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Erotic Sex Art Story

Subway sex

By Ginger | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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HOT damn it’s too hot today. Why does there need to be so many people on the subway today, right now. I am so hot and it’s so crowded causing even more heat, I just want to get off this damn thing. Sweat trailing down my leg? No it can’t be it feels like someone’s touching me, but who? Looking around I don’t see anyone looking at me. It’s too hot my mind is playing tricks on me. OR NOT

Closing my eyes I feel the warm soft touch on my inner thigh this can’t be happening I can’t see who it is feeling someone’s hot breath on the back of my neck MMMM maybe this heat is not so bad after all. I should have wore panties today but damn it’s just too hot.

Letting out a soft sigh, feeling a strong finger touch the lips of my even HOTTER pussy MMMM oh god I want to feel it deep inside me who is this? I close my eyes again wondering if people are seeing this they must ohgod I am so wet they must feel that.

Wriggling slightly I feel one finger dip into my moistness .MMMM ohgod don't let me be too loud his finger pulls out and teases my clit OHGOD too many bodies, why does the guy behind me have to be pressed against me so tight? OHMYGOD I want to shout as his finger plunges into me again picking up speed, slowing down I can’t stand I feel my legs opening more what am I doing? OHGOD I want this looking around again I see the arm that is between my legs but the face? Where who is it DAMN lady get out of my way so I can see him I want to see who this is OHMYYES his strong finger taking me, teasing my clit I can’t stand this OHGOD don’t let me cum I want to know who this is my pussy throbbing, HOT, WET I don’t want to be turned on, No I do want to, please? OHGOD

The train stops OHPLEASENO he slips another finger deep into me ahhhh I can’t help it I know people heard that they are looking at me OHGOD this can’t be happening he holds his fingers DEEP inside me and twists them DAMN I let out another whimper not caring who hears now I know he’s grinning I know he is watching my face MMMMmmmm GODTHISISREAL HELP ME PLEASE I NEED TO CUM SO BAD NOW

He slowly removes his fingers WAIT NO .OHGOD PLEASE DON'T STOP NOW nothing I stand there throbbing, wet, hot, needing more, what am I going to do? Three more stops then I am home THANKYOUGOD

Barely able to walk I stumble light headed off the train and make my way home, flumbling with the keys DAMNIT let me in I open the door and step in

Someone grabs my shoulders from behind pushing me in more I turn to look but he turns my face away, steps up close behind me I hear the door click closed, the lock turn OHMYGOD

He leans his face to the back of my neck and kisses so softly feeling his warm breath against me he whispers 'I told you we would meet one day' OHMYGOD who is this? He kisses me again turns me around and pins me against the door with my hands over my head OHMYGOD it can’t be DAMN YES I close my eyes thinking this can’t be happening opening them again OH YES IT IS HIM GOD THANK YOU

I look into his eyes, lusting, wanting him so bad 'was - it - you?' I asked my voice shaking he smiles at me 'YES baby I WANT you HERE NOW' he leans his face to mine and kisses me with the passion that I have always dreamt but never known. I whimper against his lips tasting his mouth so good

He pulls away from me I smile at him and whisper “GOD I have wanted this for sooooo long now' He winks at me and smiles “me too babe me too' I try to reach my lips to his but he pulls away lowering to lick my neck still pinning my hands to the door OHMYGOD this is going to be beautiful, powerful I WANT HIM so BAD

He lowers his tongue more on chest, my breasts my nipples so hard he makes little circles around them OHGOD licking harder, pulling at my nipples with his teeth .AHHHHHHHHH

Arching myself to him wanting more 'baby please take me I want to feel you' I cry out

“ME TOO BABE I WANT MY HARD COCK DEEP IN YOU FOREVER' he boldly replies and grins at me smiling back I plead “TAKE ME NOW PLEASEEEEEEEEE'

He lets my hands fall to my sides, slowly letting his hands trial along to my hands, one arm slips behind my waist pulling me closer to him, the other hand leads my hand to his manhood OHGOD, he is so hard I let out a soft sigh and reach my mouth to his, licking at his lips I feel him sigh against my mouth he whispers against my lips “lead me to your bedroom sweetheart'

I put my hand in the waistband of his jeans, tugging at them with ease he steps forward, I lead him to my room, he stops just inside, looking at me, I see his want, his need, I feel it, I want him so bad I reach to kiss him again but he stops me, walks over beside the bed, I can’t help but stare slowly he undresses himself OHMYGOD

My eyes on his every move I make a step closer, “no' he says “stay there I want you to watch me'

Standing there with desire so strong I think I will explode right here, right now, my throbbing pussy wants him so bad, my hungry tongue licking my lips I watch as each piece of clothing drops to the floor so beautiful he is all that I imagined

His hand lowers to his hard cock, he looks down at his erectness and back up to me, “this is for you' I walk over to him slowly placing my hands on his shoulders to lower him to the bed he falls back nice an easy, slowly I take off my clothes DAMN I love his eyes on me he watches every move, lust in his eyes OHGOD I don’t think I am going to last long

Naked, looking into his eyes, I lightly trace my breasts with my hands fingering each nipple, biting my lower lip letting out a soft sigh I close my eyes as I lower one hand to my HOT WET pussy one finger slipping easily inside he sighs “OH GOD I WANT THAT'

Removing my finger I place it to my lips and lick lightly .slowly I lift one leg and place it beside his, the other leg, straddling him my waiting hungry pussy resting over his hard cock, I reach down between my legs and grab hold of his stiffness slowly placing his cock to my entrance I circle the tip and slowly lower myself onto his waiting cock, deeper I feel him penetrate me OHGOD I sigh feels soooooo good, holding myself still to feel his swelled cock deep inside me, this is heaven and I don’t ever want to come down I grind slightly against him, watching the expression of desire on his face, he cups my ass in his hands and pulls me closer to him IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Grinding harder against him I moan OHHHHH he matches my moves, faster I lift myself feeling him slowly move out of my tight pussy OHGOD I lower myself again I CAN'T STAND THIS he says to me lifting me up off his cock he places me on the bed, opens my legs, runs his hand up my thigh to my pussy, thrusts two fingers deep inside OH DAMN YES he crawls up between my legs and takes my hand, placing it to his cock I moan MMMmmm 'guild me baby' he asks I tug at his cock with my hand pulling him back to my entrance

He thrusts himself deep inside me OHMYGOD breathing harder “GOD I WANT YOU' he says “FUCK ME' I plead his thrusts quick faster OHDAMNYESSSSSSS .faster, faster, the room is spinning, GOD I have never felt anything like this before


MMMMMMMmmmmmm AHHHHHHHHHHHH we both explode together DAMN

He falls on top of me, kissing me tenderly, whispers “sweetheart that was so worth the wait I don’t ever plan on letting you out of my life' I smile at him and nod “MMMmmm god I hope not' as I close my eyes and feel him against me.

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