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Finding what you came for

Part 1 | By Crissy

She walked into the bar with one mission in mind. Revenge. So he thought he could screw other woman and she would never find out. Ha! She wasn't stupid. She'd been seeing the signs for months now. She'd kept track of the times he had to 'work' late. Then sat and waited for him at is office when he exited right on time. Making the short drive to this very bar. Just like he would tonight.


Well he wouldn't be the only one out on the town. She would already be at the bar when he arrived. But she wouldn't be alone. She would have found a companion by then. It wouldn't be some blond fake tramp like the ones she saw him leave with. But they would have one thing in common with the woman he picked up. Tonight, she would also pick up a woman.


Making her way through the smoky crowded bar she scanned the occupants with interest before settling on one. She was beautiful. Long red hair streaming downs her bare back. She had on what would be considered a little black dress that tied around her neck and lifted her perky breasts.


Slowly she made her way to he empty bar stool next to her. Luck was on her side tonight as it was the only stool unoccupied. She saddled up to the beautiful stranger and smiled.

"Is this seat taken?" 

The blond looked up and smiled. "No. Please seat down. Maybe you can keep all the desperate middle-aged men from making fools of them selves.


Oh she planned on doing more than that. Once the bartender gave her his attention she ordered herself a glass of Chardonnay and another drink for her partner.

"Thank you." The red head said throwing her hair back over her shoulder.


"My pleasure." She sincerely told her.

"My name is Liza."

"Ally." She answered before taking a drink of her wine.

"So Ally are you here alone?"


"For now." Ally licked her lips tasting the wine. She noticed Liza's gaze following the movement. Oh this might work out better than she hoped.

"You're married." Liza noted without emotion.

"I am. My husband's been coming here for months picking up woman and going home with him."

"So you're looking for payback?"

Ally threw her head back and laughed. It had been so long since she'd laughed. What a shame.

"No not entirely."

Taking a drink of her own Liza scooted closer to her. "Now I'm intrigued."


Sliding one smooth leg over the other Ally moved to face her completely. Their knees rubbed but neither woman moved away. "If I wanted payback all I would have to do is let him see me with any of the willing men in her, maybe leave with one of them, or just take them to my car." Ally took a small sip. "This is for me. I've been with a woman before I was married. I like the emotional aspect a woman brings. The sensual slide of her body over mine. The soft lips and softer hands touching me."


Ally finished off her drink. "This is what I want." 

"Well Ally I think you just met your match." Liza told her as she slides one hand over her knee and up her thigh. The feel of this woman's touch was more drugging than the alcohol.


Ally leaned forward and gently took the strangers lips. It was different than kissing her husband. The taste of a woman and she moaned into her mouth.

She also felt Liza's other hand brush over her braless nipple. Ally arched into the touch.

"Do you want to wait until your husband gets here?" Liza asked against her mouth.

"Who cares about him." Ally said before taking the woman's mouth in a harder kiss. Tongues thrashed, twirled, and rubbed against one another's.


"Come here." Liza pulled her off the stool and a minute later her back was pressed against a wall in one of the dark corners of the bar.

Soft breasts pressed against Ally's. Then a hand was sliding under her skirt. With hands on the small of Liza's back Ally kissed and nibbled her lip as one hand rubbed against her wet pussy.


"You're already wet." Liza mused against her mouth.

"Yes. You turn me on."

Moving the silk aside one finger rubbed against her throbbing folds. "You turn me on too."

Liza teased her folds and then her clit. Ally's body bucked demanding to be satisfied.


"Eager aren't you." Liza teased finally easing one finger inside.

"More." Ally cried spreading her legs further.

"Eager and greedy." Two fingers entered her.


Ally let Liza finger fuck her moving her hips to take the slender fingers even deeper for a few minutes before pulling down the woman dress to expose her cleavage. 

Who cared if anyone was watching she had to taste this woman's skin! Taking one plump nipple into her mouth Ally sucked and massaged Liza.


Liza fingers began to move faster and her thumb started to circle her clit. Ally tongued and nipped at the perk hard nipple and Liza moaned and with the fast pace of her fingers and thumb was starting to get Ally to the brink of release. Just as her climax was on the edge and she could feel her body tighten she heard a gasp and a startled. "Allison."


Groaning Ally opened her eyes to meet those of her shocked husband. Oh God not right now! She thought. Her husband took a step back and she realized she said it out loud. "Allison!" Her husbands outraged voice tried to reach her again. Dazed Ally never let go of Liza's nipples that her fingers had been playing with.


Liza not caring about the stranger continued to move her fingers in and out and surprised her by adding a third. Ally rode Liza's hand. "Uh we'll talk about this later." She distractedly told her husband through pants. When Ally leaned forward and nipped Ally's neck while thrusting her fingers hard the orgasm that she'd been chasing finally busted through.

Ally clung to the woman who had just brought her the best orgasm she'd had in years.


Her husband was still staring at her.


"Oh I won't be home tonight by the way." She told him putting her arm around Liza's waist. Then she nodded behind him. "And I believe you are keeping Barbie waiting."

She pulled Liza toward the door. They were far from finished. She was going to taste this woman's sweet juices soon.


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