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Shower Sex


I awake, heading for the shower after a great night of love-making. You are sleeping so peacefully that I pause to watch you in repose. Ah, but I must get moving as I have to be at work early today.


I step into the shower, begin to wash my hair and am lost in the feelings of your touch on my body last night. I grab my body wash and begin to wash my body, my hands tracing everywhere your lips and tongue were at on my body. As the hot water cascades down my body, I turn my face to receive the water and allow it to flow down the front of my body, working my clit with my fingers as I remember the orgasms you caused to erupt from my body.


I am so engrossed in the feelings that I do not even hear you as you step into the shower with me. I do not realize you have even joined me until I feel your hands on my hips. You have taken the body wash and are lathering my ass. I bend forward to allow your hands to slide between my legs and you gently massage my clit. I turn, and taking the body wash from you, I pour some into my hand, rub my hands together, and take your cock in my hands to gently massage your skin. Your cock responds immediately to my touch and I stand aside to allow the hot water to wash the soap from your cock. Kneeling, I take you in my mouth. As I suck on you, I rub your balls with my hands, gently squeezing them in concert with each suck of my mouth on your cock. I can feel your hands on my shoulders as you hang on from the pleasure my mouth is giving you.


Before long, you pull me up, turn me around and I naturally bend forward to receive your cock in my already dripping pussy. You grab my hips and quickly enter me. The feeling of that living organ makes me moan in pleasure and I love the feeling of your hands on my hips as you drive in and out of me. I feel your hands leave my body and wonder what you are doing. It is not long before I realize that you have lathered your hands as you slide a finger deep into my asshole. The feeling of your cock buried deep in me and the finger that has slid into my other hole has caused me to clench your cock inside of me and I nearly scream at the pleasure of being filled up by you.


You bend forward over me and grab my left breast with your free hand. This causes me to bend completely over to grab the tub and allow me to work my ass and hips on your cock as you hold your finger deep inside my ass, not allowing me to cum. As you begin to finger-fuck me, I react wildly moving every way I can with my ass to feel your cock against my walls and your finger buried deep in my ass. I am yelling at you to FUCK ME and you oblige by withdrawing your finger, grabbing my hips and fucking me faster and harder. As you pull your finger out, I gush cum from my pussy soaking your cock with my juice.


Once you have been soaked with the juice, you withdraw your cock and slide it down the crack of my ass. I push against you, begging to have that cock back inside me and you gently slip it into my ass allowing me to push at my own speed to take you deep inside me. As you slowly begin working your cock in and out of my ass, I take my fingers and work my pussy now barely able to stand as the feelings erupting in me are ready to explode. I have to remove my fingers and grip the tub tightly as I know I am going to cum so hard.


You are fucking me faster, harder and I am telling you to cum. I hear you start to moan, you yell my name and that makes me clench my pussy muscles hard in response to your building orgasm. I want to cum with you and I tell you I am so very ready. You respond with that quickened pace and I can feel you tense and I know it is time. Oh yes, hun…now let's cum NOW, I say out loud to you and you respond with pouring your juice into my ass as my pussy gushes the cum to the floor of the tub.


My, my, my I do so love how you shower.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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