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Got an appetite for sexy films for women?

Indulge with our erotic films

Spark Erotic porn for women. Erotica you can believe in!

A colorful sensual short that will make you want to play with paint. Delight in the play between passionate artists in the film “Paint”.

Spark erotic longs for an exciting and empowering sexuality. We want to be the Spark that will ignite a fire of passion beyond our images and films.

We create "Erotica", not "Pornography".

Food shares much with erotica. The tastes, textures, sounds, and smells are all part of the wonderful experience. But, dinner can wait when the erotic takes precedence. Stimulate your sexual appetite with “Simmer”, an erotic film about a delayed meal....

Tease yourself and “Spark” extraordinary sensuality in your sex life, 

explore your deep feminine sensuality, fan your inner “Spark” into a flame!

SparkErotic - Films made for couples and women.

Spark Erotic invites you to explore sexuality

through sex-positive erotic films

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