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Sex art for erotic sex stories by Samarel | Order canvas prints for your bedroom

Secret Lovers


It started with phone calls to my husband. You worked with him for five years. You would call every two to three months and when I answered, I'd say "no, he's not home. May I take a message"? And you would always say, "no, I'll see him at work". After three years of this, one night you called and decided to introduce yourself over the telephone. We chatted for an hour about many subjects and you made me laugh. We exchanged e-mail addresses and you told me to show my husband how to send you an e-mail. That really made me laugh. He hates the computer. So, you sent me an e-mail. Telling me how much you enjoyed our telephone call and left a quote in your e-mail. Two weeks later you called again and he wasn't here and so the ritual began. We would talk and laugh and have very thought-provoking conversations and after the fifth call, you told me how my sexy voice would turn you on. I gave you my work number and you began to call me at work. You would tell me that the minute you heard my voice, you would be hard. I loved how you stimulated my mind with your intellectual conversations and I found that I liked the idea that you would get hard at just hearing my voice.


After two months of talking, we agreed we should meet just to know to whom we were talking to. We met at an agreed upon place and I left my car and you took me to your beautiful house in the mountains. It was spring and the day was so warm. We sat on your deck and enjoyed the hummingbirds and you offered me a Popsicle. I 'chose banana and I began to lick and suck the Popsicle and you asked me why I did not bite it. I told you my teeth were cold sensitive and that I always just licked and sucked on anything cold. I watched your eyes as they watched my mouth. Before I knew it, you were standing in front of me. Your jeans unbuttoned and your hard cock thrusting at my mouth. I took you in my mouth and you told me how you loved the feeling of the cold on your cock. It wasn't long and you came and I sucked and licked every wonderful drop of your juice. Then I had to go. You took me back to my car and made me promise to get on the computer and let you know that I had made it home safe.


When I got home, you had already e-mailed me. Oh' I remember how it made me laugh when you told me you had no idea that I was built like a brick shit house and that I had long, brown hair, large green eyes and a smile that beckoned as if to say come fuck me. Bedroom eyes would be how my eyes have been described to me by many men. You said you had no idea that my husband was married to someone so beautiful. You couldn't believe that we hadn't had sex in five years. You stroked my ego and I loved the compliments as it had been so long since a man had captured my interest. I e-mailed you and we exchanged messenger nicks so we could chat. You wanted to meet again. I was feeling guilty for betraying my marriage and felt we needed to stop talking to each other. You did not want to. All you could talk about was how badly you had wanted to fuck me.


How you loved my long legs, clad in their tight leggings and that you knew I wasn't wearing any panties. I told you that I never wear panties and I knew what you were thinking. I was dripping just at the thought of you being hard again. I didn't dare tell you how badly I had wanted that cock deep inside my tight, wet, hot, dripping pussy. I didn't believe in affairs and I didn't want to get involved with you. You told me you didn't care that I was married. That you were infatuated with my voice, 'my huge breasts, my nice ass, my long legs and my eyes and smile. You said you would take any time that I would give you. Even if it was just to talk. You love my intelligence and they way I can speak on any subject. You tempted me, beyond my convictions of being true to my husband. I agreed to meet you but I didn't tell you that it would only be one more time''


We decided to meet in a parking lot even though my husband was out of town. I told you I would drive as I knew of a wonderful place in the mountains where no one ever went. As I drove along, you took ice cubes from your cold drink and began to rub them over my breasts. The mix of your warm hands and the cold wetness on my tits was driving me crazy. I asked you to stop as I could not concentrate on my driving but you continued until I had to pull to the side of the road and I began to kiss you deeply and passionately. You rubbed my pussy and I rubbed your cock and soon I had you in my mouth. I sucked you gently and ran my tongue all around the head of your cock before I closed my lips tightly over you and sucked you until you were ready to cum. Then I sat up and continued driving. You were so shocked and I laughed so hard. You thought it amusing to tease me and I found it just as amusing to tease you.


When we arrived, just as I thought, we had the park completely to ourselves. As soon as we got out of the car, you were kissing me. I turned around and you yanked my leggings down and fucked me quick and hard. Oh man, it had been too long for me and I came so quick and hard. To have your thick cock inside of me was heaven and I loved being fucked and the light slaps that you gave me on my ass were enough to drive me wild. When you finished, we licked each other clean and decided to walk and enjoy the beauty of the day. We kissed and touched and laughed until it was time to head back.


On the way back, you asked to see my home. I took you there and you were so quiet. I knew you were thinking about my husband, your friend. I was thinking the same thing. I told you I would take you back to your car and you said no. You told me you wanted to fuck me on my bed. I felt too guilty and didn't want to. You started kissing me, your tongue leaving a trail of fire on my skin as you began to move me toward my room. Once there, you laid me on the edge of the bed, undressed me and as you stood by the side of the bed, you wrapped my legs around your neck and proceeded to fuck me the deepest I had ever been penetrated. It was glorious. I lost my mind to the feel of you and your expertise. We came together at exactly the same time without ever exchanging a word. When I came to my senses, I walked down the hall into the bathroom and shut the door. I washed and wondered what in the world I had done. Not only had I betrayed my husband, I had betrayed him in his own home. Oh, not in his bed for we did not share the same bed, but still, it was in his home.


I came out of the bathroom, walked to my bedroom and got dressed. I found you in the living room looking at all the family pictures and I could see in your eyes the same guilt that I was feeling. I picked up my car keys and we left to take you to your car. Once there, I told you I could never do that again. You tried to tell me that it just couldn't be in my house but I said no. I told you that I just couldn't live with the guilt. You said you understood. We kissed goodbye and you asked if we could still talk on the phone. I said, of course. As you drove away, I wondered what the point was. I would still go home to an empty marriage where my husband and I lived as best friends Ahhh but I had made a commitment. The guilt thing. I remember falling asleep, with tears streaming down my face.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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