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The fall


It has turned to fall now. The brilliant reds of the sage brush and scrub oak mixing with the gold of the aspen trees bring our senses to their peak as we walk by the stream. We walk, slowly through the fallen leaves and smell the clean, crisp air of the mountains and without speaking, we turn to each other. My hand slides down the front of your jeans and I find you already hard. Your hand slides between my legs and you find I am already wet. As our hands roam each other's bodies, our mouths meet and our tongues find a way to dance with each other. I feel myself starting to tremble and already I am having trouble standing. Our breathing quickens, and I am well aware that you are more than ready to slide deep into my wetness. We move up against an aspen tree and you slide my leggings down my legs and as I step out of them, I turn my back to you. I place my hands on the trunk of the tree and bend over so that you may slide into me from behind. You quickly step out of your jeans and then gently rub the head of your cock between the crack of my ass so I can feel that pre-cum of yours. I am moaning, excited by the feel of the wetness of you.


Easily, you slide into my wet, waiting pussy. You penetrate me as deep as your luscious cock can go and I grip you tightly. You can feel my muscles clenching you deep into my pussy and my legs shake at the incredible feeling of you. You begin to move in and out of me taking long, slow strokes, nearly sliding out of my tight pussy just to have me grip you harder. You slide out of me and with your hand, you hold your cock and rub it all over my pussy lips and tease my button with the head. I reach in between my legs, gently rubbing the head of your cock with my thumb, rubbing the eye and moving slowly around your rim. I stand up, turn around and kneel in front of you to take you into my mouth. As my tongue gently rolls around the head of you, I can taste the sweet honey juice from my pussy and I close my mouth around you tightly and suck all of me from you.


As the pressure of my lips sliding on your cock brings the feel of my pussy to your body, you thrust into my mouth, wrapping your fingers in my long, soft hair and guide my head at a pace that feels the best to you. I can feel the cum start. I know you are ready to explode in my mouth. I pull back, looking up at your face to see how your eyes are closed. You look surprised to find I have removed my mouth from you but you are quickly soothed by my mouth sucking your balls into the heat of my mouth. This is not enough for you and you pull me up, turning me around and gently putting the tip of your cock against my ass. I slowly back my ass up to you and can feel the cock against my "forbidden" hole. You slide your cock into my soaking pussy, making sure you are covered in my juices. Then you slowly, ever so slowly, slide deep into my asshole and I am rocked with the pleasure of that feeling.


I scream at the feeling and you begin to slide in and out, slowly, letting my juice join yours and I beg you to cum as I am now ready to have the most explosive orgasm I have ever experienced. You start to move harder, faster, pushing and pulling on my hips until I can feel that you are going to explode. As you climax, so do I and I continue to have orgasm after orgasm, my pussy throbbing with the remembrance of your cock inside my pussy and how it now is clenched tightly in my ass. As the orgasms, subside, you gently lower me to the ground and we lie there, under a perfectly gorgeous autumn day.


It is night...the birds have gone to bed, yet, the night is alive with sounds. I am meeting you, in our favorite place. It is secluded with the sounds of the stream running nearby. I hear a sound and I whisper…"Where are you". I receive no reply and my nerves become edgy wondering who or what is with me. Before I can turn, you grab me from behind and wrap my breasts in your warm hands. My nipples react immediately to your touch and I feel the excitement of what is to come.


You turn me gently and our mouths meet…hot and wet as we explore the tastes contained within. Have I told you that when you begin to kiss me, touch me, even speak to me…I become wet with desire for you. It is not lust…it goes far deeper than that...I'm sure I love you for you have such a softness to you.


You are like a little boy inside needing to be held and loved. Come to me, babe…I want to hold you and feel you next to me. Tonight, I just want to kiss and touch. I want to shiver from your touch and hope for fulfillment in another way. The way the soul just needs the closeness of a loved one.


Though my mind feels that these are the only actions required, my body is saying differently. My body yearns for your tongue…did you know that I find oral sex to be the most intimate way of making love and for two people to show just how much they really care? Let's explore each other with our mouth and tongue and lose ourselves in the feelings that are inspired with the intimacy of making love. Let me love you…soul to soul, skin to skin, tongue to tongue and finally, you deep inside me as I explode from the closeness of it all and the joy of knowing what I read in your eyes, hands, mouth, tongue and your hardness.


You sleep...I slip away...knowing we shall meet again to share the feelings I have always searched for in a man. How sad is it that I always have to leave you? Just once, I'd love to spend the night with you as you own my very being. You own my body, mind, spirit, heart and soul...yet, I cannot be yours.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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