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OMG I want him so bad...

by Ginger L

Erotic image by Samarel


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As we stood there and argued all I could think of was wanting to just grab him and press my lips against his so hard as to bruise them like the night before and pick up right where we left off.

Thinking "OMG I want him so heart is beating so fast. Standing here wanting him so bad I can damn near taste his mouth against mine.

Suddenly he grabs me and says "don't leave...I need you here baby”

My eyes breathing labors as I begin to shake.

He tells me he has to go to work...I look at him with a sad face and say "kiss me”

He kisses me softly tasting my lips feeling our tongues explore each others mouths.

Wanting him more...I grab his head....pressing his mouth harder against mine...our kiss deepens.

He runs his fingers through my hair...running his hands down my back...grabbing me and lifting me to body shakes under his desire building...I whisper to hi "god I want you”.

My hands run down his arms...finding his hands...grabbing them...lifting them above his head...pressing my body against his.

I feel him getting more aroused as our bodies press together.

Pulling my mouth away I lick his lips...kissing along his cheek to his ear I whisper "please don't leave yet, I need you right now”.

He promises he won't leave as he pulls my top half down my hands softly touching his strong arms...brushing along his sides...lifting his touch sending shivers through his body...stepping back I look at him...his chest...I lick my lips and moan softly.

He pulls my shirt down over my breasts to reveal what he wants to suck on....gently touching them he kisses them nipples get hard in his mouth.

My hands touching the sides of his face softly as I raise his head to look into his hands run down his arms to his hands...taking them in mine...I slowly walk backwards leading him to my bed.

He kisses up and down my chest and starts to unbutton my jeans then slowly slipping them off my hips as they drop to my ankles...his eyes glide up and down my body turning me on more...he whispers "god baby I want you”.

My heart pounding...breathing labored...shaking I want his so pussy aching...thinking about what I want...I lay back against my bed and smile up at him...saying "here I am...come get me”.

He smiles...slowly stripping for me...sliding his clothes from his body looking down on me saying "what do you think baby?”

I grin MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm as I lick my lips then biting the lower lip still grinning I tell him "very nice baby now get that sexy ass body closer to me where I can touch it”.

He moves closer to me slowly....teasing me...slowly climbing on top of me he asks me to touch him wanting me to wrap my luscious lips around his hard cock.

He reaches back to rub my clit with one hand feeling myself get wetter and hotter...he pulls his fingers hack and licks at them...ohgod

Placing my hands on his chest I lean up to him...kissing him as I push him over onto his back and straddle his legs...sitting there I look up and down his body...then to his eyes...smiling...lust in my eyes warning him.

His cock getting harder he says to me "please I need you now”.

I lean down reaching my mouth to his and kiss him softly...teasing his lips with my tongue...he tries to reach his mouth to mine but I pull back and grin...licking his lips I say "uh oh it's my turn”...slowly I let my tongue trail so lightly down his chin...neck...little kisses as I go...kissing and licking at his chest my hands following...touching him...oh god he feels so good under my touch.

A soft moan escapes his lips letting me know that my kisses are torturing him...his body tells me he wants more he whispers "please don't stop”.

Watching my hands run smoothly over his skin...kissing...licking...teasing...fingertips brushing him lightly...looking up into his face to watch his expression.

His hands as his sides he grips the bed sheets as I kiss along his body.

Lowering myself body sliding along tits pressed against his cock as I kiss his lower belly...little licks...I hear him grunt and see him bite his bottom lip as he feels my tongue run down his body.

My tongue lowers...and lower...he lets out a huge gasp wanting to scream how much he wants me.

I stop...looking at him and grin...knowing what I am doing to him...and getting so turned pussy throbbing...wet...wanting his cock inside me...thinking about how I want to drive him so completely crazy first.

He looks down at me bending to kiss me but I pull away and grin...raising myself slightly I look at his cock...taking it in one hand...smiling...looking up to him and grinning...biting my bottom lip watching him as my mouth gets closer and my hand raises his cock to meet my mouth.

He watches me waiting for his cock to reach my mouth...he feels my breath against the tip of his cock and I hear him moan softly as my tongue touches the tip...his eyes roll to the back of his head as he waits for me to take it all...pleading for me to lick it again.

Licking the head with fuller licks and watching him hand wraps tightly around the shaft of his cock...resting the head against my tongue...sliding it back and forth slightly...then kissing the tip and rubbing it against my lips.

He lets out a soft sigh...I part my lips with his cock...extending my tongue slightly down the shaft...slowly lowering my mouth on his cock...feeling him slide along my hand moving lower on the shaft as he enters my mouth.

He pulls my hand free and up to his as he holds it tightly watching me swallow the head of his cock...I wrap my lips around his cock and suck lightly as I push him further into my mouth...feeling him reach the back...slightly tilting my head to allow room into my hands moving to hold his balls...holding him in my mouth sucking harder...moaning against his cock...MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

He lets out a huge sigh screaming as I take it all and go faster...and faster...I slowly pull him out of my mouth and kiss the tip again...licking down the shaft to my hand...back up to the tip...kissing...little licks...tiny circles around the head...MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm...godyes...and pushing his cock back into my mouth a little faster...sucking harder...pulling him out...licking the tip and shoving him to the back of my mouth speed mouth bobbing up and down on his cock...tasting hand reaches for the shaft and I pump him as I suck....faster and harder.

He grips my hand...I know he can't take this much longer...wanting his cock in my pussy...wondering what it's going to feel like to have him penetrate me for the first time...wondering if my heart with feel like it's going to come out of my chest...ohhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddd

Pulling him out of my mouth I look at him and grin...looking at the expression on his face...holding his cock in my hand still I bend down to kiss pussy hot and wet...wanting his cock deep inside me.

He stares deep into my eyes...I can tell he wants to know what I am eyes telling him how much I want him...I kiss him again and pull back slightly...breathing against his mouth I whisper "fuck me...right now baby...I want your cock”/

He tells me "guide me to you wanting waiting wet pussy” as he pushes a hand down so I can guide him.

Taking hold of his cock I guide him to my entrance...rubbing it up and down against my clit and holding you at my entrance...telling you "no more waiting...give it to me”.

He slowly slides his hard cock into my wet pussy wanting to feel every inch inside me...he puts both hands on my ass wanting me to ride him nice and soft...but I don't know if I can...I want to grind against him so hard.

Grinding down against him and holding him deep inside me I feel my pussy grasping at his cock.

He sucks on my firm breasts...licking around the nipple...feeling it harden up in his mouth...he watches me ride cum flowing from my pussy.

With my hands on his chest I raise myself feeling him slide out...then pressing down against him again grinding...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhgoddddddddddddd...I reach behind and place my hands on his legs as I lift my pussy off his cock and lower it again...feeling his cock go in and out of my tight wet pussy...MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm godddddddddddddd

Concentrating on my face he watches me...I moan out his name...his expression shows me that it turns him on as he reaches up to hold my breasts...feeling my nipples between his fingers...he rubs them softly watching his cock slide in and out of me.

Taking my hands off his legs...grinding down hard against him...flinging myself forward...hands on the bed on either side of his shoulders I reach my mouth to his and kiss him...pulling away I whisper against his lips "flip me over on my back baby grab my legs and give me your cock”.

As he feels my pussy tighten up around him he lets out an uncontrollable moan oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh GGoDDDDDDDDDD

He flips me me his cock...not wanting to be out of my pussy.

I look up at him "fuck me now...please"

He moans softly as it slips in like it belongs...fucking me harder and harder...feeling my cum run down on his shaft.

OOOOOOOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD yessssss moreeeeeeeeeeeeee

He pulls all the way out and slams back in...doing it over and breathing heavier...harder...labored...moaning...ahhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS breathing louder...wanting more...ohgoddddddddddddddddd yesssssssssssssss...grabbing his ass my nails dig in pulling him into me more.


"YES baby...yes cum...cum with me...NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW...fuck me oh god yessssssss” I scream back.

He tries to hold back and can't he screams "OH MY GOD BABY HERE IT CUMS”

Not wanting him to hold pussy convulsing...releasing around his cock "OHHHHHHHHHHHGODDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHH”

He bursts inside me not slowing until all the cum is pussy flooding...our cum mixing together...breathing hard...hearts pounding.

MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm "yes baby” I say as I am still holding his ass tight...”ohgoddddddd”

He pulls my hand to his chest "can you feel my heart beating” he asks.

I smile up at him as he kisses my softly and pulling back to whisper "oh my god baby that was awesome”.

Returning his kiss I smile at him and tell him "yes baby that was fantastic”. Not pulling out he stays inside me staring into my eyes...mine searching his...MMMMMMmmmmmmm

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