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The Trip

Part 4 | By insatiable

I was on my knees between this woman's legs, tasting her juices, licking her lips, sucking her clit and getting more and more excited by the second. I heard all of her moans, felt her hands in my hair pulling me closer, needing me closer. I felt you behind me still, your hands on my clit, rubbing and stroking, opening me up to your fingers, sliding inside of me. I could barely concentrate on this woman in front of me because of the intensity of your fingers inside my pussy.


The other man in the room had been standing next to the bed, watching us all, his cock in his hand. He knelt on the bed on the side of the blond, and grabbed her hair, and then shoved his cock into her mouth. She gladly took it all, rolling her eyes at the pleasure from him and still from my mouth on her pussy. You then removed your hand from me and slid your extremely hard cock into me. I gasped in intense pleasure, almost cumming right then. It only took a few seconds of you pounding your cock into me, making me wetter yet, making my juices flow out all over you, making me scream out. I kept licking her pussy, putting my fingers inside of her, feeling the wet warmth of her, completely feeling out of control while I felt her cum all over my lips.


You slowed down then, pulling out of me and lifting me up to face you. You kissed me then, licking her cum off of my lips, sucking on my tongue, making me squirm, making me need you back inside of me. The blond moved slightly off the bed as you laid down on your back and pulled me on top of you. You slid your cock back into my pussy and then stopped and waited. I looked over at the man on the bed and asked him to come up behind me, to fuck my ass. I felt you throb inside of me, I felt myself getting more wet with just the thoughts and words. He came up behind me and I could feel his hands on my ass, slowly moving, slowly letting his fingers touch my asshole. I felt the lube on his fingers and then felt the tip of his cock at the entrance.


You still hadn't moved yet, just kept touching me everywhere, keeping me calm and relaxed, and staring at me, making sure this was good. I kept looking at you, too, wanting this to be good for both of us. I felt him slide the tip of his cock inside my ass, very slowly and I had to remind myself to relax, not tighten up, but the feeling of his large cock inside me with your cock inside my throbbing pussy at the same time was too much. I didn't think I could do this, it was too much. But then you drew my face down to you and kissed me, whispering to relax, saying it was all right, that this will feel really good, give it a minute. He started moving in my ass and I felt that familiar build up, that fullness, that shiver that starts at my toes and works its way up and up until it explodes in my head.


I felt you start to move at the same time as he did, but opposite directions. When you went in he was coming out and when he pulled out you slammed into me. It was amazing...It built up faster and faster and I was screaming that it was so good, it was too good, I was cumming, oh my God, I couldn't stand it anymore! I was begging for you to not stop, make me cum again and again. You felt my cum soaking you underneath me, dripping all over your cock, down your thighs. You were amazed at the amount of times I was orgasming. I was screaming in ecstasy, thinking I wasn't able to handle much more. But you both were relentless, pounding into me at the perfect speed, the perfect depth, the perfect rhythm.


The blond was kneeling on the bed watching this, stroking her clit, her wetness dripping slowly down her thighs. You looked over at her and took her hand, pulling her on top of your face, facing me. I leaned up so I had access to her breasts. I took her nipples in my mouth, sucking harder and harder as the orgasms that wouldn't ever stop washing over me hit me time and time again. You had your lips on her pussy, licking and sucking her clit. She was rocking back and forth on your face, moaning louder and louder as she came so hard. She moved off of you slightly, keeping my mouth still on her large breasts, still sucking on her nipples. But then I looked down at you and saw her cum on your lips, on your chin and I had to taste it again. I leaned down and licked your lips with my tongue, as the man behind me started pounding my ass harder and harder. You slowed down a little bit, letting him continue fucking my ass, making me come so damn hard, and then you grabbed my hips and pounded into me, fucking me relentlessly until I screamed out again and again. I felt you start to cum, hard, almost violently, inside me, as the man behind me pulled out and came as well, almost the same time. I collapsed on top of you, unable to move, slightly sore and more than fulfilled.


You asked if I was all right and I smiled at you, telling you, oh yes...The other couple got up and disappeared into the bathroom together as we waited, lying together on the bed. We quietly talked, about how it felt, and I told you that it was amazing, never before had I felt so full. Nor had I really ever came that hard before! You said you were happy to had been able to do this for me, and I said I was happy that we could do THIS together, that is was so fun! The couple came out of the bathroom, dressed and sat with us a few minutes just chatting. We agreed fun had been had by all, and we wanted to do it again, too, trying even more positions and experiences. They left shortly afterwards and we stepped into the shower together, washing one another, gently! And climbed into bed. You wrapped your arms around me as we very quickly fell asleep. But the very last thing you whispered to me was how much you had enjoyed this vacation, and how very glad you were that I had all my little surprises for you! And you asked if I had anything else planned. I just smiled at you and winked...and then fell asleep.



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