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How to drive my man insane; sex tips for women

Personal Sex Advice by Deni | Edited by Samarel

Dear Deni,

I have a question that may have an easy answer, or it may have a more in-depth answer.


What REALLY drives a man insane?

Our relationship is awesome. The sex is even better. We aren’t afraid of exploring. I have asked him what I can do for him that makes him really hard, and he says that I do everything right, he says just watching me or making me cum is enough for him to lose his mind. We love each other so much and would really do ANYTHING for each other. But I feel I CAN do more for him.

I'm sure there are secret little tips you can give me. Especially on giving blow jobs. Because when he reaches his highest peak, I can't fit him entirely into my mouth!!

Please help!


The mind is the true sex organ

Dear Nikki,

You ask one of the age-old questions, "How do I make my lover go ballistic in orgasm?"

Well, there really are millions of ways to turn a man on, or a woman for that matter. But it all basically comes down to this: The mind is the true sex organ. Sexual teasing mentally therefore can drive our lovers to greater and greater pleasures.

Diversity is important

Men especially tend to get bored after experiencing the same thing over and over again. So reading erotica, watching others having sex (videos or real time), trying different positions, making extravagant sounds of satisfaction, trying the use of food items, or new lubricants, including others in our sex acts, exhibitionism, swinging (even in just his imagination), on line affairs that he can read the script on, all can help to turn our mates on.

And there are many, many other things that you might whet his appetite with.

Now bear in mind, you have to watch closely and ask lots of questions to see what turns him on and what is a put-off for him, right?

Get wild baby...

That said, you can do such things as going to a party together, then part way through the evening tell him that you forgot to put your panties on. Or wearing a loser than normal top out in public, especially to a party, and let some men look down your top to see your breasts as he watches you allowing them to do that. Wink at him while they are doing it. Their eyes will be full of your breasts, your eyes will be full of watching your lover watch them gaze at your delights. Most men will get a hard on while that happens. IF they are not the jealous type, that is!

Any number of scenarios like this can be acted out, such as trying on clothing or underwear as he waits outside the booth, and leaving the curtain ajar so that others night be able to see you.

Or bringing home a sexy girlfriend for a threesome can be a real turn on for men.

Build the anticipation

I think you are getting the drift here. Build the anticipation. Play with his "toy" as you drive along, especially if you have just done some sort of thing that has riveted his attention to your body. Use toys that trigger his interest, like dildos or nipple vibes. Start having sex with him and have a girlfriend call at a prearranged specific time so that you know you will be having sex, then talk to her about a fantasy as he is inside you and driving toward his orgasm.

Bring yourself to a moaning orgasm

Bring yourself to a moaning orgasm as he is driving in public. Flirt with truckers on the freeway by showing them glimpses of your breasts. Call him at work and bring yourself off as he listens. Send him a toy at work that you want him to use on you that night. Send him a message with your delightful nakedness showing, time it so he gets it at work or while he is on a trip.

The ideas go on and on. Such as record a few erotic articles in your voice, read extremely suggestively, saying the four-letter words like the f-word with delightful exuberance.

Let me know if you think of some more wonderful ways of getting him hot!


To swallow or not to swallow

Dear Deni

I’m Rosy aged 38 from Alabama and living happily with my hubby and 4 kids. I like to know about male juice sucking and swallowing. I like it but hesitate about it. My hubby really wants me to swallow his cock juice.

Is there any harm?


Dear Rosy,

I have great news for you! There is nothing wrong with enjoying the liquids that come from a man’s penis. Their sperm is full of nutrients and protein. The clear liquids that many men exude prior to their orgasm are also nutritious. Even their urine, should you desire to experience it, is sterile, although it has very little nutritional value. God designed us so that all the good stuff comes out the front, and all the yuck comes out the back.

Men do treasure having our mouths on their most sensitive part! They feel especially valued when they can see our happy, turned-on faces enjoying on their manhood. It makes them feel cherished, and loved.

Personally, I absolutely love suckling on their penis. I particularly love to catch them soft and then feel their manhood grow inside my mouth as I enjoy them. The look on their face as they cum in my mouth as I watch them is indescribably erotic!

And I love the taste of sperm. I prefer sperm to almost any dessert I have ever had, well, except chocolate silk pie, and tapioca. But then with tapioca, I think I like it so much because it reminds me of sperm.

So Rosy, make your man happy. Suck his cock to completion and encourage him to deposit all his wonderful sticky love juices inside your mouth and throat! And enjoy them. They are good for you, . . . . and enjoying them makes your marriage better, and stronger!


Personal Sex Advice for Better Life

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