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Finding what you came for

Part 2 | By Crissy

Ally followed Liza as they drove out of the neighborhood the bar was located and to a classier and more expensive side. The houses were large with gated entrances and doubt and nerves had her heart pounding. In the bar she had been so hot and aroused. Now she nervously chewed on her bottom lip.


Ally had thought they would get a motel room close to the bar but Liza had insisted she return home with her. She had another surprise she was sure Ally would love. Ally slowed her car down at the gate and watched Liza punch in a code. Convinced this was her one night of passion since her first year of marriage seven years ago she took a deep breath and let her car follow the one in front of hers.


Liza waited for her at the bottom steps of the front walk. Stepping out of her car she ran her hands over her skirt before walking toward her. Liza leaned over and kissed her gently on her lips. Ally leaned forward for more but Liza shook her head. "Let's go inside."


The door opened before they reached it. Ally looked up into the face of a god. He was more than good looking with sharp cheekbones, tanned flawless sign, beautiful bright blue eyes, and long dark hair. His body was bad either and she could tell since he didn't have a shirt on.


Ally hadn't been expecting him but the wetness between her thighs showed her that her body didn't mind at all. When he sent her a dazzling seductive smile she almost creamed her panties.


"Welcome." He greeted in a sexy southern drawl. "I've been looking forward to seeing you since Liza called to say she was bringing you home with her."

Ally licked her bottom lips. "Hi."

He took her hand in his. "My names Kyle. Why don't you come inside doll."

Looking quickly at Liza Ally nodded. "Ally."

With him holding her hand and Liza's hand on the small of her back Ally was led into the enormous house.

"Where to my love?" He asked catching Liza's eye.

"Straight to the bedroom. His little minx has me so hot I want her laying on her back, spread open, and ready."

Kyle chuckled at the urgency in Liza's voice and words. "To the bedroom then."

It was more than a bedroom. The room was bigger than 3 rooms in her apartment with a big giant bed in the middle. The bed with iron posts coming up held more promises than imagined.

"Let's get these clothes off."

Ally shivered when Kyle's lips brushed her shoulder. He pulled up her already revealing shirt exposing her hard nipples. He bent and swiped his tongue over one and then the other before pulling her shirt completely off. He went slower removing the skirt. The zipper sounding loud as he slowly opened it. He left her standing in her black G-string and heels.

"Shoes on or off?" He asked tearing is eyes away from Ally to look over at Liza.

Liza stood close to the bedroom door. She had already pulled her dress off and was rubbing her aching breasts. "Off. Completely bare."

Kyle ran his mouth down Ally's stomach catching the think piece of cloth with his teeth. He tugged and let them fall to the floor. He kissed the insides of her thigh before running a thumb over her shaved mound. "Yes, completely bare."

"I know." Liza teased. "I already had my there."

Kyle tasked her. "Couldn't wait until you got home."

"She's so hot."

Kyle looked up at her. Ally shook from the look of lust in his eyes. When his tongue licked over her mound she moaned and leaned into him. His smiled at her once again and she wanted to melt against him. He stood and lifted her into his arms. "To the bed with you little one."


Ally had spoken since they entered the room. She really didn't need to. She wanted them they wanted her and she wasn't going mess with questions. Kyle laid her gently in the middle of the bed. Ally was lying on her back, he moved her hands over her head, bent her knees, and spread her open.


"Beautiful." Liza said coming up behind him. She trailed a hand down his back. He half turned to her and kissed her deeply. Ally watched as they kissed. They moaned and felt each other's bodies and it was so incredibly hot to watch the two of them. When Liza started to undo his jeans, Ally wanted to help but was too mesmerized to move. Once he was completely naked they both turned to her.

"Why don't you keep her mouth busy while I taste her sweet juices. "Liza practically purred. It was like a movie and Ally couldn't believe it was happening to her. Kyle straddled her shoulders and ran his hard cock over her lips and Liza positioned herself between her legs.

"Open for me baby." Kyle commanded.

Ally open her mouth and felt him slowly move his hard manhood in at the same time she felt the wet, slow, and wonderful lick on her clit.


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