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The need to taste him

Miss No Name

I needed to see him, touch him, taste him, but more than anything I needed to make sure he felt needed, and not just played with by a bunch of horny women hiding behind a computer screen. If it was only for one night, I was going to give and take all I had and let him do the same. I booked a flight, packed a bag, made hotel reservations and drove to the airport without really thinking it all through.


It was twilight by the time I got to his new venture, an old theater turned concert venue. Standing in front of the closed glass vestibule, my mind snapped with a fleeting thought there may not be anyone here on a Sunday, but my body refused to believe it. Nerves were beginning to take hold of me when the interior doors flashed open, and a big, beefy man with short, spiked hair appeared. “Is Jack around?” He swung the door wide, and I stepped inside. “There's a band rehearsing. He's in there.” He gestured down the corridor and then he glanced down at my long coat. “Help yourself. ”When I emerged into the auditorium, It was breathtaking the details of the restored building were fabulous. Just then, I spotted Jack he looked magnificent and was working at a microphone stand, adjusting the height and rearranging its position.


My heart rate responded immediately and I felt the heat he brings in my entire body every sexual nerve was on alert and I was already damp between my legs. He was wearing a tight black T-shirt and jeans, his hair hanging down as he bent over. He was smiling and chatting to a woman in front of him. She was tall and elegant, her blue-black hair cut in a dramatic bob. She talked animatedly while fiddling with a guitar that hung across one hip. Of course, I thought, there would be a string of women in his life; I know from just looking at his comments on his social network I was just one of many that he expressed interest in.


Just as I began to wonder if I could escape unseen, Jack reached over to a mixing board on one side of the stage and flicked several switches with skill; just as he turned back, he glanced over and saw me. His eyes flashed immediately. He said something to the woman in front of him, and then jumped fluidly from the stage, strolling over.


“Kimberly, what a pleasant distraction, and you know what I always say about distractions” He looked me over with undisguised appraisal and not a lick of surprise. Smiling at the fact he had me in his arms already and that he used my line back on me I feebly said that I was in the neighborhood. “Were you, indeed?” He gave me an indifferent smile. “And did you lose your way you insolent Woman?” as that was a risky move he chided me while smiling and devouring me with his eyes; that knowing look told me he was about to take a bite out of me yet, in which way was to be seen. Feeling foolish all I could muster was “Oh, absolutely.”


He reached forward, put his hand inside my coat, and slid it open. His eyes fell to my boots, the flash of naked thigh between them and the hem of the dress. He lifted his head. His eyes glimmered, their irises crystal azure. I smiled and shook my head. My heart was pounding in my ears. He stepped closer still, resting his hand on my hip, inside the coat. His other hand slipped to the light jersey of my dress where it clung to my shoulder, and he lifted it lightly, causing a gentle tugging at my breasts with the movement. My nipples were hard, and the movement of the jersey across the taut surface aroused me even more.


“I think we both know what I'm here for.” I breathed my response audibly, my body leaning into his, my lips parted. He gave a dark chuckle. “I can't wait to see what you're going to say next.” He glanced down at my nipples where they rigid against the smooth surface of the material. Why do I feel as if you are teasing me? “We are adults, aren't we?” “Yes, we are.” He breathed in appreciatively. “And I can smell how aroused you are.” His words thrilled me, his face was millimeters from mine and He wanted me, too.


“Yes, I am aroused, so are you.” My lips parted with pleasure, the knowledge of reciprocated desire and anticipation of the event that could follow delighting me. I knew I was boldly pushing his buttons in ways others dared not but damn it if it was not about time someone did. Capturing my hand, he led me to a door stage left, punched a sequence of numbers into the keypad, and pulled me roughly through the doorway. It slammed shut behind us. He backed me up against the wall. Grabbing my wrists, he pinned them above my head, his hips pressed hard against mine all I could think of was Good Lord he is everything a woman could ask for, this woman anyway.


We kissed; it was hungry, open mouths locked together. A barely contained animal lust traveled between us, as palpable as electricity crackling across a stormy night sky. He pulled me toward a door close by and into the room beyond. He fumbled in his pockets, drew out a ring of keys, and locked the door behind us. I glanced around. A dressing table stood against one wall, mirrors over it and on the wall behind. A sink and clothing rails were fitted to the back wall. It was a dressing room. Jack dropped the keys loudly on the floor and then walked over to where I stood. Music stirred through the walls from the auditorium. It was muted, but its dense throbbing sounds reached me at the very same time as Jacks hands pulled my body close to his. He took my coat off, letting it fall to the floor, and ran his hands very deliberately over my breasts.


I let out a breath as his hand felt like they were in my soul, they were hot I love that kind of heat, I needed more the light jersey beneath his hands heightened the sensation of skin reaching for skin. He kissed my neck, brushing the surface lightly. Sensation flew through me from the place where his lips moved on my bare skin. In one long, slow stroke, he bent and moved his hands up from the top of my boots, under my dress, and around the back of my thighs. His hands traced the line of my Lace thong, pulling at the skimpy line of material.


I moved my hips, in response to the sounds that reached them through the walls. As a woman's voice flew up in a scream of song, Jack climbed his fingers into the humid spot inside me; as my head fell back in ecstasy .I looked into his eyes and circled my hips on his hand. I was burning; he made me so hot for him. “What is it that you really want, Kimberly?” It was a whisper against my ear .I couldn't reply, because the contact with him had taken away logical thoughts. He drew back and looked into my eyes with a curious stare, his hot breath covering my face.


“I want you,” I murmured, breathing his breath into my lungs. “Pardon me” was his response. “What was that you said” he was going to toy with me some more…But I give into him as I surrender my hips moved, begging him to take control of them .He nodded, smiling and then turned me in his arms, pressing against my back, his cock hard and defined against my buttocks. The movement was so sudden and sexy; it knocked the breath from my lungs. Reflected in the mirror, I am in awe at the vision we make together. Jack looked over my shoulder, admiring the same vision too. "I like these boots Kimberly," he murmured. "They make you just the right height.” He stroked his hand up the line of my spine and slowly but firmly pushed me over until he had me bent at the hip. His cock was hard against my butt, and I naturally lifted my heels against him. I gasped, wriggling in his grasp; my sex was aching with need .The heat inside me was unbearable as he pushed my dress up to my waist, and the bulge of his cock resting back between my ass cheeks as it was revealed to him. I glanced left, saw them reflected in the mirror, blatantly, provocatively, animalistic. He lifted my thong to one side. I struggled against him, turning away from the image I saw in the mirror. It was hot, shocking. Too much. "No, keep looking.” His tone was demanding, making me quake with lust. "I want you to see how good you look while I'm fucking you."


He nodded, smiling, and then turned me in his arms, pressing again, louder, when he reached down and rocked one finger over my clit. I tossed my head back, my hair flying as I looked back at him. His eyes were dark, shining. His lips were pressed together, his mouth hard and determined. “Jack, please,” I whispered, but I thought I was screaming my voice quiet and urgent. “Hush, I intend to have you right now. I'm going to do what I should have done months ago and bury my cock inside you.”


“Dear God, yes”, I uttered; he moved my legs spreading them wider, my sex pounding furiously at his words. I heard the merciful sound of his zipper, I watched in the mirror as he took the base of his cock in the sexiest way and began to drive himself slowly into me, I groaned. He filled me completely. The fabric of my Lace thong was tight between my pussy lips, capturing my clit. I felt wild yet tethered. “Fuck me hard,” I said “Believe me, I intend to.” He said the words through gritted teeth. He pulled me roughly into position on him and began to drive his cock in and out, his hands holding my hips. I pressed back, meeting each thrust with a low cry from deep in my throat.


I braced my arms against the sink. “You're a wild creature, Kimberly, aren't you? I knew it the moment I first saw you. ”I drove back onto him, my feet spreading wide to hold me upright when I began to feel the heat of a climax building. “I'm going to come. . . I wanted to come.” I was fevered, anxious. My voice wavered up as I drew from him and then reached again. MY fingers tightened on the porcelain; my head hung down, and my hips worked quickly in circular motions against him. I felt him slide a hand up my throat and stroke my neck from my chin downwards, lifting my torso upright, taking my weight, and crushing my entire body down onto his cock.


My toes barely scraped the floor. I utterly screamed with pleasure. I could feel his cock there, in my throat, beneath his hand. Hot, hard, ready to burst and flood. We both felt it. He groaned deeply, and I felt his cock grow harder still, wedged against my cervix, with a loud groan and a full tug on my hair I could feel the pulse of his cock and the warmth as he came. I wriggled and flexed, desperate for the release. A flash of divine heat traveled through my body. As the heat blossomed and spread outward, I gave a long, low moan, my body convulsing. His hand stayed locked over me until I slowed my movements and finally stilled. I wavered. My body felt weak.


He pulled free, holding me until I fell against the wall for support. I watched jack watching us together in the mirrors still, panting my body gave a final shudder of release and I whimpered, my body sliding down against the wall. He kissed me softly and gently lowered my skirt before, He pulled up his zipper, and then reached over and began helping fix my shirt. He kissed my mouth and stroked my body, calming me with his broad, warm touch, his gentle kisses. I met his mouth anxiously, realizing that this was a new sensation—his mouth on mine in intimate, gentle kisses. His lips were firm and sensual. His hands on me were possessive, giving their shared kisses the deepest intimacy.


“Baby, I've got to... move,” he murmured. “I have an appointment.” He pulled away from me slightly, a small frown gathering as he looked at me with curiosity. “But I'd like to entertain you again very soon, in better surroundings.” I moved my hands across his chest, touching his firm, leanly muscled chest through the soft material of his T-shirt. I knew wanted to see him naked; I wanted to see his fantastic cock again, taste it and ride it. Soon, I looked at him, waiting to see his reaction.


He nodded, “Tomorrow come to my place, I'll give you the address or, I could collect you and we could go for a drink? “He held me in a tight grip and lifted my chin with his hand. “Do we have an arrangement?” “Yes, tomorrow, please”. He smiled down at my boots and bent to place a kiss on my bare thigh. As we went through the door, I heard the music strike up again and turned to him, smiling suggestively. He urged me on. You'd better go before I decide to lock you in here with me and throw away the key.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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