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"Samarel art is like Dali on acid"

About the artist


With my baby, the 'Sama Sutra'


With my two personal NFTs...

My story, or why i create erotic art


To me, the most fascinating thing about art and life, is a view of a couple making love. I find the human body the most beautiful creation ever. Men, women, and in between...All colors and genders. I praise them all and paint their lovemaking. I'm like a young boy discovering sex for the first time, painting it again and again. I never get fed up with making love, I never get bored with creating erotica. It is the essence of my life and it will always be.

I learn from my audience that I move them with my art. I create a sexual energy that 'talks' to them. This is the highest compliment I could ever ask for.

My audience actually made me define myself as an erotic artist. I didn't know I was one. Being a graphic designer most of my adult life I thought I was only 'playing' with a new art form. I always thought that artists are those people who make 'ugly' paintings with a strong saying about life, society or else. My process was different. I simply started creating beautiful erotica and my saying emerged out of the feedback I got from my online audience. I can say clearly today that women are more attached and moved by my erotic art, or at least they bother to say they are, unlike men that prefer to watch and keep quiet.


I think women are drawn to my style because I give them a sort of legitimacy to enjoy "porn art", which is created in a very artistic way, far away from plain porn.

My artwork is currently featured in three consecutive volumes of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" and on several NFT platforms, such as Foundation, Mintable,, Klamint and more.

It's time for us to get naked... It's time for you to own my erotic NFTs.

by my erotic art within me.webp

By my art "Within me" at the Miami erotic art museum. 2009

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