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The Trip

Part 2 | By insatiable

Night fell over the Las Vegas strip as we finished showering and getting dressed. The music in our beautiful room was playing loudly and we were floating around, laughing and full of excitement. We left the room, heading towards the casino and restaurants. We had decided to eat at one of the many restaurants inside our own casino, saving venturing out for a little later. We were dressed up tonight, ready to paint the town, ready to find fun and laughs wherever we could. After a wonderful meal I took your hand and led you out into the casino. You wanted to stop and play for a little while and I had to distract you and ask you to wait. I think they only thing that kept you from pouting a little was the fact we were heading straight towards the strip bar at the end of the casino floor.


I was shaking a little with nervousness and excitement as we walked through the door of the club. It was everything I had imagined a high-class Vegas strip bar would be like. Sultry, Smokey, dim yet flashy. The girls walking around with trays of drinks, along with the girls on stage, were some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. We found a seat in a private booth and ordered some drinks. You were looking all around for a minute, then your eyes came back to rest on me. You asked if I was all right, if I was comfortable. I smiled and said of course I was. I waved to a gorgeous girl walking by and motioned her down to me so I could talk to her without you hearing. She nodded as I whispered in her ear, smiled, then walked away. You looked over at me expectantly, waiting for me to tell you what had just transpired. But I wasn't giving anything away just yet...


It wasn't too long afterwards that a gorgeous blond and an even more beautiful brunette walked up to our booth. The blond took your hand and pulled you up, as the brunette did the same to me, and they led us past the main floor, around tables, and through a curtain hanging up over a doorway. The doorway leds us through a series of hallways to a private, beautifully decorated room. In the room were an overstuffed couch, a large armchair, a few tables scattered with our drinks, bottled water, and some appetizers even. You looked over at me and asked if I had set this up. I didn't have a chance to answer you as the blond woman gently pushed you over to the couch and made you sit down. She was tall and thin with large breasts and the most luscious mouth I'd ever seen.


She immediately started dancing in front of you to the loud, pulsing music that was pumped into the room. She swayed and gyrated and touched herself, but never dared to touch you, or let you come near her. The brunette then led me over to the same couch and pushed me down. This woman was just a little taller than me, and maybe just as curvy. She had large breasts, also and exotic eyes that reminded me of Angelina Jolie. She started her dancing in front of me, then, too. But something changed then. She leaned over oh-so-slowly and leaned down to my face. She gently kissed me on my lips. I was surprised at first, then deepened the kiss as much as she would allow. This wasn't supposed to happen in here, but I wasn't saying anything other than a few moans. And I could hear you, too. You were no longer just looking at your pretty blond; your eyes were fixed on my tongue inside this gorgeous woman's mouth.


The blond moved over to me as well, then, grabbed my hands and stood me up. All three of us now were standing right in front of you. I was kissing both women, and their hands were wandering all over my body. I could feel one pulling on my nipple, one was biting my neck, one had her hand up my skirt between my legs and I could feel her soft fingers on my clit, gently rubbing back and forth. I was getting really wet and didn't want them to stop. I looked over at you and saw you were as hard as a rock, never taking your eyes off of us for one second. The kissing and touching went on and on until I felt like I was going to cum right there. That's when they stopped....


Both of the women moved away from me and went over to you, leaning down so their breasts were in your face. You didn't touch then still, thinking you weren't allowed to. But then the blond grabbed your hair and pulled you towards her hard nipples, demanding that you lick and suck. The brunette climbed on top of your lap and moved her hips back and forth on your erection until you were moaning and helpless to control your hands. A hand reached up to grab hold of a breast...and that's when they stopped with you.


Both of the women smiled at us, the blond leaned over to gently place a kiss on my lips, and they walked out of the room, leaving us sitting there alone. It was a matter of 2.3 seconds that we were alone until you forcefully grabbed me and pulled me on top of you. I was straddling your hips and kissing you hungrily when you moved down all of a sudden, further down the couch until your lips were directly on my pussy. I was already so wet and aroused that you licking my juices the women had created, and sucking on my hard clit, I came almost immediately all over your lips. I heard you moan and suck more and then gently push your fingers inside my swollen pussy. I arched my back and begged for you to finger fuck me, harder and harder, make me scream. And you did, making me cum again and again all over your face, dripping my juices down your chin.


I looked down at you and asked if you were ready to go back to the room---for just a little bit, though. The night was still young, but I wanted you, inside of my ass, as hard as you can, right NOW. We practically ran back through the strip bar, through the casino and up the elevators to the room, barely keeping our hands off each other the whole time.


As soon as the door to the hotel room was closed our clothes were strewn about on the floor and we were on the bed, my mouth on your extremely hard cock, and your tongue on my dripping wet pussy. We ate each other, licking and slurping and sucking, until I begged to feel you inside of my ass. You flipped me over onto my side and laid down behind me, spreading my ass until your fingers were inside me. I moved a little, adjusted my position and then felt the tip of your cock on my ass, sliding in agonizingly slowly. I relaxed and moved back, telling you that I was ready, to push yourself all the way in. And you did, slowly but hard as hell. I felt so full, so stretched, so wet as you reached your hand around and put your fingers inside my pussy. I came within seconds of feeling your fingers on my g spot and your cock in my tight ass. I begged for more, pleaded with you to not stop, please, fuck me harder, fuck my ass harder! You slammed into me as hard as you could, making me see stars as orgasm after orgasm washed over me.


You then flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees, arched my back and continued to fuck my ass from behind. I put my hands on my ass and spread my cheeks for you as your hand reached underneath and fingered my dripping wet pussy again. I asked you to come with me, make me scream as you cum....You pounded your hard cock inside me, pounding your fingers in my pussy at the same time and we exploded together, both of us yelling out and collapsing on the bed in a tangle of sweat and cum and smiles.


As our breathing and heartbeats regained normalcy, I asked if you were up for more. You said, "Ummmm...don't know yet." I said that we could go downstairs and eat again, then gamble some more and look around, and the other surprises could wait until tomorrow. You wanted the night to never end, and I didn't either. But with the events that had transpired already, we were getting tired. I wanted you fully restored, fully ready, fully receptive to what I had planned for us. You finally conceded and we then got up, cleaned up and headed back out. The whole time I was smiling, knowing what was in store for us......


We slept late the next morning.

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