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Why pay $186 for minting Erotic NFT on Foundation?

I've been minting my NFTs for few months on several marketplaces, paying almost no gas fees. NFT Platforms like on the Ethereum network and many others on the Smart Chain network where you don't pay gas fees at all, but an average of $0.5 per image. This way I could spread my Erotic NFT art without getting Bancroft...

You see, the Smart Chain was created to help artists like me to mint their NFTs without paying those really high gas fees - such as on (I will add a list of smart chain platform at the end of this post).

So why minting on Foundation you ask? Good question. Artist's ego is the answer. Mine anyway.

Foundation is an invitation only platform. It is their way of keeping it curated somehow. Only another Foundation artist who knows your art can send you an invitation. That makes it even more desirable. Being part of this elite community of artists minting their art on Foundation. And the NFTs are expensive. You can offer your art for over 1 ETH, some are much higher. I had to find my way there and be part of it.

So I got an invitation from an incredible artist I "met" on Twitter. She is called Camibus and creates unique erotic NFTs of female nudes in a surreal sensual style. I simply adore her art and told her so. She liked mine too. And there I was in front of the holy grail of NFTs....F o u n d a t i o n. I knew I would have to pay gas fees and was ready for that. But what I didn't know is that I am paying twice. One payment for minting, second payment for listing my NFT for sale. Each one was about $92-$96. That is after waiting long minutes for the original gas price to get down. It started on $145... I paid almost $200 per image.

I have 5 images on my gallery. No one knows if and when they will. But my artistic ego is telling me "fuck gas fees, look how beautiful your gallery looks". Those things an artist would do to get his art seen side by side with the best NFTs out there on Foundation... Click here for my top 5 Erotic NFTs on foundation

My art on Smart Chain platforms: (You will need to switch your wallet address to smart chain to view these)

And this Adults NFTs: Enjoy! Samarel


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