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Blind Date

by Ginger L | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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My eyes darted around the room as I tried to focus on people as I looked for him. All I knew is that he'd be wearing a suit with a burgundy tie. That he was tall dark and I am assuming handsome. Not freshly clean shaven, having some nice trimmed growth. How sexy is that?

I don't know why I ever let my friend talk to into this. She knows I am uncomfortable with blind dates. They're awkward.

Assuming he must not be here yet I headed for the hostess' table and asked to be seated. We had a reservation. So I gave his name and she lead the way to a secluded table in the corner. It was beautiful, overlooking the city. Nestled in with miniature trees surrounding it. To the left there was a small rock waterfall that just trickled. The sound was wonderful. As I took in my surroundings I though 'I wouldn't have been able to see him back here anyway even if he had showed up first.'

Sitting back, looking out the window I grabbed my glass of water that the hostess filled for me before she left. 'Oh My' but I was shaking something bad.

Just then I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up into the most beautiful set of eyes that I have ever seen. I was mesmerized.

Smiling at me he asked "is this seat taken?"

Wanting my mouth to work I hopefully opened it to reply, "yes, I believe it is reserved for you."

Slightly winking at me he took his seat. I couldn't stop looking at him. His face, his eyes, his hair, everything about him it was as though I were looking at a male modeling sitting right across from me. My sex stirred and I had to cross my legs to stop myself from shaking more. Never have I reacted to a man in this way before. At least, not just by looking at him.

It was his eyes, they were drawing me in, keeping me captured. And I didn't mind in the least.

"He you ordered anything?" he inquired.

"No, I have been waiting for you," I responded. "Not too long mind you, I was just enjoying the view and the atmosphere of the place. It's very lovely here."

"I'm glad you like it," he said as a waiter peeked through the leaves that surrounded us.

His words were as murmurs as I heard him order something. I had no idea what, but I minded not as I sat there smiling at him. It has to be a dream.

"There, now that that's taken care of," he interrupted my thought. "Would you like to dance?" He stood and walked over to me, not giving me the option of rejecting his proposal. Held his hand out, and mine just found it's way into his.

'This is a blind date?' I found myself asking, as he lead me through the trees to a private dance floor.

It was small, with quiet music playing. He placed his arm around my waist and offered his hand. I fell into place. Smoothly we danced looking deep into each others eyes. It was everything I could do to just keep breathing. Soft, shallow breathing as his musky scent filled my nostrils only making me fall more into his grasp.

"Mmmm you dance well," he whispered. Smiling, he pulled me closer to him.

A soft gasp escaped my lips. Not sure if I wanted to be this close to him this soon. Unsure that I could trust my legs to keep me up.

We swayed together as he lead me around the dance floor, my eyes shut softly as I allowed him to lead me around. The dance felt more like we were gliding around the room. Lifelessly floating.

Just then I felt my knees buckle. His grasp tightened as he held me from falling "Are you ok? Do you want to sit?" he asked with almost a panic in his voice.

"Yes please," I agreed "We should return to the table for a moment."

He lead the way making sure to keep his arm around me, just in case. Guided me to my chair, and made sure I was sitting to the table before turning to sit back in his chair.

I blushed as I looked at him, "I'm sorry, perhaps I just need to have a little something in my tummy."

With that he stood informed me that he would return in a moment and walked away from the table.

When he returned he had a roll with butter on a plate that he sat in front of me. "There now, have something before you drift off on me. We have a long evening ahead of us."

I couldn't help but smile. The man radiated confidence. And that was such a huge turn on for me. I was comfortable. For the first time ever on a blind date it just was so right. He was so warm, and caring. Making my needs his. Very flattering indeed.

Just then the waiter showed up with a bottle that he opened and poured a small amount into a glass for him to try. Watching the smile cross his lips he nodded, looked up at the waiter and held his glass instructing him to fill it. The waiter complied, then shifted slightly taking my glass and filling it as well. Placing the bottle in the stand he turned and left us alone.

"We shouldn't be bothered too much this evening. They know me here and they know that tonight I want quite. Not to bother me needlessly," he informed me. As though he had specific plans in mind. I have to admit this thrilled me. I found my heart pick up pace at his mention of this. My smile told him that I approved.

As the evening went on our conversation never stuttered. Everything was going so smoothly. Almost, too smoothly. The waiters left us be for the most part, only appearing at a time that was evident that he wanted them there. He ordered for us like a true gentleman. And there was just no way to not be pleased in this man's presence.

After dinner he asked if I wished for anything else. I asked for a coffee, and the waiter brought one for both of us. Sitting back in our chairs relaxed we both looked out the window. "Beautiful isn't it?" he asked.

"Yes, this is an amazing view," I agreed.

"Come, there's something I want to show you," he said as he stood and reached for my hand.

Placing my hand in his he lead me to an elevator. We stood only a moment before the doors opened and he lead my way in. He pressed a button indicating only two more floors were above us and we were going to the top. The elevator arrived, the doors opened, and warm breeze hit my face.

'Oh my gawd' it was beautiful. Here we were on the roof of the building. There were trees all over, a swimming pool to the right, a hot tub to the left. A lone table in the distance right in front of us. He walked me to it. "Here," he offered me a chair, "this is where we will spend the rest of our evening." I sat, looking up at him as he pushed my chair in for me.

Never have I been treated with such delicacy. I loved this. I could so get used to this. I closed my eyes and just took it all in for a moment. A soft sigh escaped my lips and I opened my eyes to see him looking at me. I smiled. It was not returned. The smile left my face as I realized that something serious was going on. I wanted to ask what it was. But somehow I knew. He stood... walked over to me... I looked up at him. He took me by the shoulders gently and helped me to my feet. Looking into his eyes I watched as his mouth got closer to mine. I could feel my body begin to shake. Thinking that I was in trouble of falling. I knew my knees wouldn't hold me. I whispered "I can't stand". His grip tightened as he pressed his lips against mine. Not hard, but deliberate. Our kiss turned more passionate as our mouths opened slightly and our tongues found one another. I moaned softly as I tasted his mouth on mine. Wanting more, needing more. It was heaven.

He pulled his mouth away from mine and looked directly into my eyes, "I want to see you again," he said. "I know this evening has to end, but I won't let it unless you promise to let me take you out again very soon." 'MMMmmmm' I agreed "yes, I'd like that very much."

His mouth met mine again. The passion being transferred between us mounting. He pulled me tighter against him. My moaning increased, my breathing increased. I thought I was going to pass out. His kisses, good lord help me I was falling. Just then it stopped. My head spun in circles. Never had I received a kiss as this in my life. "I'll walk you to your car."

In silence we headed to the elevator, in silence we got to the main floor. In silence we walked to my car. I got my keys out and reached to unlock the door. His hand grabbed mine and took over. I liked that he wanted to do this for me. I watched him unlock my car, open the door, and step close to me. "This has been a wonderful evening, and you are a beautiful woman. I am honored that you have agreed to see me again." With that he leaned in and kissed me yet again.

Letting go, I got into my car, shifted myself and my dress. He closed the door for me, smiled and waited for me to start it. Then he turned and walked away.

I sat there stunned for a moment. Started by a knock on my window. 'OHMYGOD" my heart stopped, scared me. A man was standing there. I opened my window just slightly "can I help you?" I asked. "Yes, I think so. You look like the woman that I was suppose to meet tonight for a blind date." A puzzled look crossed my face as he mentioned my friends name and how she'd set it up.

But then... who was... ohmy

When I got home I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of ice wine and went to my room to change. Not really believing what just took place. If I wasn't with the man that my friend set up for the blind date, then who was he?

I slipped out of my clothes and put my purple robe on 'I think I'll have a bath'. With that I went into the adjoining bathroom and got the temperature of the water just right for me. Added my new strawberry milkshake bath and turned to go put some music on.

After turning the stereo on to play something soft, just music. I went and made sure the door was locked and shut off all the lights and returned to my bath where it was almost the level I wanted it.

I slipped off my robe and caught it in my hand behind me, hung it up on the back of the door and slipped into the hot water. 'oh god' this is going to feel so wonderful. I laid back letting the water wrap around me and sooth my tired muscles.

As I lay there, thoughts of this mystery man filled my mind. His eyes, the curve of his masculine jaw. I felt a stir between my legs as my mind envisioned him from head to toe. He was so good looking. But who was he?

That question stirred me to get up out of the bath, put my robe on, and pick up the phone.

As I dialed the number to the restaurant I was nervous. 'Why in the hell was a nervous?'

"Hello La Famiglia's can I help you?" The voice on the other end asked.

"Ah yes... This evening I had a wonderful dinner in your restaurant, and I am calling to find out... well this might sound a little odd, but I am calling to find out who it was that I had dinner with." I was so embarrassed at how ridiculous that sounded.

I heard a slight chuckle on the other end, "Ma'am you don't know who you were dining with this evening?"

I chuckled back out of nervousness more than anything, "I realize how strange it sounds but I was to meet a gentleman there for a blind date. I had a wonderful evening, except I never found out who he was. I did however find out that he was not the blind date that I had been set up to meet." I just ended with a pause because I really didn't know what else to say at that point.

"Just a moment Ma'am I will get my manager", the lady assured me.

I heard a strong deep voice on the other end "Hello?"

"Yes, hello" I replied.

"Ma'am, I am not too sure how we can help you in this situation. Perhaps if you start by letting me know what time you were dining and where in our restaurant you were seated." he asked, trying to be helpful.

I gave him all the information, at one point I thought I heard a sigh of relief on his voice. But what on earth would he be relieved about? I'm the one that wants to be relieved.

"Ma'am, I am not authorized to give the name of the gentleman that you were dining with. I can tell you that I indeed know who that gentleman was. But the best I can do for you is take your name, number, and a message to hand deliver to him personally." he offered.

'Well dammit, who knows IF or WHEN this man might return my call, but it's all I had.' With that I gave him the information, along with the message to let this gentleman know that I had a very pleasant evening, that I would like for him to return my call so that I might know whether I may see him again or not.

Pleasantries were exchanged and I hung up the phone left with a feeling of emptiness. It wasn't much but it was something. It still remained however that I might never find out who this man was this evening.

Three days passed. I slowly got back into my daily routine and things were going well. The next night was hell because I still had that man so firmly on my mind. The next couple days were only easier because work had me so busy that by the time I got home, bathed, and had a bite to eat I was ready for sleep.

Wednesday night however when I was done work I noticed a message on my machine. When I listened to it I recognized the voice but I couldn't place who it was. The caller said that he'd call me later that evening around 10:00pm. Okay, that gave me enough time to eat and have my bath and relax a little.

As 10:00pm approached I thought the clock was staying still. I was getting more nervous. I just knew it was him, even though I didn't really know. I felt all giddy, and had to tell myself to breathe and be normal or I'd sound like a fool when he did call.

I kept myself busy with a silk flower arrangement that I was trying to put together for my mother.

Just then the phone rang and I dropped the rose that was in my hand and jumped a little. Placing my hand over my rapidly beating heart I picked up the phone "hello?"

"Hi Ginger?" the deep voice on the other end asked.

"Yes, this is Ginger" I informed the caller "who is this?"

"I had a wonderful time the other evening" he informed me.

My heart flew up into my throat and I found it harder to breathe. "Are you not going to tell me your name?" I asked.

"I will, but not right now." he said "I would like to know if you would join me this Friday? Same place, same time?"

My hands were sweating as I found myself accepting to meet him.

With that we said our good byes and told each other we were looking forward to Friday.

I didn't know how I was going to make it through another two days now.

I have never been so nervous readying myself for a date in my life. 'What was it about this man?' My mind was filled with thoughts of him. What he looked like, who was he, why didn't I find that out last time. My behavior wasn't even like me. Tonight I am going to make a bigger effort of getting to know him. I will at least find out his name.

I finished getting ready and went to the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. As I sat drinking it I thought about the other man, the man that my friend had actually set me up with for this blind date. What about him? I never did end up dating him. In fact, I didn't even say good-bye to him that night when he approached me. And my friend hasn't mentioned him to me since. The more I think about this whole thing the more I feel like I am in some kind of mystery movie.

"BZzzzT" startled by the buzz on my intercom 'who could that be?' I wondered as I made my way over to answer. "Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, Ms Ginger?" a man's voice inquired.

"Yes, this is she." I let him know.

"Ms Ginger, I am your chauffeur for this evening, your limo is downstairs to pick you up now." He informed me.

'My limo? What on earth was this about' I wondered, "I didn't request a limo, you must have me mixed up with someone else."

"Sorry Ms, I thought you knew. I am to pick you up and take you to the restaurant this evening." He informed me.

"At who's request?" I asked.

"Mr. ... ahhh I can't tell you his name Ma'am, he just told me I was to come and pick you up and bring you to the restaurant where he was to meet with you." He said.

'Well now, he's ordered a limo to pick me up, isn't he just all full of surprises.' I thought to myself as a smile creeped along my face. "Just a moment, I will be down shortly."

"Yes, Ma'am" he replied.

I went and grabbed my coat from the front entrance, took one last look at myself in the hall mirror. I hope this red dress isn't too revealing. I don't want to overdo things. I don't even know this man.

With that I left my condo, locking up before heading to the elevators. As I was standing waiting I couldn't help but sense there were eyes on me. It wasn't a scary feeling. More of a protective feeling. The elevator arrived and I pushed the button to the main floor.

When the door to the elevator opened there he was. Standing there. My knees went weak and it was everything to just remain standing. 'Who is this man that makes me weak kneed?' My eyes enlarged as I smiled in his direction. His smile was comforting as he moved closer to me. "Hello beautiful, have I surprised you?" he asked.

"Surprised me? There's an understatement if I have ever heard one." I told him. His chuckle was soft but very low and I felt a knot form in my throat.

"I thought we would do something different this evening. And since there wasn't much notice I thought I would take it upon myself to come here personally to pick you up," he said.

"That was very kind of you, but how did you know where to find me?" I asked.

"I have my ways," he chuckled again.

I couldn't help it, a sly grinned crossed my face. This man was so exciting. I didn't feel weird about any of it. So very strange, yet such a welcomed stimulation to my life.

"Before we make another step," I said. "I want to know your name."

He turned and smiled at me, "Dale, my name is Dale." I had felt like trying to get his name was the biggest secret of the year. But I think he knew I was serious about not making another step without at least knowing his name.

Smiling, I grabbed his arm he was offering to me. And he led me out to his limo. The driver opened the door and Dale offered me to enter first, 'such a gentleman.' I thought.

Sitting back in the soft leather seats I watched as this handsome man climbed in behind me and took his seat beside me. Our eyes met and the electricity I felt was like nothing I had ever felt in my life previous to this moment.

I couldn't say anything. My tongue felt swollen, my eyes were fixed on his. I didn't care where we were going or what he had in mind. I only knew that I wanted to be right here where I was with the person I was with and I'd not have it any other way.

The car started to move and I just continued with my gaze.

"Ginger," he said. "I know you don't know me from Adam. But I do want you to know me.' I just smiled at him agreeing that I wanted to know him more. 'MUCH more.' "I own the company that you work for," he continued. "Your work fascinates me, and I wanted to meet you. When I saw you walk into my restaurant and noticed you were looking around unsuccessfully I took a chance that you might join me. And I was very pleased that you did."

"I, was to meet someone there," I said "A blind date that my friend set me up with."

"Well then, it's my luck that he didn't show isn't it?" he asked.

"Actually," I offered. "He did show, he just hadn't arrived yet when you had me join you. I assumed you were my blind date."

This made him chuckle. "It certainly couldn't have turned out better then. Although I must say I feel sorry for the gentleman that missed your company that evening."

"Mhmmm," I grinned "Sure you do."

Just then he reached over, broad smile on his face as his low chuckle moved through my body yet again, taking my hand in his. "It won't be long and we will be where I wish to take you this evening."

I sat back, keeping my hand very still to let him know that I liked him holding it like that. I could feel his strength. My heart was beating faster and I was hoping that my breathing hadn't increased to the point that he could audibly hear it. I was nervous. Yes, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Not knowing what to expect. But hoping that this would be more than I could ever have dreamed it being.

I watched out the window on his side as the car made it's way down the freeway and turned off. I didn't recognize where we were.

When the car stopped I was jerked from my thoughts. I looked around but didn't notice anything familiar. The driver opened the limo door and Dale got out. Offering me his hand, I followed him out of the car.

"Ohmy," I found myself saying as I looked around. Out over the city. We were so high we could see for miles and miles. I didn't know this place existed even.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Do I?" I looked at him "Oh yes, this is beautiful."

He took my hand and led me past a gazebo that was set up with a table and two chairs. The music that was playing was coming from a gentleman playing a violin, accompanying a pianist. The atmosphere couldn't be more perfect, and if I didn't feel the breeze on my face I would have thought I were in a dream.

He stood beside me and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him as we looked out over the city. So beautiful.

I turned to look up at him, "Thank you."

His smile melted me, "You are so welcome. Now, let us have a bite to eat before this evening gets too far gone."

We turned and approached the table set up. It was just as beautiful as the evening. A small decor of flowers, two tiny candles in glass displays burning side by side. The gazebo adorned tiny white light and lit the area where we were to sit, yet didn't make things too bright so that we could enjoy the candles as well. He held my chair as I sat down to the table. Then made his way to the other side to sit himself.

No sooner had he sat down and there was a waiter that showed up. Bottle of wine being opened, a small amount poured for Dale to try and upon receiving approval the waiter served me and then Dale a glass of wine each.

"Just a light meal, something that won't sit too heavy in our stomachs," he said to me. His smile telling me that there was a lot more to come this evening.

I nodded, returning his smile and said, "I welcome everything you have planned for our evening together."

He must have liked what I said because I could have swore I saw his cheeks flush slightly. He shifted a little in his seat and looked around. The waiter must have noticed because with that he was bringing two plates of salad.

We ate our meal in relative silence. A lot of smiles exchanged. And many glances out over the city. The music was perfect, the company was perfect. And I never wanted this evening to come to an end.

As I sat back in my seat I stared into his eyes. Every so often lifting my cup to take a sip of my after dinner coffee. I'd smile at him. He'd smile back. Every once in awhile winking at me. We had this silent connection happening that was very nice. We both seemed to be enjoying looking at each other. Taking in our every expression.

Slipping off my right shoe I reached my leg out to touch his. He noticeably jumped. I grinned and winked at him. A sly grin took over his face, "you think?" he asked me as he winked back.

I licked my lips.

Dale stood and made his way over to me. I quickly replaced my shoe back on my foot as he took my arm with one hand and the chair with the other pulling it out and helping me up from the table.

I turned and smiled at him. My eyes looking directly into his as his mouth lowered slowly down to mine. I could feel a friction, like a magnet. The two wanting to come together but hesitating. Being drawn closer and closer.

When his lips finally reached mine it felt as though he was sucking my breath. I held onto his shoulders as his arms were placed around my waist and he drew me closer to him. I could feel this strength gathering me up. Keeping me pressed to him. And I couldn't help but notice the moistness forming between my legs 'oh god I want him to kiss me forever.'

His right hand went up into my hair and he released the comb I had there holding my hair up off my neck. He let it drop along with the comb. I opened my eyes as he pulled his mouth from mine to look at me. My hair gently flowed around my neck as he brushed it to the side and leaned in to kiss. 'Oh god not my neck,' I thought as I leaned my head to the side allowing him the access that he wanted. I felt like I was in his spell as he licked and gentle sucked on my neck. his breathing increasing. His arms tightening around my waist, pulling me even tighter to him. I could feel his hardness reaching out to me. Calling to me.

Suddenly he broke his grip from me. Taking my hand in his he lead me to the limo, and opened the door. I got into the car and he followed, closing the door and locking it behind him.

Then he looked at me. What seemed like forever. As though his eyes were seeing into my very soul, or looking right through me. I felt naked, vulnerable. I was nervous, and my breathing showed it.

He moved closer, sliding along the leather seat to me. Taking hold of me and bringing me to his mouth again. 'MMMMMmmmmm'

Bathing in his kisses, I was lost. The passion being exchanged was incredible. And I found my hands wandering up to the back of his head as I pulled his mouth even harder down onto mine.

He reached around and undid the zipper to my dress. Then broke our kiss as he sat back and looked into my eyes again. Then down my neck. I could feel his eyes burning on me. I let go of the back of his head and placed my hands at his chest where I slowly moved them inside his suit jacket pushing back to remove his coat. His eyes still on me as he helped by shrugging out of his coat. I couldn't help but let out a soft sigh as his coat dropped to the seat. 'My god I wanted to see him naked.'

I placed my hands on the first button of his shirt. His hands grabbed mine, "You first." he said to me. My hands fumbled more at his button as I replied, "No, your shirt first." He grinned at me and set his hands down to the side giving up whatever struggle he thought he was going to make. My eyes told him that this wasn't even open for discussion.

My hands slowly undid each button. My eyes followed along and glanced at this chest as it was being exposed. His breathing increased as I reached lower to the waist of his pants and tugged the shirt out. Undoing all the buttons and running my hands back up his stomach to his chest and over his shoulders. My eyes taking in everything. My breathing increasing as I thought about my mouth on his skin, tasting him.

My concentration broke when he reached up and quickly took his shirt off and pulled me to him. Our tongues colliding as they danced in each others mouths. 'Mmmmmmmmm'

He breaks the kiss and moves his hands to my shoulders slowly pulling down on my dress. The dress was one such that I was unable to wear a bra, so as he lowered my dress my chest being exposed, was all skin. Fair as I was. Soft, light skin looking back at him. Reacting to every touch. I squinted my eyes at him as his met mine, and I whispered "I want you."

That's all it took. I one swift movement my dress was off my shoulders, he had undid his pants and pulled them down. Pulling me over to him he swept my thong to the side and lifted me up onto his lap. Carefully placing me on his hard cock. Every inch penetrating me as he thrust himself up into my wet waiting pussy. Taking all of his cock and grinding down against him, leaning down to kiss him. I suck on his tongue as he grabs my ass and starts raising and lowering me. Our breathing increases as we both try and stay as quiet as we can. Controlled. But we're both animals now, and my moaning increases. As my moaning increases his thrusts get harder and faster until I am begging him for more. Begging him for his cock. Begging him to make me his.


I throw my head back as I reach my peak and he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close as he lets loose his cum deep inside me.


Feeling his cock throbbing inside me. My pussy grasping at him, milking him for every drop. My muscles weaken as I slump against his shoulder "ohhhh" I sigh.

His grip relaxes around my waist "Mmmmm."

Pulling my face back to look at me he smiles, "very nice, you are incredible." And he pulls me down to his mouth to kiss me softly.

"MMMmmmm" I return his kiss and lay my head back on his shoulder, "As are you sweet Dale, as are you."

In the morning when I awaken I think back over what happened the evening before. My heart glowing, and knowing this time that I now know his name, and I even have a phone number to reach him at.

I pick up the phone and dial the number that he gave me.

"Hello?" was the sweet voice on the other end.

"Ah yes, is Dale in?" I asked hesitantly.

Wondering who the woman was.

"No, he's not. Who is this please?" she asked almost gruffly.

"Could you tell him that Ginger called" I asked.

"Sure, I'll tell him. May I ask what it's concerning?" She pushed for more information.

"That's fine thank you," I said "he'll know what the call is in reference to." With that I hung up. Still left to wonder who the hell she was.

A couple days pass, I can't stop thinking about Dale and wondering who the woman was when I get a call.

"Ginger?" he asked. I knew it was him from the deepness of his voice.

"Yes? Who is this?" I ask, even though I already knew who it was. But I was making a point, and I hope he got it.

"Ginger, please don't be upset with me. Diane didn't tell me that you had called until this morning. And I thought that since I hadn't heard from you that, well... I didn't think you wanted to talk to me again." He informed me.

"Well, unless you have been in some kind of accident that has left you unable to lift a phone receiver yourself..." I started to get upset.

"Oh come now, don't be like that." He whimpered into the phone line.

"And just WHO is Diane?" I questioned.

Stuttering a bit he told me "Diane is, well... she's..."

"Nevermind Dale it's all good. We had a lovely time together. I don't regret nothing." I stated.

"Ginger please"

"No, Dale you please. I don't want to get into something so confusing. You don't owe me any explanations. We had a wonderful time together. Let us just remember it for what it was." I told him replacing the phone onto it's base.

By the time I said my good bye a loan tear was rolling down my face.

'Always too good to be true.' I thought to myself. As I headed to the bathroom to run myself a hot bath.

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