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Room 323 | part 3

By Katrina | Part 2

I lay back on the bed, watching Emma’s body move as she reached for the whipped cream. She was so beautiful, I still couldn’t believe she’d come back to me tonight. I watched her breasts sway as she stretched across the bed to the nightstand, the way her ass perked up when she had the bowl and moved back to sit next to me.


"God, you are so beautiful," I say to her, reaching out to touch her.


She blushed, "Thank you, Anita. I find you very beautiful, too."


She dips a finger into the cream, and slowly rubs my lips, as if she were putting lipstick on me. I watched as she leaned down to me, and let out a moan as her tongue licked the whipped cream from my lips. I couldn’t believe how my body was responding again so soon, just from her touch on my lips! Her tongue parted my lips, and I tasted the cream that coated her tongue, all the more delicious because I could still taste myself. She pulled back and reached her fingers back into the bowl and, scooping out more cream, began to coat my breasts. I sat up, ignoring her protests to lie back, and drew her head to my breasts. I let her lick me clean, savoring her tongue and mouth on my nipples. They grew almost painfully hard at her expertise and I moaned aloud when her tongue flicked back and forth between them. When she was finished, I told her to lay back.


I just stared at her for a moment, taking every tiny detail of her body. I didn’t want to forget even a single moment of this, and I certainly didn’t want to have to get back to my life tomorrow. I wished I could stay in this moment forever.


Emma watched me watching her, "Why so serious? What are you thinking?" she asked.


With a sigh I said, "I was thinking how beautiful you are, that I want to remember everything about tonight. I don’t want to go home tomorrow."


She smiled, "Let’s not worry about that! We have the whole night ahead of us, please, let’s enjoy each other while we can."


I grinned, realizing she’s right. With a wicked gleam in my eye, I reached for the bowl of strawberries that were still on the bed. I picked out the plumpest, juiciest one I could find and began to squeeze it over her chest. She gasped as the cool juices hit her hot flesh, her back arching causing the juice to run under her breasts. I trailed the juice down to her belly, watching it pool in her cute little belly button. Still further, I let the sweet juice trail all the way to her clit, watching it mix with the traces of our wetness.


I straddled her legs and held her arms over her head with my hands as I stretched over her body. I lowered my head to her nipples, gently blowing on the cool juice that covered them. As her nipples grew hard, I sucked one, then the other, reveling in the taste the strawberry left on her. I let my tongue follow the trail I made with the berry, stopping at her belly button. I teased circles around it, dipping my tongue into the pool of juice. I moaned at the deliciousness of it, her body shuddering undermine. I let go of her arms to bring my hands down to play with her breasts, loving how hard her nipples were. As I licked and teased her belly button, I pinched her nipples. She arched her hips towards me and I felt the stickiness against my own hips.


She moaned, begging for more, for me to go lower. I obliged her, leaving her belly to delve further into her sweetness.


I sucked the juice from her clit, my fingers finding her soaking wet hole and slipping two inside her. As I fucked her, hard and fast, I let my tongue dance along her clit, sending her body into a convulsing frenzy. I could sense she was close, and I pulled back, not ready for her to cum yet. She cried out at this and tangled her fingers into my hair, trying to force my mouth back to her pussy. I just grabbed her wrists, and told her I wasn’t finished yet. Sitting up, I grabbed the whipped cream. Slowly I began to cover her body, from breasts to clit in the delicious sweetness. She moaned as I circled her breasts with my fingertips, and irresistibly pinched. I painted her firm stomach, feeling her sharp intake of breath as I neared her clit. Grabbing more cream, I let my fingers trail down her pussy, coating her already slick lips. She squirmed beneath me, her thighs rubbing against my own swollen pussy. Finally, even I couldn’t take anymore and began to devour her cream covered body.


I let my body fall upon hers, stomach to stomach, clit to clit as I licked and kissed her breasts. The whipped cream was now smearing all over both of us, making us slip and slide against each other across the bed. We laughed as we rolled around, each of us kissing and tasting whatever part of our bodies came near out mouths. I turned around, placing my thighs on either side of her head and lowered my pussy to her waiting mouth.


We each grabbed the others hips in an almost practiced unison, as I dove into her waiting sex. She slid her fingers inside of me as I reached around her slim legs to find her ass. After lubricating my finger with her dripping juices, I slowly inserted my finger into that tight hole. The cries she let out at this vibrated against me, and I almost came right then and there. Each lick of her pussy coating my finger more, making it easier to slide in and out of her ass. Each thrust of her tongue forced my finger deeper into her.


Sucking at her clit, while she relentlessly fucked my pussy, I took a chance and inserted another finger into her ass. The sensation was too much for her, and her whole body clenched undermine as she rode wave after wave of orgasm, her juices gushing from her body, forcing my fingers from her. She tasted so wonderful, so sweet, and feeling what I’ve done to her body, feeling her buck against me sent me into a frenzy. My body convulsed, as my own orgasm seemed as if it would never end. She drank me, lapping up all the juices that flowed from my body, each lick driving me insane. As we rode this endless wave together, I thought of how I never wanted this to end.


With a shiver, and final licks, we were both finally spent. I reluctantly rolled off of her body and turned myself around to lay my head near hers.


"Oh Emma, you are so wonderful," I whisper to her, laying a gentle kiss on her shoulder.


She sighed, and with a tear in her eye, smiled and said, "I’ve never had a better lover, someone who touched my body like you do. Now I am sad, and wishing you didn’t have to leave."


I wiped at her tears, and whispered, "I think I have some vacation time coming, and I think now would be the perfect time to use it."


The smile this produced made me so happy, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave this woman anytime soon. We cuddled close, and with our arms around each other fell into a relaxed sleep, knowing tomorrow would be a new day for us to explore each other even more.


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