till it hurts... it needs your mouth.... your tongue.... thinking about the day we kissed for the first time... your soft lips, your gentle passion..... more soap, warm water, spread my legs, my pussy hot in my hands.... the warmth of the water on my body.... I know I’m going to get your tongue there... I want to be sweet tasting for you; I want you to want more of me.... I play with myself thinking of your mouth, your tongue... not thinking about your cock, putting that to the back of my mind... your thick cock... wet with juice for me... the hot water running down my back, rinsing the water off my swollen pussy, off my throbbing clit.... 

Inside: Sex Stories eBook with the erotic art of Samarel

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Sex stories and Erotic art eBooks, illustrated with erotic sex art and edited by Samarel

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