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His Slippery Tongue

by Ginger L

Erotic sex art by Samarel


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They sat on the floor staring at each other across the coffee table of the living room talking in depth about movie films that they liked and disliked. Close enough to each others face that he could lean across and kiss her every once in awhile.

Her smile enticing him and keeping him wanting to lean in for more.

MMMMmmmmmm...she smiles and licks her lips sensually after each kiss he plants lightly on her delicate lips.

Kissing her yet again she giggles and asks seductively "what are you trying to do?"

He smiles back at her "ahhh.. just thinking happy thoughts.. just felt a sudden desire to kiss ya.. again"

"desire is a good thing" she tells him as she bites her bottom lip.

He chuckles and kisses her again teasingly.

She picks up his hands in hers and pulls them to her lips to kiss his fingers. As she kisses his fingers watching him watch her he looks into her eyes.

"You have such an awesome smile" she informs him.

He chuckles again replying how he loved her "beautiful.. yet.. slightly mischievous.. smile.."

Slowly he stands up and walks around the table to pull her up to him kissing her tenderly. Allowing their tongues to dance on each others lips tantalizing their desire.

He pulls slightly back from her and she bites her lip again.

"Mmmm I'm making you do the lip bite? .. love it.. hehehe.. I mean.. uh.. be careful!" he grins at her.

She giggles "I told you that last night to be careful."

He winks at her with a very devilish smile on his face knowing what he's doing to her.

He leans in to kiss her again and she responds her mouth kissing him hungrily.

She closes her eyes, then looks up at him and bites her bottom lip again. Her desire so strong, not knowing how long she can stand the teasing before she attacks him.

Pulling him close she kisses him again.

He whispers "I want you here right now..kiss me."

She nuzzles into him tighter, her eyes closing as their lips slide.. softly pressing.. opening.. each others mouths.

She pulls away long enough to whisper "damn you are so sexy...I haven't felt my heart race like this for a long time."

His fingers slipping around her waist warmly..and pulling her tighter against him fully.. "my face is hot" he whispers, "YOU.. are so sexy!"

Looking up into his eyes "mmm I love kissing you" she says.

Her tummy flipping all over the place, she tells him "you better be careful mr."

"Hehehehehe" he chuckles "Yeah?.. Mr.?"

Running her hands up his arms and over his shoulders and onto his neck and pulling his mouth to hers she kisses him deeply. Exploring his mouth with her tongue tasting him.

Sliding his hands around her waist.. around her exposed silky skin.. he slips a finger up her back.. feeling her tongue sliding into his mouth.. their moist lips sliding together.. feeling her almost whimpering into his mouth as his tongue meets hers.

"MMMmmmmmm" she moans against his mouth "ohgod now I am dizzy."

His tongue swirling around hers..and in between her lips.. exploring her... as his hands are grasping her upper back and pulling her to him.. their chests pressing tight together.. feeling each other breathing.. and their hearts beating wildly.

Her hands run up the back of his head pulling his mouth down to hers tighter returning his passion.

He feels her fingers sliding up his him shivers... tingling.. as her fingers slide up the back of his head and pull him to her.. her tongue.. suddenly sliding sooo deep inside his mouth feeling her press her body entirely up against his... so tight.. warm.. moving against him, his arms moving down sliding around her waist pulling her firmly against him as he attacks her back.

Her body shaking, he sighs heavily breathing heavily.

They kiss each other, lost in their passion for one another.

He kisses over her chin.. her neck.. just sliding his cheek warmly against hers.. kissing under her ear.. and moving back to her mouth.. their tongues meeting before their lips touch.

She lets out a soft sigh her body tingling WANTING HIM

He explores her tasting her feeling her against him wanting to be attacked by her and to be attacking you fully.

"God you are turning me on so bad here" she informs him.

He feels over her warm skin.. as she slowly undoes each little button.. or string.. of her top.

His touch sending shivers through her body as she opens her top looking at him...invitingly.

He takes a few steps back just sitting down.. in a big recliner.. as she moves toward him. looking at him.. her eyes smoldering into his... as she begins to crawl up onto him.

Her beautiful full breasts...the cool air touching her skin exciting her. She watches him look at her...the excitement building as she imagines seeing him without his clothes on.

Kneeling on the edge of the leather recliner.. her knees in between his.. as she looks at him.. smiling soooo wickedly.. then looking at her breasts..she slowly reaches up to slide her finger past one nipple.. softly.. exciting it.

Looking back at him.. and then looking down at herself again.. her fingers slowly slipping over her other breast... as he takes such a deep breath.. her breathing deeply.. slowly thrusting her chest forward.

His mouth parted.. eyes half open.. not from sleeplessness.. but.. just smokey with desire.. lust filled eyes... staring into her

"ohgod" she sighs

He stares fully at her entire body... her breasts.. tantalizingly close to his face at that moment.. mmm teasing...

Smiling at him slightly as she lifts his shirt from his body and tosses it to the side she bites her bottom as she stares at him.

The leather chair.. making a slight sexy scrunching sound as he lays back against it.. squirming slightly ..his legs apart.. desire.. soooo obvious.. chest almost heaving in front of her reaching out.. his fingers touching her legs.. kneeling in between his.. just grazing up the sides of her legs.

She places her hands on his shoulders and runs them up to his neck her arms squeeze her breasts together as she leans forward getting her mouth so close his ear he feels her hot breath as she whispers "I want you"

"mmmmm" he moans

Feeling her breath against his ear.. whispering hungrily to him.. it sends shivers through his body..

"MMmmmmmmm yes" she replies

She lets her lips softly trail along his cheek to his mouth as she presses her lips tightly against his and kisses him...tasting his mouth on hers.

Welcoming her tongue inside his mouth.. slowly slipping his tongue around hers.. over her lips..and into her mouth.. "mmm".. deeply feeling her tongue slide playfully across his lips..softly releasing a sigh into his mouth her body aching with desire.

"mmm" he moans into her mouth...his hands reaching up over her bare back.. and sliding down her sides.. barely touching.. then.. pressing in around her waist.. and slipping back up..her warm breasts slightly rubbing against the inside of his arms.. as he caresses her.. and tastes...

She leans back slightly running her hands up her belly to her breasts pushing them together as she raises her hands up to her neck her arms holding her breasts together taking a finger to her mouth she sucks on it slightly getting it wet and then placing it on his lips lightly tracing them.

"mmmmmmm" her beautiful breasts..ssssqueezed together by her arms in front of him.. causing him to shift in the chair.. as he gaze at her hungrily.. watching her.. suck her finger..

She grins at him.

He watches as it slides in.. and come out sooo wet.. and then.. feeling her trace over his lips.. his tongue almost sliding out to meet it aching from her seductive grin.

"yeah...suck on my finger" she whispers to him as she parts his lips as and pushes it in his mouth.

He takes her finger into his mouth.. just a bit.. then moving forward.. to take her finger more into his mouth.. his tongue all around it.. and his lips squeezing around it.. as she slips it out from his mouth... his mouth opening.. as he stares at her.. and sucks her finger back in to his lips his tongue almost tickling her with the sensations of it slipping and sliding against her finger inside his mouth.

"MMmmmmmmm" wanting to use her mouth more she leans forward licking at his mouth around her finger.

His hand reaching out to graze through her she leans forward.

Pulling her finger from his mouth she slams her mouth against his kissing him hungrily.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmm" he whimpers

Her hands grasping at the back of his head pulling him tighter against her as their mouths passionately dance with one another.

His fingers brushing over her cheek as they kiss each other hungrily.. so wet.. and warm.

He takes his hand in hers.

She tells him "oh god I don't remember being this turned on is so long...wanting you so bad".

She leans back away from him slowly standing up she looks down at him waiting for his expression.

He gazes at her.. fully.. tantalized sooo much.. his arms on the armrests as she moves front of her his shirt off.. only his khaki jean shorts on... leather belt.. heart racing.. he looks at her.. standing.. adoring her.

She places her hands on her breasts and grins at him and slowly slides them down her tummy....lower...placing them over her pussy as she watches him watching her.

He squirms in front of her "mmmmmmmm" her breasts.. soooo full and just squeezed against her fingers.. in front of him.. he aches.. his chest rising as her fingers slide down.. his eyes watching every motion.. of her fingers.. down.. over her bottoms.. "mmmmmm".

She turns around and slides her hands around to her ass lifting the bottom of her shorts turning her head to watch him watching her.

"mmmmm" he sighs as his eyes follow her every move.

Raising her hands over her ass to the waist band of her shorts she slowly starts to lower them.

He throbs in his seat.. his mouth half open.

Bending she leans to remove them slowly.

He mutters from behind her.. a barely audible.. husky.. "yessssss".

Her shorts glide over her ass and down her legs causing a moan to escape his lips.

She takes her time stepping out of them.. kicks them to the side.

His fingers slide over his shorts for a moment.. over the throbbing.. aching bulge pressing out against his shorts.

Raising her hands slowly back up her legs and over her ass she takes hold of the waist of her thong pulling it away from her hips.


She turns around to face him as she begins to pull her thong down.

Seeing his eyes meet hers.. a sensuous... incredibly turned on.. hungry little smile.. meeting her gaze.

Careful not to let him see anything except her hands moving her thong to her ankles.

He sinks deeper into the plush black leather chair.. just uttering her name soooo slowly... breathing.

She looks a at him while she steps out of them.

One of his hands resting against his stomach.

Slowly she allows her hands to wander back up her legs over her thighs and covering her pussy.. she stands before him...he's still unable to see what it is he wants to see.

Looking at her.. following her fingers motion "mmmmmmmmmmmmm...seeing you standing before me" he sighs out.. staring.. almost teasing her this way... with his eyes.. playfully.. staring.. right at her fingers covering her pussy.

She smiles at him... her arms holding her breasts together as she stands there before him with her hands covering her mound.

Noticing her fingers can't seem to keep completely still.. as they press.. and slidedown a little.."mmmmmm".

Slowly she lets her hands raise revealing her pussy to him...watching his gaze her hands wandering up her lower tummy...up her belly to her breasts...watching him look at her.

She stands before him "mmmmmmm".

"Do you like what you see?" she inquires.

"yessssss" he manages to moan out breathlessly. "I want you.. now".

She grins at him as she approaches where he's sitting...reaching down to take his waste band in her hands...pulling him up to her...her breasts press against his chest...she pulls him close enough for her mouth to reach his and kisses him softly...whispering against his lips "I want you so bad" she licks his lips.

Feeling her breasts press..and squeeze against his chest as she licks his lips... pressing and moving against him.

Slowly she begins to undo his shorts and places her hands just inside and moves them around his waste and down his ass pulling him tight enough against her body...she feels his bulge against her pussy...her hands tighten their grip on his ass and he feels her nails dig in slightly.

Whispering back to her.. against her lips.."yessss" as he pulls her to her tight.. exposing his black soft stretchy boxers.. as her fingers grasp under the chair to his ass.. one of his legs in between hers.. feeling her hot pussy slide over it.

"MMMMmmmmmm" she whimpers.

His face moving foward.. pressing into her chest.. moaning deeply as he slides his face to her breasts.. kissing in between.. fingers pulling his shorts down.. boxers still held by her fingers.. rubbing over the warm black material.

Letting out a soft sigh as her breathing labors.

His tongue sliding from his lips and wetly licking in between her tits... chest..and down.. as her arms squeeze them together.. and into his face.. sitting up at the edge of the chair.. kicking his shorts away.. spreading his legs apart.. she stands naked in between his legs at the chair.

"MMMmmmmmm so good".

His fingers.. slide.. right around her ass.. fingers spread apart.. grasping her ass sooo tight in his fingers.. and sliding up her sides.. to the sides of her breasts.. swirling around them... as she stands there.. he sits up.. looking at her.. as she moves forward.. aching to feel his mouth.. and tongue.. all over her tits.

"ohgod yes" she moans she's so hot...her pussy throbbing.

His fingers.. squeeeezing her tits softly together..mmmm.. amd looking into her eyes.. as his tongue.. presses..flat and wet.. against her cleavage.. he licks.. up between her tits.. "mmmmm" moaning.. as he licks back down..and under them not touching her nipples...licking around the side of one breast.. and across her chest.. kissing up her neck.. one hand.. tilting her head to his.. and kissing her hungrily again.. then sliding out of her mouth.. around her neck down.. over to her other breast.. down.. over the sides.. making it sooo wet.. tracing a finger where his tongue just was.

Her breathing gets heavier as she feels his kisses sending shivers through her body...desire increasing.

His tongue.. slides under her breasts.. and up between.. she feels one hand.. sliding around her back.. and moving down over the small of her back.. and slipping down.. the middle of her smooth warm ass.. his tongue and lips.. wetly.. slip.. around.. her breast.. circling inward to her nipple until his lips press into it.. fully.. his tongue sliding out from his lips..and lapping at her nipple.

She gasps as a shock hits her body.

Sucking her nipple to his lips.. into his mouth.. more .. and more.. his other hand.. caressing her breasts.

"ohgod please" she begs.

He keeps her nipple in his mouth.. his tongue.. running around it.. letting his lips squeeze.. and tug on it.. "mmmmmmmm" licking across to her other breast... and moving his fingers around her now soaking wet erect nipple.. as he softly kisses all around her other nipple and flicks it with his tongue.. as he looks into her eyes.. her hands.. grazing over her body freely.. meeting his.

Looking down at him with lust in her eyes wanting him so bad she grits her teeth.

Seeing her staring.. at his boxers.. bulging outward.. the black stretchy material surrounding... his cock .. pushing out against the elastic.. high above it.. his face.. sliding over her tits.. her entire chest wet.. from his tongue.

"ohgodddddd" she moans out.

Softly squeezing..and molding her tits to his hands.

"yesssssssss" she responds.

Moving his fingers together..and apart.. her hard nipples pressing against his palms.. wet.. sliding easily "mmmmmmmmmm" squeezing her tits together hard.. and licking up.. fully.. pressing his face into her chest.. as he slide up over her warm beautiful tits.. sliding his tongue up.. sitting up a little higher as he grasps her ass suddenly.. firmly.. in both hands..and press his mouth to hers.. hungrily sliding his tongue deep inside her mouth "mmmmmmmmmmm".

Her eyes roll to the back of her head "ohgod yes" as she returns his passion...desire...hunger.

He explores her...licks her...tastes her.

Sliding his fingers all over her ass.. as he pulls her to him... moving back .. in the chair so she can .. crawl up.. over him.. sooo hot.. physically.. sooo hot.. throbbing.

She straddles his legs looking down at him as she lowers herself to sit on his lap leaning down and licking at his lips.. her pussy lips spread waiting for him...wanting him...needing him.

Looking sternly into his eyes she kisses him and whisper against his lips "take me baby...make me yours NOW".. she grinds down on his rigid shaft.. pressing out .. throbbing.. she can feel it press.. the full length of it.. pressed tight against her hot wet slit.

"ohgod" she gasps.

Feeling her wetness against his boxers.. which are also wet.. where the tip of his cock has been pushing out on the material.

"ohmygod baby please" she begs louder.

Feeling her rub and grind on him.. her breasts free.. moving with her body.. as she looks at him.. huskily he whispers to her as she leans over him.. squeezing her tits into his chest..pressing and rubbing them on him as she raises her ass up.. moving over him.. up on him.. "I want to ssssuck your pussy... sooo bad"

Her eyes tighten shut as a gasp escapes her lips.

"I want to lick every inch of you exploring every bit of your body with my tongue and lips" he tells her.

Reaching down between her legs she dips a finger inside her pussy...looking into his eyes as she raises her finger to her lips and taste herself "MMMMMMmmmmmm".

His eyes open wide with lust "mmmmmmmmmmmm".

She runs her finger over his lips and bends down to kiss him tasting herself on his mouth.

Kissing each other.. he begins fingering her hot juicy pussy.. "mmmmmm".. talking dirty to each other about what they are doing..and how she tastes.

He whispers to her "you like to taste your pussy dont you?"

"MmmHmmm" she moans.

Taking his finger from her pussy.. he moves it to his lips..and sucks it into his mouth.. moaning as he sucks her wetness from his fingers.

"I want you now DAMNIT" she demands.

He reaches around .. and grabs her ass..and pulls her up.. leaning back the recliner more.. and pull her sweet pussy up.. right to his lips.

"ohgod" she gasps.

She straddles his face.. his mouth..and tongue.. meeting her sweet swollen pussy lips... as she whimpers and rubs herself with her fingers.. against his mouth.

Swirling his tongue all around her throbbing clithisv fingers sliding in between her ass lapping at her clit softly.. up over her mound..and around it.. circling back around her clit.

She throws her head back clenching her eyes shut.

He plays with her pussy lips with his wet lips "is that what you want.?" he asks.

Moaning louder..."YESSSSS" she replies.

"You want me to suck you and fuck your pussy with my tongue?" he asks getting louder?

"yes baby ohgodddd yessssss" she cries out.

Pushing his tongue.. stiff.. pulling heru up.. so she's hovering over his face.. looking down at him.. watching everything.. opening his lips.. and sticking his tongue out stiff.. and lowering her hot spread dripping pussy down over his silky tongue making it just slide right up into her pussy hole.. deep.. swirling inside her.

She breaths heavier sighing moaning.

He moves her back down making her just bounce slightly up and down as if she are fucking his tongue.. her sweet juices running down over his lips and chin.. until she is bucking.. crying out in pleasure.. his hands grasping her ass.. his mouth open.. her pussy.. sliding over his face.. his fingers entering her tight pussy from behind.. stuffing a finger steadily into her pussy as his lips surround her clit twisting and exploring inside her pussy.. losing all control their bodies writhing uncontrollably.

"oh baby" she begs "please ohlord I need to cum I want to feel you inside me your cock please now ohgod".

"you want me to fuck you?" he asks proudly.

"YES DAMNIT" she screams at him.

"you want to feel me penetrate your pussy?" he continues teasing her.

"take that cock in your hand and grab hold and push it deep inside my pussy and fuck me til I scream" she demands.

"do you want to just sit right down on my hard throbbing thick cock and just ride me?" he teases her even more.

"YES" she screams

He takes his cock in his hand.. holding it straight up for her as she slides her pussy down onto his waiting cock.

She looks down at him "no more teasing I want you to fuck me" she commands.

He slams his cock into her.. feeling her pussy envelop it penetrating her.

She grinds down on that hard cock he fills her pussy sooo deep.

"yesssssssss" she moans out "ohgod yessssssss".

He grabs her ass and pulls her down onto him their bodies moving together pulsing.. throbbing already feeling like they could pass out.

Pushing his hips up off the leather chair..making soo many sounds as their naked moist skin moves against it.

She grinds down to meet his thrusts up.

Her dripping hot pussy surrounding his hard cock.

His hands holding her ass as she bounces up and down on him feeling it deep...sliding in and out.

Her tight pussy grasping at the shaft as you fuck me.

They look into each others eyes.. fucking each other hard. Sweat dripping from them both. So hungry. They each wanting the other to cum first.

Begging each other.

Meeting each others thrusts...pushing in and out sooo fast and wet.. his balls just slapping against her ass soaked from her pussy.

"YES OHGOD YES" she screams.

He leans forward holding her nipples in his fingers.. as he fucks her his cock pumping..all the way in and out.. again and again and again.. faster and faster.

"cum with me please will you?" she asks loudly almost demanding.

"mmmmmm yesssss" he responds.

"oh please I am so close now" she begs "I can't hold on you have me so hot"

"mmmmm you're amaazing" he tells her.

"come on" she yells "fuck me"


"mmmm yessss"

"tell me when you are ready I want to cum with you" she says.

"I'm sooo ready" he tells her.

"then cum for me baby NOWWWWWWWWWW" she screams and throws her head back as she reaches climax.

"cummmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yesssssssssss" he screams back.



As she flops down pressing her limp body against him. Both of them spent.

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