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First time with a woman
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We sat with our drinks, my best friend and I, in front of a warm fire, enjoying an unexpected afternoon alone. Our husbands had taken the kids to the park, then out for ice cream. We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves! We talked about everything, like girls will do when they find themselves without men hanging around.


Lost in the conversation, I didn't notice that she had moved closer to me. When did she put her hand upon my thigh? I questioned myself silently. I remembered thinking that I must have had more to drink than I realized. When I looked at her, she was watching me, as if waiting for my reaction when I noticed what she'd done, or if I appeared uncomfortable.


My breath caught in my throat, it felt like there were tiny electric sparks jumping off my skin and through my body. I'd only been intimate with men in the past. I'd never put much thought into being with a woman. I mean, I'd fantasized and wondered, but didn't think it would ever actually happen. I felt a throb between my legs and suddenly I wanted to touch her and feel her skin next to mine.


"No, please don't move away," I whimpered. My hand grazed her cheek.


She understood and moved closer. Now, merely inches apart, we sat; my heart pounding, heat rising as we stared into each other's eyes. I felt shy, not sure what to do. She placed her hand on my face, cupping my chin as she brought her lips to mine. I moaned, trembling at her touch. I leaned into her kiss with all of my being, needing her lips on mine.


We got to our knees and I felt her tongue slip past my lips. My hands were on her waist, pulling her closer to me. I felt her knee gently nudge my legs apart as her hands found their way beneath my tee shirt. She smiled when she discovered I wasn't wearing a bra, and my nipples were hard from her kiss. As she pinched and pulled at my breasts, I moaned again, feeling the wetness seep between my legs.


I pulled her shirt off, finding her nipples as erect as mine, just waiting to be played with. I hesitantly reached out to touch her, choosing instead, to use my tongue, so that I could undo her pants. As she wiggled out of them I leaned back to look at her, the fullness of her breasts, the curve of her hips. I wanted to devour her.


As she watched, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head then stood to remove my jeans. She smiled appreciatively at my state of undress, no panties and braless as well. "Did you plan this"? She laughed.


I blushed, "God no! I couldn't have planned this in a million years!" I admitted that I'd been curious, but too shy to ever act on it.


She told me that she had wanted me almost since we met a few years ago, but the opportunity never presented itself.


Since this was a new experience for me, she wanted to go slow. She gently moved me to the floor. As I lay there, emotionally helpless, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She kissed my neck while her hands caressed my curves, over my breasts to my belly – stopping just above the tiny patch of hair that covered my pulsing clit. I squirm, moan and plead with her to let me feel her fingers on my pussy.


She trailed kisses down the same path her hands had taken. As her lips reached my stomach, I felt her fingers tease at my clit, torturously inching further down. I inhaled sharply, arching my back. I raised my hips to push her fingers inside me.


Slowly she moved them in and out as I ground my pussy in perfect rhythm. She whispered, "I want to taste you, please, let me."


I don't believe this? I'm craving her touch everywhere and she's begging me. "Oh God, please" I moan.


The moment her tongue fluttered against my clit, it was as if my body exploded. I'd never felt anything like this before! She slid her tongue over the lips of my pussy, teasingly. I thrust my hips up, forcing her tongue inside me. She'd licked me up and down, in and out, fucking me with that wonderful tongue! My body wanted to orgasm, but I wouldn't allow it. This can't end so soon, I pleaded with my willpower.


She slid her hands around to cup my ass, lifting me higher so she could fuck me deeper. As she squeezed, I felt her fingers play with my ass. I squeezed back, trapping her finger, right at that most private spot.


I looked down to find her staring at me and told her, "Yes please, fuck my ass with your fingers as you fuck my pussy with your tongue."


Her eyes sparkled brighter at my words and immediately felt her gently push her fingers against me; massaging to make insertion easier. I moaned; pushing back against her delicate hand and suddenly her finger was moving in and out.


"Oh God! This feels so good!"


My body shook and she sensed how close my orgasm actually was. She moved her fingers faster and harder as her tongue was slow and gentle. The combination was intoxicating. I tangled my hands in her hair, pushing her face deeper into my pussy as I exploded with the most unbelievable orgasm possible.


As I lay there panting, every nerve in my body sensitive, I opened my eyes to find her smiling at me; knowing she'd just pleased me in ways nobody else ever had. I looked at her naked form on top of me, and I felt my body react again.


I ask her quietly in a husky whisper if I could try to make her feel like she'd made me feel.


She smiled as she kissed me. "I'm not going anywhere. We have a few more hours together, at least!" She said as she rolled off me and pulled me into her for a heated kiss that had my senses reeling once again.


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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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