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The Phone Call


It was a glorious Sunday afternoon. The sky so blue, a light breeze blowing. Being a person so in tune with nature and the beauty that it has to offer, the whisper of the wind and the kiss of the heat of the sun was enough to have me on the edge of cumming. Lost, as always, in the dreams of touching and being touched, it was no surprise that when the phone rang and he was there to say "hello" to have me dripping. The sweet suggestion of getting naked and sharing an afternoon of delight over the phone had me sliding the black leggings down my legs in anticipation of his hypnotizing voice and his desires spoken in my ear.


Slowly, as if he were there to watch, I undressed. The shirt being removed slowly, revealing bit by bit, my soft and silky skin. The bra gently releasing my huge breasts. My index finger being slipped between my lips as my tongue wets the tip and gently caresses my nipple. The nipple immediately responding to the wetness and gentle rub as I imagined his tongue and then his lips closing slowly to suckle the nipple. The desire I could hear as he spoke my name and sweetly suggested that I spread my legs wide so he could rest his head on the inside of my thigh.


Already my long and slender finger slipped into the waiting wetness and my breathing deepened. The whisper of moans leaving my lips as the heat of skin touched deeply inside my wetness. His whispered words telling me how he would spread my pussy lips wide and the mention of his fingers sliding deep inside. Yessssssssss... The images, the feelings, the sliding juice as it made its way slowly out of my sweet pussy. My soaking wet finger as it made its way to my mouth. My mind seeing it as his beautiful cock, the head glistening with my juice as he slowly rubbed the head in a circular motion around my lips and my tongue darting out to feel the silk and taste the nectar waiting to be sucked deep into my mouth. The long shaft sliding all the way into my mouth. The throat muscles relaxing to suck him fully in. My hand reaching up to hold the shaft and just insert the head of his cock into my waiting wet and warm mouth. My lips closing tightly to caress the head and rim with my tongue and lips.


Telling him how my tongue wanted to swirl around the head, dip deep into his eye, taste of his pre-cum. As I hold the head of his cock gently with my top lip, the lower lip working back and forth on his rim, I can feel his tongue working my button. As he speaks the words, I live the feelings. My breathing becoming choppy and my moans building until I am spilling cum. Feeling as if he has sucked my soul into his mouth, I pour juice into my palm and drink deeply knowing how he loves the taste, the smell, the sweetness of me.


As I tell him of the need to have him buried deep inside of me. To have him behind me, his hands gripping my hips and allowing my ass to slam against his crotch. My pussy muscles milking his cock and feeling him as he swells inside of me. My hips are moving in a circular motion and I know I am cumming over and over. He tells me how he wants to be bathed in my juice, have it dripping down his balls as he slams inside of me. I want him covering me with the wetness. I want to feel his cock covering my sweet ass with juice and have him dip back inside of me to cover himself with more of my wetness.


He tells me to cum. He needs to hear me cum. I want to scream but all that comes out is the moans from deep in my throat. I can hardly breathe for the feelings he has made my body feel with just his words. His sexuality and pure enjoyment of making love to me have me cumming over and over. I need him to cum with me. I tell him to cum. Baby, cum. Now. I hear him, I know he is cumming and I react immediately by cumming with him.


How is it, that just a phone call, just the whispered words have made me cum so much? To feel as if he were there with me and that all that he says is happening. My lips so swollen. My pussy so satisfied, aching, throbbing and feeling so thoroughly pleasured. My nipples so puffy as they always are after love making. My eyes so hard to open, so heavy from the desire. The enticing aroma from the enjoyment of making love. I love what he has done to me, for me, with me. I love his sensuality. I love how he loves a woman and her innermost secrets. I love how easy it is to make love with him. Mmmmmm. I’m looking forward to the next encounter, if only over the phone.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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