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Desperate Moments


Closing her eyes Sammy felt her stomach lurch as the elevator started up. It shouldn't have surprised her that her husband had left her downstairs for twenty minutes before sending word she could go up and wait in his office for him. He had always done shit like that. Letting her know that he was in control all the time.


Sammy wasn't like that. She had a temper and apparently the nine months away from her husband hadn't helped her put a lid on it. She could feel her blood pressure rising in tune with the elevator.


With the ding announcing the floor she took one more deep breath and was ready to face him as she stepped out of the steel box. Adam's assistant stood waiting for her.


"If you would like to wait in Mr. Beaumont's office he will be with you as soon as he can." The older lady told her.


So Sammy waited. After another fifteen minutes she stood and started to pace. Patience wasn't a virtue she had, and her husband knew it. Five more minutes she told herself then she would leave. Money wasn't that important.


Pressing her hands to the large glass windows that gleamed behind the large oak desk she could feel the night air mixing with the day. It would be dark soon and she had a long drive in front of her. At her wits end she turned to storm out the window.


She gasped as she notices for the first time she wasn't alone. Her husband stood leaning in the open doorway. She had not heard the door open or him enter. Damn the man anyway. This wasn't a good idea.


He straightened once he had her attention. Walking further into the room he quietly closed the door behind him. Of course, he didn't slam doors that would be her. She stepped back as he walked to his desk and started to remove his jacket.


Good God, did he look good today. His dark brown hair falling in all the right places. His suit matched preciously and was still in perfect pressed condition. She had pulled her own long hair back into a ponytail during the drive, and knew her skirt was wrinkled where she sat. She'd also spilled coffee on one of the stops on her blouse which she foolishly chosen to wear white.


"You wanted to see me?" He asked once he was seated behind his desk.


"Bout time." She mumbled to herself but when she sat in the chair opposite knew he heard her anyway.


He lifted one elegant brow at her. "If you don't like to be kept waiting you should have made an appointment."


She'd thought about it but figured she stood a better chance surprising him. She should have known he would turn the tables around before even entering the room. "Yes. Of course, Thank you for seeing me Adam."


"My my don't we have out manners tonight?" Leaning back in his chair like he didn't have a care in the world he spread his hands out in front of him. "I take it there is a reason for this visit."


Sammy took a deep breath. She knew he would want to get right to the point. "I want…I would like a divorce."


Sammy watched his face for a change in expression. There wasn't one when he answered. "No."


What had he just said? "No?"


He leaned forward his voice low and calm. "You don't want a divorce. You want the money from the divorce settlement."


That was true but she hated being called on that lie. Shaking her head, she denied it. "No. We've been separated for nine months. I want a divorce."


She held his eyes as long as she could before finally dropping her gaze.


"Very well I'll have my lawyers work on it." She told her in a reasonable tone.


"Lawyers?" Sammy jumped up. "You said if I wanted a divorce you'd give me what was in the settlement without contesting it!" She reminded him her voice rising.


Adam stayed seated and looking relaxed at his desk.


"Sit down Samantha."


Sammy sat without thinking.


"I told you that nine months ago. Things have changed."


"What things?" Sammy glared at him. She really needed that money.


"That is not your concern."


"I need…I want a divorce." She was losing ground quick. She wouldn't beg. That's what he wanted and she wouldn't do it.


"I believe you think that." He stood and came around the desk. "Stand up Samantha."


She stood. This close she could smell the soap he used. The unique scent that was him. She stood with her thighs pressed together embarrassed that she was wet. He walked behind her.


"I can smell your arousal." He told her, is breath brushing the hair on her neck. "Did you know that?"


A blush worked up her neck to her face.


"So I have to wonder why you would want a divorce when…" Reaching around her he cupped her breasts. She moaned. "You obviously still want me."


He was distracting her by teasing her nipples with his thumbs.


When his mouth grazed her neck lightly biting down she arched her back thrusting her breasts further into his hands. He chuckled against her skin at her response.


"It's just chemistry. It doesn't mean anything." She lied.


When he suddenly stepped away from her she almost fell. Straightening her clothes, she took her time before looking up at him. When she finally did she found him staring hard at her. The mask he wore so well in place of his beautiful face.


She opened her mouth to speak but he shook his head. She waited and when he spoke his voice was as calm and soft as ever.


"That's twice you've lied to me in ten minutes."


Sammy shook her head but knew it was pointless.


When he stepped toward her she stepped back. He gave her a rare smile before stepping closer again. He stalked her across the room his steps longer than hers. She backed up until she hit the side of the desk. Instantly she knew that was where he wanted her.


She tried to push back off of it but he was there caging her in. "Do you remember what happened the last time you lied to me.


Biting her bottom lip Sammy slowly nodded her head.


"Turn around."


Sammy looked at the door. "What if someone comes in?"


Adam shook his head. "First I already sent everyone home before coming in here. Second that wouldn't be your concern anyway."


Sammy watched her husband remove his tie before he started rolling up his sleeves.


"Am I going to have to repeat myself Samantha?"


"No." Sammy turned to face the desk then placed both her palms flat on the surface. She felt Adam step up behind her.


"Chest flat against the desk."


Closing her eyes Sammy leaned over lifting her bottom up in the air. She jerked when Adam's hands started to massage her cheeks through the skirt.


"It's the anticipation you know." She felt him raise the skirt inch by inch. "You know what I'm going to do. You know how much it is going to hurt." He paused when her skirt was hiked to her waist. With one finger he pressed against her soaking panties. "And yet you are soaking yourself. You are a dirty little slut."


Sammy shook her head but found herself pushing back offering her backside to him.


He yanked once hard tearing her panties off.


Sammy cried out but he held her down with one firm hand on the small of her back.


"Are you ready my wife?"


Sammy didn't answer but waited. Adam's hand came down and pinched.


"Ouch." Sammy's breath rushed out.


Adam chuckled. "You know better than to expect anything. That's when I'll do the opposite."


Sammy moaned low and deep when she felt one long finger penetrate her. Even knowing better, she found herself rocking back trying to take him deeper. To her surprise Adam kept his finger inside her while circling her clit with his thumb stimulating her to near release.


Adam removed his hands right before her release keeping her on the very edge so when his hand came down and met with her flesh for the first time she cries out and bucked but lifted her hips to take the next punishment.


It hurt. God it hurt but it felt good too. Each time Adam's hand connected to trembling flesh her body spasmed and her clit throbbed.


He brought his hand down in a dozen quick smacks. Sammy knew she made a picture. Her ass up in the air. Red from the marks her husband gave her while she was trying to rub her clit on his desk to get off. She would be embarrassed later but right now she just wanted to get off.


"Please." She cried out when his hand landed again.


"Please what?" He landed three more.




"Yes. I'm sorry I lied. I'm sorry." Three more.




"Oh God! Adam please!"


Two more. "And."


"I needed the money. I didn't want a divorce. That's why I didn't file nine months ago. I don't want a divorce from you." Sammy was sobbing tears falling down from her face to the desk.


Adam rubbed his wife's precious and gorgeous ass.


"You'll just ask me for the money?"


"Yes! Yes! Adam please!"


He entered her in one powerful stroke. Ramming himself inside hard pulling out a scream from her.


Sammy started to climax the minute Adam entered her. Still he rode her hard and fast. She could hear his grunts close to her ear as he pounded and slammed into her.


"That's it. Take me Baby." He encouraged.


Sammy relaxed and let him take her. His hands bit into her soft flesh but she loved the slight sting. "I'm sorry. I love you."


Quickening his pace, he brought her to a second release this one much stronger and more powerful than the first.


It was a good thing no one was left in the office because her screams would have woken the dead. When he released inside her he tightened her thighs hoping to hold him inside as long as possible.


Collapsing back on the chair Adam held his wife in his arms. When he finally got his breath back he nuzzled her neck.


"You could have just asked me for the money to help your family Samantha. It hurt that you didn't come to me first."


She nodded her head. Of course, he knew she applied for the loans. "I was ashamed."




"I left saying I wanted to find myself without you there. All I found was loneliness. I was miserable without you."


"And you think that makes you a bad person."


She only shrugged a shoulder.


"It makes you my strong, beautiful, smart wife. One I'll never let go of again."


Tilting her head to him she lightly placed her lips against his. "Please don't."


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