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Erotic Sex Art Lesbian Foreplay

Meeting Lieza

Arni Tulane and Liez Kaminski

Erotic sex art by Samarel

Part 1

I have narrow shoulders. REALLY narrow shoulders.

As an early teen, up until my 14th birthday, I had no boobs. I had a flat chest. I did have a nice butt though. The guys used to stare at my round butt cheeks like they were an invitation to pat. A couple of guys actually did pat my plump, round butt cheeks.

I kind of liked it.

Then, when I turned fourteen, my boobs started to swell.

And swell ....

And swell.

And my nipples ... they got big and round ... and stuck out.

The more they grew, the more I thought about sex.

Sex, that magical way to keep a boy’s attention, my friend said.

My nipples, even in a bra, were obvious. All the men stared at them.

Which made me horny. At first I didn’t realize that’s what it was. A totally new sensation.

My friend explained what was happening. She also explained that boys had penises. And what penises were for. And how to use a penis to best result. She had her boyfriend show me his. Then she showed me how to make him squirt ... she called it cum.

The way her boyfriend grunted and squirmed, I thought she was hurting him. But after he calmed down, he said, no, it felt wonderful.

I was fascinated how his white penis and testicles contrasted from her beautiful black skin.

“Want to touch it?” she asked with a smirk.

Embarrassed, but also intrigued, I nodded.

“Go ahead, touch it. Here, let me show you.”

She took my hand and moved it to his whiteness. My dark skin contrasted with his whiteness too. It was exhilarating to see the difference. MY skin ... HIS skin ... his white penis, his cock, his pecker, his dick ... my black hand ... curled around his dick.

She guided my hand to the full length of it. She moved my hand to caress his balls. Oh gawd! I felt really strong feelings in my pussy. I felt moisture begin to collect inside me.

His penis began to grow longer.

She guided his cock back into her pussy hole.

“Fuck me some more, baby!” she moaned.

He grinned, his penis now back to its deliciously full size.

He started fucking her again.

“He’ll last a lot longer this time. Watch!”

He started really pounding her hard. I watched his balls slap her bottom each time he slammed into her.

After a couple of minutes, she giggled and told me to gently caress his asshole.

“Men love to have their assholes and balls caressed when they are trying to cum. And that’s what they are doing ... trying to cum when they are fucking us ... and if we help them along, by toying with their most sensitive parts, like their testicles and a-hole, they get more and more excited, and they get harder and harder. And that, my friend is what feels good inside us ...  a really hard, stiff cock.”

I moved around behind them, between their legs, and reached in and played with his body parts.

The wetness inside me continued to increase.

When my fingers first touched his balls, his sack, I felt my own little pussy begin to ache with need.

When my fingers gained enough courage to touch his bunghole, I started dripping onto my curled-up legs.

I looked down to see what the wetness was, and saw a drip fall out of me.

He started groaning as I caressed his bung hole.

She started moaning, then matching his thrusts with her own. Then they started slamming into each other, his cock going all the way inside her each time, and her hips slamming up into his cock.

They were moving so hard and so fast that I couldn’t caress him anymore.

I just watched.

“OH, FUCK I’m cumming!!!!!” she screamed.

He pulled his cock out of her.

All of a sudden, my face was blasted with wet stuff.



Part 2

I started spluttering, having no idea whether it had been pee or just water that had blasted me. All of it had spurted out from what I knew was where women pee from.

Her boyfriend started laughing.

After she finished shuddering and shaking, she looked me, then apologized contritely. “I’m sorry, honey, but I was just cumming so hard!!!!” she explained.

“What in the heyall was that?” I demanded, still trying to clear my eyes, still spluttering.

She giggled. “That’s called squirting. It happens when a girl cums really hard. It’s not pee. It is just clear liquid. It has no taste or anything. But oh my gawd did I cum hard!” She purred contentedly, peace and happiness radiating from her face.

After a little bit, she looked at me again. “Want to feel what it is like to have a cock in your pussy?” Her face still radiated satisfaction.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess. What do I have to do?”

“Just lie down and spread your legs apart really wide. He has to fit between them so he can reach your pussy with his cock.”

“Will he fit inside me?” I asked, suddenly feeling a bit scared.

“Your pussy will stretch wide enough to take him in, hon. Don’t worry.”

I’d stuck my finger in myself a couple of times, to explore my little naïve pussy. But my finger was way tinier than his cock. I looked at his penis with doubt.

But I laid down anyway, and spread my legs as wide as they would go, scared, but eager to learn.

“Do her, baby. Fuck her gently but fuck her deep enough she can feel all of you.”

Then she looked at me. “Take your top off sweetie! Let him see and play with those incredible hooters of yours! He’ll love ‘em. And he might even cum before he wears your cunt out.”

Her boyfriend chuckled as I pulled my sweatshirt up over my head, then undid my new bra.

“Hoooooleeeeeeee shit!” he muttered. He stared at my boobies, mouth hanging open.

I guess I should finish telling you about my titties development.

After they started developing, they got bigger and rounder and bigger and rounder. My shoulders and chest are so narrow that they were naturally close together. So when they started colliding into each other, about age 15 and a half, they began to expand sideways. So my boobs are close together, but extended beyond the sides of my chest. My nipples are huge, and poke way out.

The guys seem to love them. I’ve had several of them try to sneak a fondle. But that’s a different story.

He put his big white hands on my delectable black hooters, his eyes glued to my dark nipples. I could tell that he liked them. And that made me feel a whole lot less nervous.

“My god, what a set of hooters you’ve got! Best I’ve ever seen. SO high! SO tight together.” Mouth hanging open, he began to fondle them in earnest.

My girlfriend looked a little miffed by his complements. I saw her trying to see it only as a complimented to me, and not a put down for her.

Then he leaned down and started to suckle. That felt good too!

His mouth felt incredible on my nipples.

My girlfriend reached between my legs and slid a finger into me. “Fuck her pretty little virgin cunt, baby. She needs to learn how to please a man. Fuck her cunt, babe! She wants to learn how to be a slut, right chickabee?”

I wasn’t sure what a slut was, but it sounded like it might be a good thing, the way she said it.

He did; he reached down and inserted his white penis into my black pussy hole. At least he tried.

At first he couldn’t get into me, though. I guess I was just too tight. But he kept pushing, sort of in pulses, and slowly his cock began to enter my cunt hole.

I could see his cock pressing on my labia if I looked just right between his arms.

Then he slid on into me, my cunt now growing wetter and wetter.

I felt my girlfriend’s hand move farther between my thighs, then the sensation of her inner forearm moving against me. I figured she was caressing his bumhole.

He came with loud groans and snuffling grunts.

I felt something hot and wet inside me.

Sounding a bit guilty, he said, “Sorry hon, but I just came in your cunthole!”

My girlfriend giggled. She teased me, “How’d it feel to have yer nigga cunt fucked by a white cock?”

I shrugged. “Would have been better if he lasted longer before he came in me,” I answered.

She chuckled, “You’re learning, little buddy. That’s why it’s always best to have at least three men to fuck you. Either that or make them cum three times in a row. They last longer each time. Know what I mean?”

I thought, “I think I do ....”



Part 3

My life chittered along for several years, sex only about once a week. Not enough to meet my needs.

I got a number of jobs, all of which were boring. Finally, I got a job as a stripper.

I liked stripping!

Watching the guys’ faces as I shook my black booty, jiggled my hard nippled titties, exposing my needy little cunt to them filled my heart with satisfaction. The guys liked my body. And I liked them watching me.

But then, after getting desperately horny, they would all take their needs home and jerk off there, or fuck their girlfriend or wife.

I started fantasizing about them getting up on stage and fucking me in front of their friends. That fantasy continued to burgeon within for several months.

Then one night a woman came into the strip club. She sat right up front, her eyes watching my every shimmy and bounce. I could tell by her expression that she liked what she saw.

When I went off stage after my dance was over, I tried not to think about how her eyes watched my every move.

Several of my stripper buddies walked in a few minutes later. They were chattering back and forth with each other. One of them said, “My gawd, do you really think she’ll do it?”

They all giggled.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Fuck all the guys,” was the reply.

I stood and sort of trotted over to the three women. “Who? Where? She said that?”

They looked at me. Their voices dripping with sarcasm, one of them said, “What’s it to you?”

“She may need my help!” I replied.

The look of distaste on their faces was obvious, so I went in search of this woman that might be living my fantasy.

I found her in the party room off the main stage.

And she was, indeed, fucking men. I stood by the door, watching, while she took the second man, then the third, then the fourth.

I was SO JEALOUS! None of the men were taking a long time to cum. They were sticking it in her, pumping ten or twelve times, and cumming. Dumping their sperm deep inside her. They would wait a short while, until their peckers would drop out of her, and they would go sit down and watch as other guys fucked her, their sperm laden cocks just hanging there, dripping, their pants and undies around their ankles.

I saw how I could help. I walked over to the guy closest to me, knelt, and raised his cock to my face. I licked anything that was dripping, then took the rest of his cock into my mouth, suckling any sperm that remained in his cock into my mouth.

I saw the woman look over at me and smile. She mouthed, ‘Thank you!’ in my direction.

It was indeed the woman that had sat in the front row and watched me so attentively. She was beautiful. Her whole body was beautiful. I wanted to walk over and kiss her, well, at least kiss her forehead. To be honest, I wanted to clean her up too, lick the sperm out of her white cunt and stick my tongue as far into her as it would go. I wanted to fondle those gorgeous hooters of hers like the guys were, and suckle them. I wanted to run my stiff little clittie against hers and make us both cum.

She was still grinning at me.

How come I had never done this? Why had I always sublimated my desire for more sex?

It dawned on me that she, a white girl, was only fucking black cocks.

And she wasn’t charging for the pleasure of it. So she wasn’t a whore.

As the afternoon progressed, I cleaned up as she continued to service every man that walked in that was black, and could get a hard on. I cleaned each and every cock up that fucked her. Some of them I had to lick the sperm off their testicles. Some even had sperm run down onto or across their assholes. I cleaned that up too.

Sometime in the afternoon I came to realize that there was a man sitting at the side of the room, watching everything happening. Well, at least what the white woman was doing with the black guys.

I went over to him and said, “Hello.”

He smiled at me. He said, “Liez appreciates what you’re doing for her.”

It was then that I realized that this kind man was helping his friend live her fantasies. He was white too. He was good looking, a little fat, but he was at least in his sixties. I wondered if the woman was his wife or, maybe, daughter?

He could see what I was thinking. “No, just a dear friend that recently lost her best friend. So we came up here to see another friend and her husband. Liez had the husband breed her yesterday. With any luck, she’s already pregnant. But this will help her grief. I hope.”

I have never felt more astounded by how good a friend this man was to his friend.

Not knowing what else I could do to help her, I returned to performing clean up duties for the men that Liez had enjoyed fucking her.



Part 4

I left one thing out that happened that evening. I still shake my head in awe when I think about, visualize, it. I just hope that I don’t have nightmares about it.

Here is my memory of what happened.

This one guy came in and was talking really loud.

Boasting, his body language was all off ... not that I knew that much body language in those days. But he just was not like the other guys that had taken the STD test before walking in and waiting in line, fondling Liez’s gorgeous boobs like everyone did.

As I remember it, he was about tenth in line.

But he kept boasting about how much his cock looked like a porn star’s cock, big, thick, long, full of cum. How his balls held a month’s worth of cum in them. How his cock could spurt clear across the room. How his balls alone, rapping against a woman’s clit could make the woman he was fucking, cum.

He was an asshole.

But Liez kept taking man after man, ignoring the guy, accepting each man’s spermies, taking more cocks into her cunt, letting them fuck in and out of her. I noticed that she was cumming about every third man that fucked her.

And these guys were just fucking her. It wasn’t like they were making love to her, or anything like that.

They’d just stick their cocks in her, fuck her till they came inside her hot, steaming little pussy hole, then loll on top of her until their cocks softened enough to shrink and drop out of her. They’d stand back up and pull their pants up enough so they could walk, then hobble over to a chair. Most of them had watched her fucking the next guys, the guys ahead of them in line, the guys that would stand beside her and play with her titties, for a while. Then, when they had their energy back, they’d get up, pull their pants up, zip their zippers, then buckle their belts and swagger out.

This guy was different.

This guy had to be the one everyone looked at, that let him have his own way, that would let him be the top braggart in the room.

I couldn’t stand him.

Liez seemed to pay no attention to him.

I’m sure that pissed him off .......... big time.

He shoved the guy in front of him out of the way and started to mount her.

I saw her hands move, in quick precise movements.

Then he keeled over, collapsing to the floor.

He didn’t move.

I heard her ask, “Who’s next?” as she reached for the next-man-in-line’s penis.

She tugged the next guy to her cunt, then spread her pussy lips wide open, then inserted the guy’s cock into her pussy hole, as if she had not just knocked a man out somehow, some mysterious way.

The next guy started fucking her although he was glancing down at the guy lying on the floor every couple of seconds.

It was then I saw that Liez clamped her talented pussy on the men’s penises every time they pulled outward. His face showed that within just a few strokes, he had forgotten the guy lying on the floor. That’s how talented this Liez is to her fucker buddies.

He came, then let his cock soften and drop out of her cunt, then the next guy stepped up.

About that time the idiot on the floor woke up, rolled over, then struggled to his feet. He looked around, face red, swore a little under his breath, then stomped out.

I went to clean up the guy that had just orgasmed in Liez. His cum was saltier than anyone’s I had ever tasted, up till then.

I don’t know how Liez did that to the braggart, knocked him out, but I was impressed, and I felt much safer, too.

Part 5

When the woman finally stood up, sperm ran out of her, most of the way down both of her legs. How she could have had that much spermies inside her, I have no idea. But she clearly had enjoyed herself.

She looked at me. “Can I buy you dinner, or a drink or something? I want to express my gratitude to you for how well you batted cleanup for me. You did a great job.”

I was stunned. “Uh, yeah, I guess so. You don’t have to buy, I have money.”

“I’m sure you do, but I want you to know how much I appreciated your efforts. And I want to get to know you better. You’re cute as can be, and obviously a very hard worker.”

How could she know that from watching me when she had been so busy with all those guys? I was stunned.

She asked, “What’s a great place to eat around here? I’m starving. Steak and sweet potato tots or fries sounds perfect.”

I remembered the new place I had been to about a week before.

We went there. She asked for a table with some privacy, which we got.

The man that had been sitting at the edge of the room where Liez had been fucking every man in the room, joined us.

[This is my memory of that first meeting. It is kind of blurry in my brain because I was so horny after licking and sucking so many guys clean.]

They introduced themselves to me, formally. The man even scooted my chair in for me as I sat down. Not often a white man does that for a black gal like me, a stripper and a wanna-be whore. I’m sure I smelled like cum. But then so did the beautiful Liez.

The woman and the man obviously knew each other well. I suspected that he was good in bed, if this woman, the woman that had just fucked a room full of black men, while the man watched carefully from his chair twenty feet away, was so obviously attracted to him.

I waited as long as I could before I blurted out, “Did you knock that one guy out? How’d you do that with just your fingers touching him?”

They glanced at each other, grinning.

Liez said to the guy, “See! I told you she noticed!”

He nodded, a mystical grin on his face, his blue eyes seeming to reappraise me.

Liez stared into my eyes, too. “It’s an ancient Chinese art of self-defense called Tuite. Tuite means ‘open hand’. It is the sequence of touches that puts their nervous system in ... for lack of a better term ... suspense. Their brain sort of short circuits. The person can be made to stay knocked out, or only be knocked out for a few minutes, like this evening. Or I can kill them, not that I do, at least not yet.”


“You can, indeed, kill someone with it, of course.”

Liez looked at my boobs. “You have the perfect body to be a stripper, girl.”

The way she said it was clearly a compliment.

“Thank you!” I said, feeling somehow embarrassed by the complement. I don’t know why I felt embarrassed, but I did.

“Do you like white women? I do. I found myself wanting to make love to you all evening while you were working so hard with all the guys.” She looked a little embarrassed too.

I glanced at the man to see his reaction.

She explained, “He’s one of my lovers. My darling Deni died a while ago and I haven’t found anyone who feels right to replace her. Both of us were in love with Deni.” Liez tilted her head toward the man. “She’s who taught me Tuite. She was Tenth Dan.”

“What’s that mean?” I asked, trying not to act too eager to fuck this gorgeous, sexy woman. Her words were making me drench.

Liez smiled then said, “Most people call it Tenth Degree Black Belt. It’s as high as a person can go in the art of Tuite. I am working my way up the belts too. My Deni was the highest woman in Tuite, worldwide. She really had a talent for it.”

I glanced at Liez’s boobs, not being able to fully control my desire to get close to her.

She saw me do it. She reached over and patted my right breast, then caressed it. “Truly spectacular. At the risk of being too forward, would you please come home with me and live with me? I’m a bisexual married mother of two. Just before we came here, I was bred by a black man, and I hope to have his child in nine months. I could really enjoy a beautiful woman like you, that likes sex as much as I do, to share my bed.”

I was shocked! “Like, right now, today? Pack up and move? Where do you live?”

Liez explained where her house was, and showed me pictures of her girls, explaining that the man sitting with us was her girl’s genetic father.

I thought about it for a few minutes. “Well, it sounds really fun. I love kids, and I love sex, and I love to be helpful around the house. From the pictures, it looks like you live on a farm. I love animals too. I even grew up on a farm.”

Liez smiled dreamily. “I guess I should ask your name before I make love to you the first time.”

I giggled. “My given name is Arnovia, but I prefer to be called Arni.”

Liez smiled, “Arni, would you do me the honor of ... uh ... cleaning me up down there? I took so many squirts today that its starting to run out of me again. I need your help, sweetheart.”

I glanced at the man. He was grinning. “Don’t let me stand in the way of you two bonding!”

Liez took my hand then moved over to sit next to me. Her hand began to fondle my nether parts just as our food arrived.

When the waitress served us our desert, the waitress pointed with her chin toward a guy sitting by himself, reading a book.

Liez’s eyes dropped to his lower region. “Oh my!” she murmured.

I looked where she was staring.

I could see the guys white, glowing cock.

The man was sittings head down as he read. His right leg was up on the seat of the booth he was in. The leg of his shorts was loose enough that we could see up it to his penis and balls. He wasn’t hard. And he wasn’t watching us.

I don’t think he knew his cock was on display to all of us.

Liez’s hand slipped up my dress to fondle my pussy while we stared at the guys enviable appendage.

Liez whispered, “I would love to fuck him, how about you, Arni?”

My heart went straight into Love. “And he’s a white guy, so his body will contrast with mine. I love that.”

Liez giggled. “See! That’s why I loved fucking all those black guys at the strip club. The skin color contrast is so enticing! Want to see if he will fuck you before I take you to my home?”

“Oh my god yes!” I blurted. My eyes were still staring at his white cock and balls. “God, I bet I would explode in orgasm! I am really turned on after watching you do all those guys.”

Liez got a pen and some paper out of her purse. “Here, write him a note inviting him to come out to my car and fuck you. Make sure you stipulate that he has to pass an STD test first, but you will supply it and help him perform it. Then he can fuck you and breed you.”

“Breed me?”

“Yeah, cum inside you.”

I did a quick memory search of when my last period was. I figured out that I was three days away from it starting. I should be alright, safe, with getting inseminated.

Liez was watching my face.

I giggled. “God, I could just let him fuck me and cum in me and I could cum over and over again!”

I started writing.

Under the table, Liez’s white finger diddled my clit while I wrote the note.


Dear Sir

Thank you for the wonderful view of your cock and balls

I would love to experience it inside me

... Now ...

And yes, you can cum inside me

Please meet me in the parking lot

In our car, back seat

No need to wear protection,

If you don’t have STDs

We’ll test you for it at no cost to you

See you in a couple of minutes

Thank you, good sir!


I walked to the table where he was seated and slid in along the bench seat he had his leg on.

Without thinking it through, I lifted his leg enough to slide under it. It was just enough to allow my thighs to slide under his calf.

But somehow my hand slid the shorts he was wearing up his leg.

My hand landed on his semi soft dick!

Without thinking about it, my hand started to caress his penis. And his testicles.

His cock stretched into a full, hard, erection, seemingly instantly.

His eyes stared at me, then at my hand on his cock.

Then he came. Just like that!

His spurts traveled across the aisle, all the way to the table Liez was at.

I found out later it landed on her shoe.

Then the guy rolled over sideways, his eyes slowly sliding shut. He was out like a light. I wondered how long it had been since his last orgasm. Had to be a long time to cum that fast.

I looked over at the two females that had been serving customers. Their eyes were glued to the man’s still visible cock; although he was no longer hard. His cock was just lolling sideways, still a few drops of cum dripping out onto the floor beside him.

They started whispering to each other, stifling giggles.

I envied them their innocence. By the time I was their age, I was whoring every weekend to make ends meet. Although I have to admit, I did enjoy my ‘work,’ so to speak.

In fact, I tried to be the very best fuck I could be, for every client.

But I had never thought about clenching my cunt muscles each time a client pulled his cock outward. I looked at the woman. “I noticed that you clenched your cunt muscles each time one of the guys was pulling their cock outward. Why is that?”

She smiled at me. “It’s simple. It feels better for them, and it feels way better for me. By clenching my cunt muscles, it compresses their cock against my G-Spot, which is an incredibly good feeling. Here, let me stick my fingers in you and you can compress your muscles when I pull them out.”

I spread my legs and tugged my dress up to my waist.

She inserted three fingers into me. They went in easily.

She shoved them all the way to her knuckles. She looked me in the eye. “Now, when I start to pull them out, clench, okay?”

I nodded.

She started to pull them out.

I clenched.

She smiled as I groaned when her fingertips touched something inside my cunt. It touched something that was incredibly sensitive. It felt every bit as good as when I diddled my clitoris.

“That’s the same nerve endings that run through your clit,” she explained.

I looked at the man. “Want to fuck me?” I asked hoping he did.

His eyes showed his empathy. “My answer is, ‘Yes, but not now.’ Okay? There is another man you will meet in a little bit that will test your mettle to it’s limits. Let’s save your sexy little cunt for that. You and I’ll have plenty of time to fuck later. And ... by the way ... you are one sexy little woman!”

I wondered what he was talking about. ‘Another man? Who could he be talking about?’

The waitresses stared at my butt the whole time we were leaving. I think I saw jealousy in their stare.



Part 6

When we were seated in the backseat of her car, she looked at me. “Do you like men with large penises?”

I shrugged. “Never really found one that I couldn’t fit inside me. Why?”

She grinned, “By the way, my name is Liez. Actually, my given name is Lieza, but my buddies call me Liez.”

I shook her hand. I reaffirmed that I was Arni.

“The man whose house we are staying at has what I think is the thickest penis in the world. You can decide if you want to try him on for size after you’ve met him, okay?”

I was puzzled. Here was a woman that had just fucked a whole room full of men, all of them black, which are reputed to have oversized penises. And she’s warning me, a whore and stripper, that we are going to meet a man with an oversized penis. This lady isn’t dumb, and she is certainly experienced. How big can he be?

“Are you going to let him fuck you?” I asked, watching her face.

She glanced at the man, who was grinning at her. He raised his eyebrows, and she grinned at him in return.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, honestly.”

He chuckled. “You should tell her about how you and Lindi and Deni met him.”

I looked back at her face.

She got tears in her eyes.

I apologized for bringing up a painful subject.

She shook her head. “No, it isn’t you. Deni was my very best friend, but she passed away unexpectedly recently. I always cry when I think about her.”

She cleared her throat. “Anyway, we all lived together in the house that I now live in. We went to church almost every Sunday. They had a guest pastor one weekend. He was a tall, black guy, good looking, and a great preacher. We really enjoyed his sermon. About halfway through, Deni wrote us a note. It said, ‘He’s a virgin. We need to help him with that.’

“Deni was a strong believer in the first commandment of the Bible. Do you know what that is?”

I shook my head.

She winked at me. “I didn’t either until Deni I pointed it out to us. Genesis 1:28 says

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth .....


I obviously was puzzled by her quotation of scripture. This was a woman that had just fucked a whole room full of men!

She giggled. “ ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ means have sex and make babies. There are no qualifications to the verse. It doesn’t say that people have to be married or anything like that. So she asked the minster to go to dinner with us, which he accepted. At dinner she quoted that scripture to him. Now, to be clear, Deni couldn’t talk, so she wrote it down for him to read.”

I had to think that through. “She wanted the minister to fuck her?”

Liez chuckled. “Yes, and by implication, have him cum inside her and make a baby in her belly.”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds. “So, she actually proposed sex to him, a minister, while you guys were at lunch, in a restaurant, after church, on Sunday. She asked him to breed her?”

Liez nodded her head, grinning ear to ear. “And the thing I haven’t told you, she knew his cock was HUGE! She had scoped it out while he preached his sermon. And she surmised, based on how huge he was, that no woman would have fucked him yet, due to his incredible size.”

“Huge ... as in how huge?” I asked, thinking it was probably just ‘large.’

Liez chuckled, so did the man. “Deni was a small woman. 5’ foot tall and 98 pounds. Small. One could even say ‘Tiny.’”

I was flabbergasted by Liez’s implication. “So how big was his fucking cock?”

“The size of her thigh.”

I jerked backward. “No fucking way............”

Liez cackled out loud. “Not only that, but he just bred me yesterday! I have his child in my belly, as we sit here! At least that’s my profound hope. I’ll know for sure in a month or two. That’s why we came up here.”

I was so envious! “So, you’re okay with interracial parenthood?” I had had fantasies about that myself, but a little fearful of the social ramifications.

She grinned, full of delight. “Wait until you meet Rev. You’ll love him too. Let’s go.”

The man sat in the back. I sat in the passenger seat. Liez was a great driver, used her turn signals, didn’t cut cars off, watched for bike riders and pedestrians. I was awed by her precise moves.

We drove out of the downtown and into a suburb. Cute houses. Must have been an old part of the original city.

She pulled into a driveway. She looked at me and smiled. “Ready to fall in love?” she asked me.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I just nodded as I got out of the car.

We walked to the front door which opened just as Liez put her hand on the doorknob.

When the door swung open, a cute-as-pudding pie little girl stood there, smiling at Liez. “Hi Aunty Liez!”

Her eyes glided to my face. “Hi, are you Aunty Liez’s friend?”

Liez introduced us. We shook hands, even though the girl couldn’t have been more than six years old. She acted with such genuine sophistication, that I simply asked how old she was, just to be sure.

She told me, then asked my age!

I had to laugh.

“Want a hug?” she asked me, holding up her arms to give me exactly that.

So we hugged. Liez was right, I was totally mesmerized by this girl!

Then a handsome, well-built black man appeared behind her. Liez introduced him as Rev. His smile was to die for. I had to keep myself from glancing down at what Liez had described as enormous.

I managed to maintain my composure.

We went into the living room. A woman sat there, a girl on her lap. She stood and introduced herself as Lindi. She had a warm, serene smile, long, dark hair, and eyes that could look right through me.

“Hungry?” she asked.

“Famished,” Liez replied.

Lindi looked at the man. “How many?”

He replied, “Forty-Three, plus three that didn’t manage to complete.”

Lindi laughed. “No wonder you’re famished, Liez! Well, dinner is ready, let’s go in and eat.”

The food was delicious.

After her third piece of pie, Liez leaned back in her chair. “Well, I sure feel better.” She looked at Lindi. “So what you asked on the phone, the answer is yes.”

Liez looked at me and asked, “You about ready for your lesson?”

I was confused, but hopefully didn’t give my state of confusion away too bad.

Lindi got up and herded the children into their bedrooms.

About a half hour later, after reading to them out of the Bible, and a story with pictures, Lindi tucked them in and turned the lights off in their bedrooms. Then she came back out and joined us in the living room.

I had managed to steal a furtive look at Rev’s crotch.

I saw what Liez had referred to. He was indeed huge, and he wasn’t even hard yet!

I started to feel a bit of trepidation.

Lindi wasn’t very big, just like Liez. But they both had absorbed his girth. And tiny little Deni had fucked him too. I mean, how bad could it be?

I remembered another question I had. I looked at Liez. “I noticed that you had no hair, ‘down there.’” I flicked my eyes down to make sure they understood. “How did you do that. It didn’t look like you shaved. No stubble that I could see.”

Lindi and Liez looked at each other, grins on their faces.

Liez said, “That another thing that our Deni taught us. It’s called plucking. We love it. If you want us to, we’ll pluck you.”

Feeling a bit tremulous, I asked, “Does it hurt?”

Liez relied, “We pluck one hair at a time. There is a tiny little twinge with each hair plucked, but both Lindi and I love the feeling. You should take a nice hot shower to loosen up your pubic hairs, then we’ll both service you ... if you want us to.”

I decided that delaying Rev’s insertion into my cunt might be a good idea. “So I should shower first, making sure to make my cunt hair roots get nice and hot, right?”

“Want us to shower with you?” Lindi asked.

“That sounds like a good idea, make sure I get it right the first time kind of thing,” I answered.

Liez and Lindi stood, then held out their hands to me. I took their hands and was led down the hallway, through the Master Bedroom, to the Master Bath. “Do you like your shower hot, medium, or cool?” Lindi asked me.

“Medium, I guess. Maybe between hot and medium?”

Lindi looked at me. “May I have the pleasure of undressing you, sexy gorgeous woman?”

I didn’t know what to say to that. Obviously, they liked the color of my skin. I really liked that. “Sure, if I can undress you!”

Lindi giggled. “I would like nothing better.”

Liez sat down on the corner of the tub and watched us undress each other. When I was naked, she smiled. “You’re one of the few women I’m seen that is sexier and more beautiful naked than with her clothes on. Your boobs are spectacular, and you butt is to die for!”

I felt tears flood my eyes. I looked at her. “Really?”

She stood and took me in her arms. She kissed me, softly, and with feeling. “Yes, my darling sexy lady. You turn me on more than most men do. I can’t stop staring at your body, how gorgeous you are. Not just gorgeous, but beautiful too!”

I pressed my body against hers, wishing she was naked too. I started undressing both of them, one piece of clothing at a time. Both of them were nicely shaped. Their nipples started to show through their clothing.

Liez said, “Lindi, I think we should get her one of those outfits like we wore to that party with Deni. Do you know where they’re sold now?”

Lindi grinned, “Good idea! And yes, I do know where they are sold. Maybe we should get them for all three of us, so we can party together.”

Liez grinned, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow morning just before we leave to go home.”

“OK, shower time so we can pluck your pubic region, girl.”

We stepped into the shower one at a time. Lindi first, me second, and Liez third. Liez patted my butt as I stepped in. “Nice ass, Arni!”

I giggled as I shook my ass, looking back over my shoulder at her.

“Is that one of your cardinal stripper moves?” she asked.

I shook my ass again.

Lindi put her gentle hands on my boobs. “These shake too when she does her shaking routine.”

They washed me top to bottom.

Liez said, “I love washing your body. Your skin is gorgeous and soft. It’s like you walked right straight out of my sex fantasy.”

Lindi moved the hand shower to spray directly on my pubic hair. She moved the shower handle to a warmer setting. “Tell me if it gets too hot, okay?”

The spray started hitting my clitoris. It was really turning me on. It wasn’t a hard spray, but more of a gentle cascade of warm water. Just enough motion to jiggle my clit. I was getting so turned on that I knew that I was going to cum in just a few seconds if it kept hitting me there.

I remember my eyesight starting to quiver. I guess that happens when a woman’s eyes start to move into their forehead, start to roll up into their head.

I couldn’t speak.

I started to cum.

My whole body quivered in violent shudders.

I collapsed; thank god Liez caught me.

When I came to, her hands were cradling my boobs. Lindi’s hands had caught me in my crotch. One of her white thumbs was stuck up my black cunt hole. One look at that and I started to cum again. That’s how much these two delightful women turn me on.

Liez said, “Lindi, let’s lay her here on the table so we can pluck her sweet pussy hairs.”

I was about half out from cumming so hard as they moved me. I felt the changes in my position, but it did not really register in my half-addled brain.

Then I felt a slight twinge on my pubic area. Then another. The twinges were mild, and in some ways were even partly pleasant. My brain reminded me that they were plucking my cunt area hairs, and that I had expressed an interest in that.

I glanced down and was able to determine that not only Liez’s cunt hairs were gone, but so were Lindi’s. Their cunt lips were so beautifully on display that I closed my eyes again and let them work their magic.

They were done in about ten gentle minutes or so. After the first few minutes, I didn’t really feel pain any more. Their fingers down there were thoughtful and compassionate, gentle, even sensuous. Their breath wafted across my clit like a gentle breeze. Every once in a while, they would kiss my clittie, or blow my plucked hairs away; sometimes they used the spray wand to wash the freed hairs away.

They lifted my legs and spread my thighs to work on the hair around my butt. That felt kind of good too, oddly enough.

When they were done, Liez started to lick and kiss my cunt, her tongue delving deeper and deeper into my cunt hole.

I came again. Glorious bisexual orgasm, my first from a woman.

When I regained the ability to think rationally, I saw that Lindi’s husband had joined us. He was staring right at my uncuffed cunt. “Nice job plucking her, girls. Is she ready for me now?”

I looked down and saw his monstrous, freed of underwear or trousers, but not yet hard, penis. “FUCK!!!”

They all giggled.

Rev said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take it easy. Just liked Deni did with me when we first met.”

Lindi reached down and fondled her husband’s glorious monstrosity. “You’ll be in love with it just like everybody else is after he’s serviced you.”

He picked me up, like I was light as a feather. “Let’s go into the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

I felt his penis bounce up and down and caress my back as we walked. It truly had some bulk to it, that’s for sure!

Lindi and Liez followed us.

When Rev laid me down on the bed, Lindi and Liez sat beside me, one on each side. “You really are gorgeous, girl,” Liez commented.

“She sure is!” Lindi agreed, a bit of excitement in her voice.

Rev asked, “Has Liez explained how first timers ease into the process of adjusting their vaginas to be able to accept my size?”

My eyes dropped to assess the article of our conversation. ‘Holy shit is that thing huge!’ I thought. I shook my head, my eyes glued onto the vision of such perfection. “How big is it?” I spluttered.

“Slightly over 8” long,” Lindi said.

“Yeah, but how thick?” I asked. I could not visualize anything that huge fucking into my hole.

“Lindi, dear, show her that it is possible for a woman to absorb all of him,” Liez suggested.

Lindi giggled. “Okay, I will show off my husband’s prodigious cock in use, plowing my pussy, and how to survive it.”

She kissed her husband on the lips, patting him lovingly as she took his hands, then climbed above him, standing naked as she looked lovingly at him. “Ready for me babe?” she asked, a smirk on her face.

She looked at me. “Our darling Deni is the first one to experience him. I was so amazed when she actually took all of him inside her. She was so tiny. It was like she was a super-human!”

Bending her knees, she sank lower as she guided the head of his cock to her opening.

She looked at me. “The key is to not be in a hurry. Our vags will slowly stretch open by their very nature. That’s so we can deliver a child, no matter how big it is. So just add a little bit of pressure as the head of my husband’s penis spreads you open, as you sink down onto it. I’ll show you. Then Liez can show you how she does it. I wish Deni was here to prove to you that no matter how tiny a woman is, her vag can spread to any size to both receive the male’s sperm, or deliver a baby.”

I watched her husband’s penis disappear into her married cunt, an eighth of an inch at a time. ‘How do married women find the guts to show off fucking their husband in front of their friends?’ I wondered.

But then I felt a droplet of moisture run down my thigh.

In a short while her cunt fully contained that magnificent cock. She rested when her butt was sitting on his tummy. She smiled at me. “It took me about twenty minutes to be able to take all of him the first time. But it felt so good that I knew I was going to need feeling him in me every day. Besides, his personality is so loving and gentle that I knew I needed him in my life. And I’ve fallen more and more in love with him every day since.”

She spun around on his cock and bent over to kiss him. They smooched for what felt like an hour before she sat back up, grinning at Liez. “Your turn, girlfriend!”

It occurred to me that Liez and Lindi were closer to each other, emotionally, than I had ever felt toward anyone in my life. Could it be that Liez would be the love of my life? I mulled over how much I liked sex, and men fucking me.

One of my stripper friends had once asked me how often I liked to have sex? I had thought about if for a few seconds, then said, “Probably five of six times a day.” She was a white girl, about nineteen years old. “God, how would a white man even get it up that often?” she asked, her face showing disgust. “And how would you ever control him if he could fuck you that often?” I felt so lucky to not be a white woman with a low sex drive, and the need to control my man that way.

But now, watching Liez and Lindi, I began to understand that not every white woman had that idiotic hang-up.

Obviously they both loved and enjoyed sex, with men or women. I found myself wanting to be that way too. And Liez seemed so fond of me. Was it all too good to be true?

Then Liez sank down onto his massive member. His cock. His prick. His fuck rod, it was both beautiful and sexy. I found my own cunt was starting to strum with desire.

Liez fucked his cock in and out of her about twenty times, each time contracting her cuntal muscles on his massive prick.

I wanted him in me. Bad!

Liez pulled off, letting it whack back against his black, flat, muscled tummy.

“Your turn, gorgeous!” she said, giving me a wink.

Trying not to appear overly eager, I crawled onto the bed beside him. But I was; I was craving its fecund presence inside my body.

I wondered, vaguely, how mush sperm his cock would shoot inside me.

“Now just take it slow and easy. Remember these two women, my wife and Liez, have already acclimated their sweet, little vaginas to my size. When Deni told me that the Bible said I should mate with them, all I could think of was that my cock was unusable, due to its size. And she was so tiny! I was scared I would seriously hurt her. She was so brave! Lindi and I cried for a week when she passed away. We both adored her. Years ago, she rescued Liez and my wife from their life-threatening predicament. I mean, how does a woman do that much good?

“And she was so cute! Even beautiful. Both looks and personality. And very smart!” He grinned self-consciously. Several tears coursed down his cheeks.

His cock had collapsed onto his belly.

“Don’t worry, Arni, he’ll get hard again. Just kiss it’s head and lick it. It’ll taste like Liez and I, but that’s not so bad, is it?” She giggled.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his gorgeous black prick.

I raised it to vertical, spread my cunt lips with my other hand, then gently sank onto its massive head.

I shuddered when its gorgeous, massive head touched my cunt.

“Oh my goodness, she’s already close to cumming!” Lindi chortled.

I felt the folds of my vagina, slowly spread around his glans. I felt no pain for much longer than I thought would happen. His glans was fully halfway into my cuntal opening before I felt my cunt begin to complain.

But I kept pressing.

I glanced at Lindi and Liez. Their eyes were locked on my cunt and his cock. The grins on their faces told me they were remembering their first time of being fucked by his hugeness.

I took it slower as the painful feelings in my cunt-opening began to increase. But I realized that it was not sensation of pain so much as just  a slight discomfort.

‘I can handle this,’ I thought.

I kept the pressure on as I watched his black cock invading my body. Slowly, slowly it invaded my core. Slowly, slowly it spread me open. Slowly, slowly it slid within me. Slowly, slowly it made my belly swell, expand, protrude.

Slowly, slowly I lost control ... and started to cum.

The more I came, the faster his cock entered me.

I didn’t stop cumming until he was totally inside me, and I had absorbed his massive prick all the way to my cervix.

I collapsed onto his chest, moaning in delight.

Liez and Lindi started clapping, hollering, “Good job, girl!”

My mind was so possessed with trying to understand what I was feeling that I could only lie there, absorbing the ecstasy of being completely filled with cock. Best feeling ever! Like ecstasy and delirium bouncing around my tummy in astounding alacrity, fully intending to make me scream in delight.

So I did.

Rev gently turned me over as he kept pressure on his prodigious cock to keep it inside me. Then he gently, slowly, began to withdraw from my stretched-to-maximum-size cunt. I remembered to squeeze his cock with my cunt sheath.

Then he started back into me. It felt way better than it did when he was entering me the first time.

I concentrated on squeezing his cock each time he withdrew from within me.

I have never felt anything as good in my whole life.

Within five strokes I was starting to pant with need.

Within ten stokes I was moaning in delight.

Then about five strokes later I started cumming ... hard!

And Rev started to discharge inside me.

MY GOD what a stream of cum!

It started to squirt out of me, soaking my thighs.

Liez and Lindi tried to catch it with their hands, laughing and giggling all the while.



Part 7

Lindi looked at Liez. “Want me to show you where that store is, you know, where we bought that outfit?”

Liez grinned. “Yeah! Let’s find us all matching party outfits so we can look like a bisexual threesome that loves to fuck.”

We all got into Liez’s grey car and followed Lindi’s directions to a cute little shop not far from her house. We went in and started to look around. Liez leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry about the prices, I’m buying.”

Lindi led us to the clothing section for sexy outfits.

She picked up an outfit that looked extremely sheer, almost see-through. She held it against her body. It was the palest pink color. Liez nodded and winked. Lindi headed for the dressing room.

Liez took my hand and led me along as we followed Lindi to the dressing room closet door.

We all stepped inside.

Lindi stripped, without shame of any kind. Then she pulled the outfit up over her body, then pushed the thin shoulder straps in place.

I could see every blessed shading on her body. I could see her pale pink nipples, the shape of her cunt, even her thick little clitti she enjoyed so much, and was so proud of.

“What do you think?” she asked, her eyes watching our eyes as we scoped out her near nudity.

“Perfect!” Liez gushed. She reached over and diddled Lindi’s clitti, all of our eyes staring at her perfect little sex apparatus.

“I’ll give you ten minutes to stop that, Liez,” she giggled.

“Let’s put ours on first then fuck the bejesus out of each other while the other customers watch.” Liez opened the door to the dressing room, then left it open so everyone outside could see Lindi’s nearly nude body.

The men’s eyes couldn’t stop staring at her.

Liez turned to me and said, “Just because we do something, or I do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it too, hon. I want you to know that. And ... also ... do you need to notify anyone if you decide to go with me down to Oregon ... your boss ... your roommate ... anybody?” She caressed my cheek, then kissed me ... then patted my cunt. “I adore you, you know that, right?”

I worried about my answer for the rest of the time we were there, trying on revealing outfits, showing our boobs and horny cunts to the male customers shopping for their wives.

Finally I grew a pair, so to speak, and asked Lindi, “Why did you leave Oregon and come up here?”

She smiled softly, “That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. In my whole life, and believe me when I tell you, before Deni, Liez and my lives were not easy. But I had met Rev, and totally fallen in love with him. It was the third time that I was in love. First of course was Liez. Then we met Deni and that whole part of our lives was miraculous. But with Rev, it was as if my whole body, mind, soul, cunt, heat, everything wanted to make him happy for the rest of his life. So that’s why I left my two lovers and went with him. He cried when he told me that he had been fired by the church committee because he was with me and loved me. He told me he would understand if I didn’t want to move up here with him, to his new job. I put my fingers on his lips and said, ‘No, I am with you forever baby. I go where you go.’ Then, just to break the spell, I said, ‘Besides, who has a cock like yours anyway?’ ”

She winked at me. “And ... I can tell you, Liez is a woman that keeps her word, no matter what, just like Deni did. If she commits, it is forever. I know because she forgave me when I wanted to marry Rev, and I moved in with Rev.”

Now Liez had tears in her eyes.

So we all hugged each other and had a good cry, then stripped naked in front of the male shoppers and shook our booties while they stared at us.

Thank god no one had a heart attack.

Then I looked at Liez. “Hon, if for some reason we were to ever split up, will you promise to help me pay for my way to wherever I want to go to live after that?”

She smiled softly. “Of course honey, but I hope that never happens. And, I will tell you now, commit to you now, that any time you want to fuck my husband, you can, okay? His cock is so thin and short that I don’t treasure the experience anymore. But since it is white, it might bring you pleasure, which would make me happy.”

 I looked into her eyes and said, “Then, I will go gladly with you to your home.”



Part 8

Liez and I slept in the same bed that night. We both got orgasms from the man’s talented fingers and mouth, then he retired to his own room.

The next morning, over breakfast by Lindi, the man suggested that he drive the vehicle back to Liez’s place, and that Liez and I spend the time in the back seat getting to know each other better.

Whatever that meant.

But we did scoot in and started talking. We discovered a lot about each other. When we were on the freeway, Liez started showing her parts off to the truckers we were passing. It looked like fun. I joined in.

We got lots of honks from the truck drivers. I hoped we were breaking their boredom for those poor truckers.

We even started showing off how we liked to sexually stimulate each other to the drivers we were passing. The drivers like that too.

About an hour into the drive, Liez looked at me.

“What?” I asked. There was something about the way her eyes looked at me that was different.

She giggled, then put her lips next to my ear. “I want to be your slutty sex slave.”

At first I thought I had heard her wrong. I paused and thought about what else she might have said.

Then she said, “I want you to treat my cunt and titties and clittie and asshole rough, too. Squeeze my nipples, and flick my clit, and swat my cunt hole. Not super hard, but hard enough that I feel just a little bit of pain. We can experiment with just how hard. We’ll figure it out as we go. But I want you to be able to point at a person and order me to make them cum. Man or woman. No kids, of course. But maybe a bunch of guys that you want me to fuck. Like at a bar. And maybe you tell me that you want all of them to breed me.

“Or maybe you tell me to get a cute white guy ready to fuck you. So I go over and tell him you want him to fuck you, and then I take his cock out and suck him really good, then guide his white cock into you pretty, black cunt and tell him to cum inside you .... that sort of thing.”

I was staring at her with mouth agape. “You want me to be your owner? And order you to do whatever I want to?”

Liez grinned and eagerly nodded.

I decided to put her to the test. “Alright, take all your clothes off and spread your white legs so I can start swatting your little white cunt hole, slave.”

She did exactly that.

I swatted her sexy white cunt once, watching her face. “Is that how hard I should hit you?” I asked nervously.

Her face had flinched when I swatted her.

“A little harder would be okay. And maybe let your middle finger land right on my clittie.”

I did, and she started cumming!

When she settled down, she oogled, “Oh god! That was perfect! Do it again!”

I did, and she came again.

“Now pinch my nipples please, Mistress.”

It took me three times to get it right, but she came again. I was getting jealous of how easily she had orgasms.

Then she asked me to squeeze her clittie.

I got it right the first time, and she kept cumming for as long as I squeezed it. Her shrieks of orgasm made the man driving ask if everything was alright.

I told him, “Yes, I’m just making my sex slave have orgasms.”

He thought about that for a while .....

After that she wanted me to squeeze, pull, and shake her nipples, all at the same time.

She really came hard that time.

I asked her, “How do you cum so easy?”

She had to catch her breath, but finally started telling me what her darling Deni had taught her.

She smiled at me, then kissed me. “I love how this is going, Mistress!” She kissed me again, with huge feeling.

“I love how your black skin looks against my white body too.” She kissed me again. “Make me eat your black pussy till you cum.”

“Answer my question first, slut.”

She giggled. “Deni taught Lindi and me that if you want to cum, you have to admit to yourself that you want to cum. And you have to decide that you’re going to cum. And then you imagine yourself cumming when what you want to have happen happens.”

I stared at her.

“And ... like I want you to make me fuck some guy, some stranger, next time we stop. But I want to see that you take care of me too, so maybe you make the stranger take an STD test and then he fucks me and cums in my slutty white cunt. And maybe to help him cum inside me, you play with his sack and asshole while he’s fucking me. I know for sure that I would cum when he cums inside my white, slutty, slave’s, plucked cunt, while you’re watching me be your white slave.”

I thought about what she had said.

I thought I understood.

I started to plan out some things I wanted my white-slut-slave to do on my command.

I was starting to get horny just from being her Slave Owner.

Then the man driving pulled over into a Rest Stop.

We both asked, “Why are we stopping?”

He chuckled, “Fifteen of the truckers you flashed your pussies at pulled over into here. Thought you might like to meet them.”

We looked at each other, eyes wide.

She asked, “Mistress, am I supposed to fuck them?”

I stared at her. “Do you want to, my darling little slut-whore?”

“I will if you tell me I must. After all I am your slutty sex slave, right?”

I thought for at least a second. “Then you shall fuck all the black guys, and I shall fuck all the white guys, understand?”

“Yes Mistress. Anything you say, Mistress.” She grinned as she winked at me.

We pulled our sexy outfits on and got out of the car. We realized we should wear shoes too. So after donning them, we walked over to the nearest truck. The drives were standing around talking excitedly about the sexy chicks doing sexy things in the back of that ‘grey car.’

I got the attention of the guy that seems to be steering the conversation, and explained that we wanted to service all of the divers. But that we wanted all of the black drivers to breed Liez and all the white drivers to breed me.

They all stared at us in our almost-transparent, revealing outfits. Then they all nodded and said, “Okay! No problem.”

There were fourteen trucks that had pulled in. They all had two drivers.

“You sure y’all can handle that much cock, ladies?”

We giggled. Liez said, “Most cock I’ve taken was 43 in one session. We’re looking forward to this with you guys!”

Their mouths dropped open, their eyes raping what they saw beneath our see-through outfits.

“Who’s the first black cock that will fuck my little white slutty cunt, and breed me?” Liez asked, her eyes moving from crotch to crotch.

“And who’s the first white cock that will breed me?” I asked. “And, yes, we want you guys to cum inside us, please understand. No condoms required.”

It took us four and a half hours to adequately service all of them, but it was worth it, believe me! Liez handled 7 drivers, and I handled 21. 21 incredible fun filled, white cum filled penetrations by eager white cocks and bulging balls full of white man’s sperms.

I was in heaven. Best sex I ever had!

We slept most of the rest of the way to Liez’s house. I woke up in her driveway.

When I got out of the can, sperm ran down my thighs.

The man found some paper towels for me to use to appear less slutty.

Then Liez took my hand and led me to a bedroom. “This is your room, but I would dearly love it if I could spend lots of fun time in here with you, Mistress.” She kissed me, then showed me the rest of the house.

Gorgeous ... absolutely gorgeous!

And the view I woke up to! Most beautiful I have ever seen in my entire life.

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