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Samarel Eros  Erotic Sex Art

I am offering a wide range of erotic prints for sale featuring sex art, sensual wall art, fine art nudes, erotic abstract prints, NSFW AI images, lesbian art, gay art for the art collector. Explore the galleries, read erotic stories and get a Personal Sex Advice

"Samarel art is like Dali on acid"

I believe that the human body is a beautiful and natural expression of our humanity, and that erotic art has the power to inspire, empower, and enlighten us. Explore the art galleries and discover the power of erotic sex art. Oh, and do order a canvas print for your bedroom...


illustrated Erotic eBooks

A mind blowing erotic trip into sexy words and erotic art. Order YOUR copy and feed your mind with the best erotica from my sexy writers.


The Modern Kamasutra
Sama Sutra


The perfect gift for lovers

Why should you order TODAY the 'Sama Sutra' Art-book of sexual positions:

1. You need something new in your sex life...rather than a new partner.

2. You've heard somewhere about other sex positions...but you THINK the only one you enjoy is the best one there is.

3. Buying flowers/gadgets again for her/his birthday, once again, might NOT assure you a passionate night...

The perfect gift for lovers. Unique Valentine's gift!

Psychedelic lesbian art
where vibrant colors and sensual lesbians collide to make love

101 sex positions to try before you die...

Open yourself up to a world of pleasure and intimacy, and make the most of every new sex position!


Ready for intense exploration of the Cuckold lifestyle?

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you questioning the true nature of marriage and sex life.


Sex Diaries of insatiable Kitty

Erotic sex stories with explicit sex art. The art of writing for orgasm, mind blowing erotic trip into words and images.

Spark Erotic films for women

Real couples making adult films for women - Erotica you can believe in!

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