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You, me and Irene - FFM fantasy

by Allison | Erotic Group Sex Art by Samarel


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Irene was lying on the pool deck on the edge of the mountain in front of the house; the sun was blazing down, that sun that makes your skin tingle, makes you sweat and makes you want more. Sipping on a strawberry daiquiri feeling the ice of the drink chill her hand. One of those fantastic summer days where the only spec in the sky are the birds riding on the thermals way too high to identify them. 

Irene was hot, the sweat pouring down the center of her back, trickling down between her butt cheeks, the suntan oil tanning her skin to a golden brown. She stood up, peeled off her bikini and slid into the pool... the cool water finding its way into every nook and cranny in her body.... Totally submerged in the water, slowly gliding around the pool, her long dark hair following her like seaweed gently drifting in the ocean. She rubbed her skin vigorously, removing all traces of oil she surfaced and lunged out the pool twisting at the same time plonking her butt with a squish onto the now very hot tiles, sizzling her butt cheeks and her pussy.


Quickly standing and with a long stride back onto the pool lounger onto her tummy. A deep sigh at the perfection of the day, the sunshine, the water and waiting for her man to drop in. 

Staring out at the view of the ocean in the distance, watching, listening to the deafening silence, she grabs the suntan oil, squirts an ample amount on her hands and starts oiling her body. Starting with her arms, neck and shoulders, contemplating standing up and doing the rest, her mind wondering, wishing that he man would come and finish it off for her.... She will do the rest of her body in a little while, just a little nap, swim and then more oil. Irene takes a towel and puts it over her head, protecting her skin from the harsh sun and also keeping her a little cooler, blocking out the glare while she drifts into never land. 

Slowly sinking into one of those sleeps that only sunshine can induce, drifting into blackness. In her dream, Irene felt oil or was it sweat trickle down her back, snaking its way down her spine, another sliding between her but cheeks; she subconsciously opened her legs so the sunshine could warm her pussy. The heat felt good on her pussy and her butt. Then very gently she felt hands starting to rub the oil into her skin... aaaahhhhh this felt good, her man is home. The hands started with the tops of her shoulders, spreading the oil across her scorching back, down towards her butt cheeks, long strokes over her curvy butt and long strokes to her ankles and feet. The hands then rubbed oil between her toes, massaging as they went, and one toe at a time, back of her legs, rubbing muscles as they went. 

More pressure on her butt, pulling her cheeks open as they went, the fingers rubbing over her anus, more oil, she spread her legs wider, the fingers grabbing hand full’s of butt cheeks kneading them, hands into her waist applying more and more pressure, squeezing her muscles, gawd this felt good... the long muscles down either side of her spine, massaging and getting rid of all the stress of the day. A gentle breeze, Irene can feel it on her horny pussy, the sunshine the breeze and the oil, she can feel her clit beginning to throb. The hands aren’t rushing this experience at all, long slow strokes wakening every nerve ending in her body.... More oil, hands back on her butt, her cheeks being spread, she can feel a tongue on her anus, slowly lapping at her skin, back and forth, forcing her to relax the muscles that automatically clenched when they were touched..... Licking, feeling.... Her legs were opened wider and she could feel a towel been pushed under her tummy... Awkward position, but she didn’t mind one little bit. 

Her bum now off the lounger, she could feel cool air from the breeze all around her now aching clit, oozing juices, she could feel it running down onto her clit. The hands licked at the juices, quietly, softly... Irene’s clit was aching she could feel it growing, it needs to be sucked, and she arched her back even more allowing the hands to get more of her throbbing cunt into his mouth.... He sucked her lips, pushing his tongue deep inside her, his finger sliding into her hot hole gently massaging towards her g-spot.... A thought crossed Irene’s mind, this felt so different than before, but it was just a fleeting thought. The towel still over her head, she was having fantasies about being taken by a stranger... his hands and fingers probing her very wet pussy, his tongue probing into her anus, licking sucking and making her drip... she wanted more, she wanted his cock in her aching cunt, but she never asked, she got into a kneeling position, legs still wide open, she felt a head between her legs lapping at her pussy, she had wrapped the towel around her head, so she couldn’t see the face of her fantasy... her living fantasy... 

Her swollen clit was being sucked, there were fingers in her hot cunt and anus, she could feel an orgasm building but she didn’t want to cum yet, this felt so good..... she wanted thick cock inside her... she wanted to feel it sliding deep inside and slowly out again, sucking on her clit, tongue inside her hot cunt, licking the wetness... then she felt it... a thick cock slide into her very wet cunt... oh god it felt good... in and out... her pussy being sucked at the same time, thick cock riding her hot cunt.... How is that man doing that... must be a vibrator... cant feel another body slamming into my bum... too good to even investigate, enjoying the licking the sucking and the fucking..... The cock slide out her juicy cunt and slowly slid into her anus.... Slowly, slowly...more oil, fingers deep inside Irene’s aching cunt, too much to bear, the waves and waves of orgasm while her swollen clit was being sucked and her ass being fucked.... The pressure of the mouth sucking harder and harder on her lips and clit as Irene came, her body trembling her juices oozing down her legs, the mouth lapping her juices as she squirted hot liquid down her thighs.... The cock sliding out of her butt, her legs collapsing, she lay there in ecstasy... her energy drained from every pore of her body. 

The hands and the cock were gone... she lay there in absolute exhaustion..... 

A little while later, she heard voices coming from inside the house, she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her and walked inside. 

There was Irene’s man chatting to a woman friend of his. “Hi honey, would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes please....’ Looking in the woman’s direction... ‘Let me introduce you to a friend of mine from work... Irene, Lindy... Lindy Irene...’ I lean forward to shake her hand, she smelled of coconuts, I grabbed her hand; it was covered in suntan oil... 

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