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The Trip

Part 1 | By insatiable

The trip had been planned for months. It was getting closer and closer to the day we were leaving, and we both were getting very excited. Las Vegas...Sin many possibilities, so much to see, so much to do, so many sins to commit! Yes, we were excited...


The packing had been done, the kids and pets taken care of, the money set aside, and I got on my plane, on the way to meet up with him, barely able to sit still I was so worked up. It was only an hour and a half flight but it seemed to take forever. We landed, I rushed off the plane, checked the monitors for my connecting flight, and started walking towards the next gate. I knew his flight had come in just a few minutes before mine; we had coordinated this so perfectly. I got my cell phone out and dialed his number, letting him know I was only a few minutes away from him. I could hear the smile in his voice and he could hear the excitement in mine. I picked up the pace and finally reached the gate where he was standing, waiting for me.


We came together in a passionate hug and kiss, hands wandering and eyes smiling. It had been too long since I'd seen him and he looked just as sexy and gorgeous as ever. We had about an hour layover so we walked around for a little while, just chatting about the flights, about what we'll do when we land in Vegas, about what kind of trouble we wanted to find first. We walked past the bathrooms and I looked sideways at him and smiled. He knew immediately exactly what just went through my head. He smiled back and looked around quickly, then grabbed my hand and dragged me into the large, private family bathroom. We laughed like little kids and started kissing as soon as the door was closed and locked.


We dropped our bags on the floor. His hands were all over my breasts, under my shirt, pushing my bra up so he had better access to my nipples. I quickly unbuckled his jeans and slid them down his hips, grabbing his large cock, already hard and ready. His hands unbuttoned my pants, slid them off of me and then his fingers were inside of me. I gasped, surprised, but already wet for him. His fingers spread me open, stretching my lips as, at the same time, his tongue traced my lips and inside my mouth. His tongue moved in the exact same way as his fingers were now moving inside my wet pussy. I felt myself getting more and more wet, felt the juices all over his hands, felt my knees getting weaker as my orgasm crashed all over me, all over him. I tried to keep quiet, to keep myself from screaming out, and if his mouth wasn't on mine, if his tongue wasn't fucking my mouth so expertly, I would've definitely been screaming. His fingers were relentless, slamming on my g spot, making me cum once, twice, five times. I could no longer stand up and realized he was holding me up on his own.


Reluctantly, I grabbed his hand and moved it away from me. I took a step back and knelt down in front of him. I looked up at him and smiled while I slowly took his large, hard cock into my mouth. Oh how I love doing that, love the taste of him, love the look on his face while he's deep in my mouth. I moved slowly at first, listening to him softly moan, then I, using my hands, too, moved faster and faster. I wanted to taste all of him inside my mouth. But he stopped me. He grabbed my head and my hands and said "No...not yet."


I was at first disappointed, feeling maybe he wasn't enjoying it as much as I wanted him to. But he only smiled at me and said that he was saving it all for the airplane. He wanted me bent over the sink in the plane's bathroom, slamming into me, making us both cum at the same time.


We dressed quickly and, unknown if we were seen or not, (and not caring much, either) slid out of the bathroom, heading back to the gate, even more excited now to board the plane and get in the air.....


We boarded the plane, found our seats and stowed our carry-ons. As we sat down I watched the plane fill up with other passengers, thinking that our plan wasn't going to happen with the plane so full. But then you looked over at me and smiled and I knew that it would indeed happen, one way or another.


It ended up not being a completely full flight as the last passenger boarded, the flight attendant closed the door and we soon started taxiing. I had butterflies in my stomach and not because of fear of flying. I was so excited to be on the plane with you, so excited about our planned trip, so excited that I might have a few minutes alone and naked with you in the back of the plane, in just a few more minutes. I couldn't sit still. I kept moving around in the seat, kept adjusting my pants. The more I moved the more you smiled at me, knowing how I was feeling. It wasn't too long, though, that we reached cruising altitude and everyone around us relaxed with their books or newspapers or just closed their eyes in preparation for the 3-hour flight. You whispered over to me that you were heading back to the bathrooms. You stood up and slowly made your way toward the back of the plane, and when I turned around I saw you disappear into the last bathroom. I waited about 3 minutes, feeling like it was 3 hours, and then I stood up and walked back, also. It felt like every person was looking at me, like they all knew, and that made it even more stimulating and exciting.


I saw the door lock of the room you were in go from occupied to available as soon as I walked up. I slowly opened the door and saw you standing in the tiny room. It was maybe 3x3 or 3x4, so small! We grinned at each other as I tried to squeeze in there with you. But as soon as the door was closed and latched, you grabbed my face in both of your hands and kissed me, a deep, penetrating, passionate kiss. I lost my breathe as I kissed you back and fumbled for your pants button and zipper, barely getting them undone. I pushed your pants down your thighs as your hands found my waistband and slid my pants down my legs, too. You turned me around so we were facing the sink and the mirror above it. We looked at each other in the mirror and smiled as your hand went between my legs, seeking out my wet pussy. I gasped as I felt a finger slide in between my already swollen lips and inside me at last. You added a second finger, and then when I moaned, a third finger. You started moving your fingers, slowly at first, then in a 'come here' motion and I almost screamed out loud as the orgasm slammed into me, making me gush fluid out all over your hand.


You grabbed my throat from behind and pulled me back toward you and slammed your fingers into me again and again. You whispered into my ear to keep quiet, then flicked your tongue out onto my earlobe and made me quiver, feeling weak in my knees. You kept your hand around my neck and pushed me forward until I was slightly bent over the sink in our tiny, cramped bathroom. I could feel the plane gently swaying, going up and down in the air at 35000 feet, and I could feel the head of your hot and hard cock at the entrance to my wet pussy. I whimpered, begging you to fuck me and still you hesitated, wanting to just tease me. I turned my head to look at you and said, "Fuck me! Now!"


You smiled and slammed your cock into me, making me cry out. You reached one hand in front of me and put your hand over my mouth and leaned down to shush me again, then started moving in and out of my wetness. You kept it slow, agonizingly so, until I begged again and then you sped up. I could feel your hard cock slamming into me, could hear the juices between us, could feel my orgasm approaching, feel myself getting tighter and wetter by the second. I felt you speed up even more, and knew you were going to cum. I was feeling dizzy and weak and felt myself starting to cum as well. It slammed into me, just as your hard cock was, and I exploded all around you, dripping wetness all over you, all down my thighs, wave after wave of ecstasy washing over me. And then I felt you explode inside of me, shooting all your hot cum up inside me and then hardly able to stand on your own legs anymore.


I don't know how long we stood like that, or even how long we had been in the bathroom together. At that moment in time none of it mattered. All that mattered was feeling you still inside of me, feeling our juices dripping out of me, and looking up in the mirror at you. God you look hot after you cum! You moved reluctantly out of me, cleaned up as best you could with no room to move around, pulled your jeans up, kissed me and scooted out of the door. I took another few minutes, cleaned up and readjusted everything, and waited a few more minutes still. I finally opened the door and stepped out, just knowing someone was going to be waiting there, like the flight attendant, scowling or ready to yell. But no one was there. The plane was quiet and no one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. I walked back to our seats and sat down next to you. You reached over and put your hand on top of mine and we smiled at each other again, like two little kids happy with not getting caught in the act!


You started to close your eyes but I put my hand on your thigh and whispered that I needed to tell you something. That got your attention, and as you leaned over to hear me, I began whispering in your ear about the surprise I had waiting for us when we got to our hotel in Vegas. I told you in all kinds of details...and watched you grow hard again, just listening to my surprise for you, for us........


We landed in Vegas in the early evening. We walked out of the airport after collecting our luggage and the summer heat slammed into us, making it difficult to breathe. You had a limo called and it was waiting curbside for us. We climbed into the back and felt relaxed already and ready to play....


We pulled out of the airport into the heavy evening traffic of Las Vegas, and as you were looking around out the windows, I put my hand on your thigh, pulling your attention back to me. I slid my hand up your leg and put it on your growing cock. I smiled and asked you if you were ready for my surprise. You asked again what it was, the unknown was driving you crazy. I told you it was still a surprise and you'd have to wait patiently. It would be soon.....


We arrived at our hotel on the Strip and after checking in, walked to the large sets of elevators, stepping into the first set of doors that opened. We were alone in the elevator and surrounded by floor to ceiling mirrors. I knew there must be cameras in there someplace, but I was wasn't caring very much about someone watching us. I moved in front of you, reached up and drew your lips down to mine. I traced your lips with my tongue, teasing, playing, until you grabbed my head with your hands and deepened the kiss. We kissed and moved our hands all over each other until we heard the ding of the elevator doors opening. We reluctantly stopped touching and stepped out, continuing down the hallway to our room.


The room was beautiful, with large windows facing out onto the darkening night and bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. There was one large king-sized bed in the middle of the room and we set our luggage down and both laid down in the middle of the bed. I leaned over on top of you and said, "Here's the deal.... I want you naked in 2 minutes. I want you standing in front of me in the shower in 3 minutes. I want to feel you inside my mouth, I want my hands on you, all over you, and I want this now.... deal?" And you nodded yes as I jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.


I stripped quickly, turned on the water of the beautifully tiled shower with glass doors on two sides, and stepped in. I lathered up and washed myself as thoroughly as I could before I saw you open the door and come inside the bathroom. You stood gloriously naked in front of the shower door, watching my hand slid in and out between my legs. I watched your cock grow bigger and harder the more I touched myself. Then you opened the door and stepped in and grabbed me to pull me toward you. Feeling your hairy chest and stomach against me was like heaven; your hard body against mine was indescribable.


We just stood like that for a while, just feeling each other, until I took the soap in my hands and started washing you. I started at your neck and worked my soft hands down to your shoulders, your chest, your amazing arms. I worked my way further and further down until I felt your erection in my hands. I'm always amazed at how good you feel in my hand, so full and hard and perfect. You inhaled sharply and rolled your eyes back as you felt my hands sliding back and forth, up and down your hard shaft. I moved and let the shower water run over you, washing away all the soap. As soon as you were soap-free, you grabbed my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees. You looked down at me, silently asking if that was all right, and you could see in my eyes how much that had turned me on. I took you into my mouth fully, bringing you further and further down my throat. I had one hand on your cock, moving in time with my mouth, and one hand on your balls, gently massaging. I moved my hand from your balls to your ass and gently moved my fingers around, looking up at you, making sure you were all right with where my hand was.


You had your eyes closed, breathing heavier now, holding onto the rail on the shower wall. I took the lubricant that was nearby and put it all over my fingers, while continuing sucking and licking your ever-growing cock. I gently touched my finger to your ass, making small circling motions until I heard you say "ok". I pushed my finger into your ass, slowly, methodically and still continued sucking your cock as if my life depended on it. I moved further into your ass until I felt what I was looking for, then gently pushed on it and started massaging. I felt you tense up, heard you breathing harder and harder now, and then you grabbed my head and started moving your hips, shoving your cock deeper and harder into my mouth. I kept moving my finger in a 'come here' motion and kept sucking on your hard cock until I felt you shudder and tense up and heard you tell me you were going to cum in my mouth. I increased speed with my mouth and pushed my finger in your ass just a little harder until I felt you explode in my mouth, yelling out and grabbing my hair. I don't think you'll ever know just how much that turned me on....


You had a difficult time standing afterwards but still finished washing up with us smiling at each other and talking about how you felt. I came over to stand chest to chest with you again, and told you that we needed to eat soon.... You needed to replenish your strength for the night to come...


That wasn't the only surprise. I have more planned for you....


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