Sama Sutra

Erotic art and poetry of sexual positions

Prominent erotica artist H. Samarel has integrated his riveting, acclaimed artwork with poetry and prose to lend a modern twist to the centuries-old Kama Sutra text on human sexuality.

Enter the world of Samarel and be consumed by the fiery heat of words and images. Let him take you on a carnal journey of intense pleasures that can enhance and rejuvenate your sex life to help bring it to its maximum potential.

This book is the ideal gift for all lovers young and old. Allow it to be your guide to ecstasy and fulfillment in a uniquely Sama Sutra style.

High quality eBook created by Samarel


Price: $34.90

Published date: November 2017

Format: Pdf


The 2,000-year-old Kama Sutra is the most famous sexual positions guide ever created.


‘Sama Sutra’ - the original new interpretation of the Kama Sutra features 44 easy-to-follow explicit positions, beautifully illustrated by erotic artist H. Samarel, and followed by relevant poetry by adult writer Deni Wom. 

The Sama Sutra sexual positions love guide, edited by Samarel

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