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Rainy Day of Long Loving Mature


by Tangled up in me | Erotic Sex art by Samarel

Hard fucking from behind - erotic art image illustration for adult story

His hands glide across my naked stomach. They are so soft, exciting my flesh with each movement. I shiver as his hands move slowly across my skin and lean back into him resting my head on his shoulder. His breath is so warm and his mouth so loving. He kisses and nibbles bringing my body to life, teasing my wants, my needs and my desires. He bites gently near my collarbone applying the perfect amount of pressure to deliver a sting of pain that immediately melts to pleasure; which not only makes me surrender, but makes me beg for more. "Take me," my body is screaming. "Mmmmm." I moan softly.


I lean back into him further, feeling his heartbeat slightly accelerate. After his slow caresses across my stomach his hands finally reach up to my aching breasts, expertly running across my nipples making them stand at attention. I arch and press my breasts into his hands. His kisses trail up and down my neck, his breath still so hot. I reach up and place my hands over his, wanting him to move faster, wanting him to take more.


"Keep your hands by your side. Let me." He requests and I reluctantly drop them to my side.

He slowly rubs my nipples between his fingers- they are so hard and so sensitive already. He flicks at them sending jolts of pleasure through my body. "Oh yes." I moan louder. I begin to grind my ass into his groin, wanting to feel more of him. He is hard. Knowing that his teasing is torturing us both makes me smile. He takes my ear lobe into his mouth and nibbles on it. His breath is still so very hot, his heart pounds at my back.


I fight to keep my eyes closed. He knows that I like to look into his eyes, into his soul, as he pleasures me He pinches my nipples hard; I gasp. His cock jumps at the sound and the excitement he knows he's delivering. I reach back and grab his thighs, digging my nails into them. "Mmmm." He whispers into my ear. Tingles of pleasure are surrounding my pubic region and shooting deep inside me. I can feel the juices begin to trickle down my leg. He moans continually into my ear now, knowing what he is doing to me, knowing that I am at his mercy.


His one hand stays to assault my breast. The other hand slowly trails down my stomach and down my thigh, grasping firmly, kneading my flesh. His fingers then slide over and brush across my clit. I gasp again. Eyes closed tightly now, waiting for the next movement, holding my breath. I remain still, waiting. He cups my entire pussy, covering it all with his warm hand. "Mmmmm." I moan loudly. My heart beats faster, as does his. His fingers slide down my lips to my dripping entrance. He enters it just scarcely inside and then spreads the juices up my lips and down the insides of them. Each finger explores a side, not missing one centimeter, bringing amazing pleasure.


My breath is being drawn as he pleasures me in ways only he knows. I am so tempted to grab him flip him over and take a turn at this careful assault of my senses. Taunt him until he cries out for me to shove his cock so deep inside me and ride him furiously but it is for him that I don't.

His finger slides just inside and then back out, up and down my pussy. "Please," I whisper. Wanting him so bad, needing him and craving him beyond anything I've ever craved in my life. As if answering my pleas, he slides his finger slowly inside me and quickly inserts a second. His cock pulses hard against my backside. A small chuckle escapes his throat, approving that he has made me so wet. I push my pelvis forward and squeeze him inside me, trying to suck them in deeper.


"Oh baby, I want you so bad." He whispers in my ear. This only fuels my need and I thrust forward harder. I reach to grab his arm but stop myself, for him. His fingers slide deeper and then back out. My neck is his kissing post and he lovingly takes his mouth to it. Shivers run down my spine as he expertly molds my body into his slave. Each inch of my body reaching out to him, begging for him to touch it. He shoves his fingers deeper, thrusting harder.


"OHHHH." I scream, unable to contain myself. His thumb rubs against my clit as he thrusts into me. He pulls at my nipple and increases the pressure on my neck. I am defenseless against his assault on my body, his mouth sucking my flesh in. God, his mouth feels like it is burning my skin, his tongue strikes at it like a whip. My body heats up to the point of eruption. I can feel the sweat beading between my breasts.


"Oh yes, don't stop. Don't stop. Take me there, please," I plead, knowing I don't have to.

"Open your eyes now baby." He whispers, barely audible and kisses my cheek. I open them and look directly into the mirror at the place I know the reflection of his eyes will be. Immediately I feel his desire, his need and he thrusts his fingers into me hard, his other hand cupping my breast and flicking at my nipple. Just then he bites down on my neck again – his fingers thrust deep inside me and I cum all over his hand, my body shaking violently. I look into his soul through the reflection. His eyes sear through mine, reaching into my soul, pulling at it, taking it, combining it with his. "MMMMm oh yes." I moan loudly feeling him take me to a new level with more intensity, more pleasure. And each time I have the same thought.


"Mmmmm cum for baby, soak my fingers."


My body shudders against his; I reach down and grab his forearm as my orgasm continues hard, needing the contact. I thrust my pussy to his fingers and throw my head back, but keep my eyes on his, feeding off of his needs. He bites again, sucking my flesh into his mouth; he pinches my nipple and thrusts his fingers deeper than before. "OH MY GOD." I yell. The intense orgasm continues, draining me quickly. My body shudders under his control, spasms of pleasure run through my body continually. I push against his arm, wanting some relief. I don't want to be spent here. He is too strong and continues thrusting into me. It feels so good, I can't do anything but cum over and over still thrusting at his hand. Pleasure, nothing but pleasure. My pussy squeezes his fingers and this only brings more intensity. "FUCK YES." I scream out. He rubs my clit with his palm and continues to reach deeper than the last thrust. Thrusting much harder now, I reach back and grab his hard member. It is pulsing in my hand. Need immediately fills his eyes.


"I need you, now." He whispers hoarsely. No longer able to deny himself more he slows a little, my body so weak, my orgasm subsiding. He nibbles up my neck and then back down, I shiver. He removes his fingers from me, quickly picks me up and takes me to the bed. He gently lays me in the middle I lay in place, chest heaving, nearly exhausted. He crawls between my legs, pushes them wide and licks up the insides of my thighs. Goosebumps cover my body. "Mmmm," I moan softly. It feels so good, HE feels so good. He nibbles on the soft flesh of my inner thighs and sucks it softly into his mouth.


He licks the length of my pussy, dips his tongue deep inside me, flicks my clit with his tongue and continues his travels. "Mmmm, you taste so good." He whispers as his tongue trails over my stomach. I smile, had he spent any more time in that spot I would have laughed. He knows just how to touch me in every spot. The touch that brings delight, happiness, laughter, excitement, desire, want, pleasure and so much more. I feel his hardness jumping against my leg as he moves forward.


My nipple reaches for his mouth and quickly finds it. He sucks my breast into his mouth, rolling his tongue around my nipple. I arch up slightly as his lips pull on my nipple. "Ohhhhh," I moan. He flicks my nipple with his tongue and then proceeds to the other breast, pleasuring it just the same. I place my left hand on the back of his head and encourage him to my mouth. I gently kiss his lips and quickly part them with my tongue. His tongue finds a game of tag amusing before I capture it between my teeth and suck it into my mouth. My lips inside his mouth, sucking his tongue in deep and then releasing just a little of it.


"MMMMMM," he moans loudly, allowing me to keep his tongue hostage. I suck it in and massage it with my tongue. My hand remains on the back his head keeping his mouth pressed to mine. I spread my legs wider and offer to him. I feel his hard penis at my entrance, waiting. I let go of his head and place both of my hands on his ass. I push my hips up more and press his ass down, he slides in just a little not wanting to rush. Our lips massage, kiss and massage, tongues whipping around, sucked into each other's mouths taking us deeper into the moment.


He eases into me so slow; fueling our needs, making the desire unbearable. He breaks our kiss and looks into my eyes as he thrusts, shoving himself deep inside me. "You feel so good." I whisper to him then take his neck into my mouth. My lips massage his neck, my teeth nibble at it and my tongue licks the sweetness from him. I can't get enough of his flesh. I squeeze around him as he pulses deep within me.


As I continue pleasuring his neck, feasting on it, he slowly enters me and withdraws. Our bodies become one, the rhythm of its own desire. His hips circle around as he goes deeper rubbing on my clit each time. His heart beat is stronger now, his movements slow and deep. I arch up to him and fall with him, my hips circling with his, molding to his.


My hands run across his backside, feeling, learning and etching every detail into my brain. His ass is so firm, so damn nice. I take a cheek in each hand and squeeze as the muscles contract. He thrusts harder, deeper. My fingers dig into his flesh as I cry out. I find his mouth once again and take it with mine. Our tongues quickly find their own rhythm playing in and out of each other's mouths.


He moans into my mouth and I into his. My fingernails now scraping his flesh softly as they explore further. His heartbeat is strong, struggling to escape his chest. He slides so deep inside me, feeling him through my body. The warmth of his body on mine, the warmth of his body inside mine, is more than any woman could want. I arch to him, wrap my legs around his waist and allow him to take us to a newly discovered place. He pulls back again and looks into my eyes, thrusting harder and deeper, but not faster. His eyes are so lovely they hold so much life, so much desire.

I feel as if I am floating atop the bed as my body molds to his, my soul becomes a mixture of his. His body bringing pleasure beyond anything I've ever known. Beyond anything we've ever known. His heartbeat is stronger, now pounding at my chest. My hands grip tightly on his backside as I thrust up to him. I can feel him pulsing even as he thrusts into me. His body prepares to drown me in wonder.


My head begins to fog as I tilt it back, eyes fixed on one another. I lift up, my body tenses then shudders against his. My pussy squeezes him inside me, encouraging him. The orgasmic waves crash through me as my body shakes, heaves and lifts to offer to him. I cry out at the intense pleasure being washed over me, through me.


"Amazing" is the only thing running through my mind. It explains…..everything right now. He thrusts hard again, over and over then fills my insides with his a part of himself he rarely leaves with a woman . He thrusts again, keeping me here with him, our bodies shudder together in pure pleasure. I feel him pulsing inside me as I squeeze tighter around him. Harder and deeper he thrusts as he continues to fill me, not only my body but my soul, taking us beyond anywhere we've ever been.


Our bodies remain in the ritual rhythm of bliss, demanding and answering immediately the desires of the other. Our gaze locks as he shoots the last of his sperm into me with a final thrust. He holds it there, pulsing so deep inside me. I squeeze around him wanting to hold him closer than ever before. My arms wrap around his neck and I pull him to me. His chest presses against mine, our hearts beat together, for each other. I kiss his lips softly then whisper into his ear "thanks baby… I need some sleep. He laughs and says me too. That was just what this body needed we are so used to devouring one another I forget how good long loving can be.


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