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The Trip

Part 3 | By insatiable

We had stayed up well into the early morning hours, playing slot machines, me watching you play blackjack, having a few drinks and listening to the band in one of the casino bars. It was a wonderful time and neither of us wanted to go to sleep, but nature took over and we crashed pretty hard once we laid down in bed. You had wrapped your arms around me and pulled my back up next to your chest and I heard your heavy breathing right before sleep overtook me.


I woke up with the sun streaming through the curtains, and your arms still wrapped around me. I felt your hot breath on my neck and got goosebumps. You must've noticed somehow that I was now awake because your hand started moving up and down my side. From my neck, down my arm, to my waist and legs, your hand never stopped moving, even when your lips started kissing the side of my neck. I moaned and rolled a little toward you, seeking your mouth and giving your hand better access to my breasts. You kissed me and touched your hand to my nipple, making it hard and even more sensitive. You sighed deeply and moved your mouth down to my chest, seeking out my hard nipple with your eyes still closed. Your hot mouth found it and closed around it and I gasped as the sensations ran straight south to my pussy, making me wet almost instantly.


Your mouth was relentless, biting and sucking and nibbling until I arched my back and grabbed your head, pulling you closer yet. I was quickly becoming very aroused, very wet, very uncomfortable. And you knew it. You still had your eyes closed but now you had a smirky little smile playing around the corners of your mouth, knowing just by my moans and sighs what was going on with my body and how you affected me so drastically. I took your hand and guided it towards my pussy, where I so needed to feel your fingers on me and inside of me. You touched me very gently, driving me mad, for too long but then leaned over to kiss me again right before plunging your fingers inside my wetness. You inserted 2, then 3 fingers inside me and then moved them so expertly I came on your hand within minutes. But you didn't stop then. You lightened up for just a minute, letting my pulsing lighten up, letting my breathing get back to just almost normal, then you started moving your fingers again. Faster and faster, harder, too, until I came again, squirting my juices all over your hand and arm and the bed. You opened your eyes then and demanded mine open. You said you wanted to watch me as I came over and over again for you.


You were ceaseless in your beautiful torment of me. I was having a difficult catching a full breath, I was thirsty beyond belief, I was begging for more and more. The more orgasms I had the more you wanted to give me. Your hand was dripping wet from my coming on you, the bed was soaked, I was screaming your name over and over, pleading for you to stop, that I couldn't take anymore. You just smiled at me and said, "Oh yes you can, baby. Come for me again..." And those words turned me on even more, and made me want more and more from you.


You brought your hand up to my mouth and together we licked your fingers that were still dripping with cum. That made us even hotter and I flipped you over onto your back, quickly straddling your hips. I reached down and guided your hard cock into my wetness. When you slid into me and I heard you moan, going as deep as you could, it made me quiver and cum again. I felt like I couldn't handle anymore. It was too much, too intense, too good. You moved my legs until I was on my feet and then pulled me down close to your chest. You started moving, faster and faster, pounding into me, making me cum again and again. I was screaming with the intensity, completely coming apart in your arms and you exploded inside me, yelling out my name.


It was by far the most amazing morning of waking up in your arms, and neither one of us wanted to get out of bed, let alone move at all. But when I suggested a big breakfast and walking the strip you smiled and jumped up. You asked me to meet you in the shower, promising not to touch me too very much. We showered and then dressed, very excited for the day to come, and even more so for the night......


The sun was hot, the crowds immense. We walked the Las Vegas Strip, stopping whenever we felt like gambling a bit or having a drink. It was a slow, relaxing day walking around together. We had stopped at Coyote Ugly for a few drinks, another strip bar for some laughs and smiles and touches in the dark corner booth, and finally for a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. I told you we needed to get back and shower and change for our night out, though; it was approaching time to go.


We arrived back at the hotel and I said I was jumping in the shower. I walked into the bathroom and you followed, wanting to get naked with me, having no idea what was in store for the upcoming night. I told you no, the first time, and quite possibly the last time, I had ever said no, had ever turned down your touches. You looked surprised, maybe even hurt, but I promised to make it up to you in just a little while. I showered and carefully shaved everywhere, then got out, rubbed lotion all over my legs and arms and walked out of the bathroom naked. You were lying on the bed looking at me and I saw the familiar look of want and need in your eyes. I smiled and said it was your turn, and to hurry...


I dressed in a backless, skimpy top, black miniskirt and my knee-high black boots. I put on my makeup and quickly brushed my hair. I was ready and waiting for you when you came out of the shower, smelling so sexy and looking even more so. It took everything I had to not grab you right then and there and push you back on the bed. But I wanted tonight to go perfectly so I continued waiting. You dressed in tight jeans and a sexy black shirt. You said you were ready and we headed out the door, on our way to what I had planned for weeks.


My heart was racing and my breathing shallow. I was so nervous, but so excited for your reaction, and for the unknown, too. You noticed my nervousness and kept trying to get answers out of me. When we reached the lobby and the elevator doors opened I finally told you to quit asking; you'd know soon enough.


We walked through the casino toward a small bar with a sparse crowd. I told you to get us some drinks and I went and found a table. I sat and looked around. I saw who I was looking for almost immediately, and she saw and recognized me, too. I smiled and she smiled back, starting to walk toward our table. She was taller than me, maybe by a few inches. She had shoulder length blond hair, straight and smooth. She was wearing a tight, short, black dress that showed off her curvy figure and large breasts. She had on black high heels with black thigh high nylons. I could see the lacy tops of the stockings right under her dress when she took a step. I wondered to myself quickly if you'd like her, if this would be all right or not. I was second guessing the plan in my mind when she finally got to the table and sat down next to me. She leaned over and kissed my cheek, saying hello, and telling me the other would arrive shortly.


You had been looking at me from your perch at the bar and saw the exchange between me and this blond woman. Your eyebrows rose in surprise as you looked at me, and I smiled back, motioning for you to come join us. As you walked over to sit down the blond smiled at you and I saw the attraction between the both of you immediately. I felt a pang of jealously, of regret, of fear, but then you put one hand on my leg and the other around my shoulders. You pulled me over to you and kissed me, making me know you were there with me and that you just loved this plan. The kiss sent all apprehensions out the window and I started to explain...


The woman and I had met online and had set this up over the last couple weeks, trying to keep it secret from you, and her husband, too. That got a surprised look from you, just as a tall dark man walked through the doors and toward our table. The blond stood up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him as we watched. They sat down and we all had a few drinks over light conversation. The topic eventually turned, as it normally does, to sex and fantasies and where the night could lead us all. A band had set up and was starting to play and we all went out the dance, continuing to drink and laugh and get comfortable. I leaned over to blond on the dance floor and suggested a bottle of wine in our room...and the sooner the better. She said she was thinking the same thing and we grabbed you and her husband and walked out of the bar.


We were still laughing and flirting like crazy as we rode the elevator up to our room. But as soon as we all walked through the door things got quieter and more serious. I opened the bottle of wine and poured glasses, hoping to lighten things up. After only a few seconds of awkwardness I walked over to the blond and gently kissed her. She responded like only a woman who has done this before can. She put her glass down on the table and grabbed my face with both her hands, deepening the kiss. Her hands wandered down to my breasts and played with my nipples, making them ache.


I tentatively moved my hands down her very curvy body until I reached the hem of her short dress. I pushed my hands underneath and found she had no panties on. And this turned me on even more, although I pretty much didn't know what to do next. I opened my eyes as she was still playing with my nipples and looked over at you. You were only standing a couple feet from us, standing next to the other man, who had his hands in his pants, just watching us. You walked over to me, stood behind me, seemingly knowing I wanted your guidance desperately.


You put your hands on mine and guided my hand back to her hemline, underneath and straight to her waiting pussy. I felt her hairless, wet lips at the same time as you and we started moving our hands together over her, making her squirm. I felt her lips on mine again and her hands in my hair pulling me closer to her, as I felt her moan into my mouth. Our fingers worked a little faster, a little harder on her clit until I felt her start to shake, knowing she was about to come. I stopped them and pulled our hands away.


I backed her up to the bed and she fell down onto her back. I raised her dress up to her waist and kneeled in between her legs. I was on my hands and knees and my ass was up in the air, my short skirt exposing my ass to you, as you moved in behind me. You moved your hands all over my ass, pushing my skirt up to around my waist as well, and then moved your fingers back and forth on my wet pussy. I moaned as I brought my head down to between her legs, tasting pussy for the first time.....

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