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I am Bi sexual woman; how do I attract women?

Personal Sex Advice by Deni | Edited by Samarel

Dear Deni

I am a reader and "fan"...hope you can give me some good advice. I am a 40 yo woman, very happily married, and a "sexual adventurer" of sorts, my hubby and I are open minded and liberated I guess you could say. (No kids)

I have always been attracted sexually to both men and women, and had an "encounter" in high school with a very pretty girl. She was emotionally attached, and kinda turned me off the whole "girl girl" thing. I have been hetero ever since. But lately, I have been thinking about this again.

I talked to my guy about this and he is OK with it. He just doesn't want me to get involved w/ someone and leave him, which I will not do. I love him to death...

Sooo.... How do I attract women? I am in great shape, and have a great figure. I work out a lot. Men tend to follow me around, so I know how to do that, but no idea how to "hook" women. I have been noticed, but have no idea what the motivation is. Is there a clothing or jewelry "Clue" that I can display to let others know I'm interested? Or is it better to post!! I don't know what to do, and I trust your advice.



Dear SuZy,

You sound like a darling! Wish you were here, I could easily introduce you to lots of interested women. Me being one of them of course.

I also applaud your openness with your husband. This openness will give you both peace of mind, and more freedom to pursue your desires. Include him in your fond memories of your dates and relationships so that he does not feel like there is danger to his love for you.

How do I get those dates

But your question is, really, how do I get those dates? You can look online for dating websites but that is risky. The easiest way is to visit a gay bar oriented toward women. Almost every city of any size has one. Do an internet search.

Once around a tempting target, how do you tell if they are interested? Luckily, you are in England, where women tend not to be so secretive and closed mouthed about their sexual preferences as they are here in America.

Women have fantasies about being with another woman

Remember, WELL OVER HALF of all women have fantasies about being with another woman. So your real question is ‘How do you get a woman you are attracted to to admit she wants the same thing you do?’

The answer is, become friends! Flirting friends.

Flirting is the art of showing that you are attracted to another person. Eye contact is the easiest signal. Not looking away when they see you looking at them tells them you want to be friends. Follow that by a genuine smile as you continue to look at them softly, even wistfully. Arch your eyebrow in question, as if saying, “Want to be friends?”

After you meet, be as open and honest with your new friend as you are with your husband. Find erotic stories that you want to share with her, allowing her to respond with her own fantasies. Within a few weeks, you will be close enough to ask her outright if she has any fantasies about bi-sexual encounters.

Seduction is needed

Don’t be afraid to dress provocatively when you are with her. Compliment her on her own appearance, especially if she responds to your mode of dress and begins to dress sexily. Let your eyes linger on her curves and good points. Smile wistfully as you look at her figure.

Suggest to her that you watch porn together, of women that are erotically linked. There are a number of good bi-sexual porn clips on the internet, romantic and explicit. Look for porn for women websites.

In the end, you want a friend that you can trust to be with, to enjoy, to make love to. With the right lover, it can be very good. With the wrong lover, just like with men, it can be wretched.

I wish you good hunting, sweetheart. Drop me a line to keep me apprised of your progress!


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