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Sex art for erotic sex stories by Samarel -

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Mind Blowing Sex
Miss No Name


She laid in bed with her heart pounding, thinking to herself, "Did I just do that?!" This man she’d been craving is on his way over right now as she instructed. He’d been begging her, "Please baby, let me..." She’d caved. She’d given him the sexiest of instructions, maybe even hindering on slutty but...who cares. She’d told him to come over, she’d be lying in bed waiting for him. What were her instructions, you might ask -- Her door would be unlocked...come in. There will be one light on in the entrance to the Livingroom that shines up the stairway. Take your shoes off! Come up the stairway, there she’d be. -- He’d never been in her home...She’d never been with him. This was all a new ballgame.


Game on.


She had on a short...peach...lacey nighty, which, was sticking to her body from the desire of what was in store for the rest of the night. She smoothed her nighty down the top of her thighs, her nipples were erect. Freshly showered and shaved in all the right places, perfume sprayed on herself and the sheets...not missing a beat. She cuddled up to her plush comforter, nestled her head in her 6 pillows. She could drift asleep...


Her phone rings, he tells her he’s here and he’s so turned on by this mysterious invite that he’s been longing for. She hears his footsteps up her stairs...She sees his shadow in the darkness moving towards her in the doorway to her bedroom. He drops his bag as he leans down and kisses her for the 1st time, oh so passionately. She tastes a fresh mouth from his gum. Not bad, she thinks to herself, not bad at all. Good kisser, more please. His hands on her shoulders, he eases nearer to her. She reaches out and feels his hard cock in her hand, through his shorts. She whispers, "That turned on hmmm..." He kisses her with so much desire and want, pushing his cock through her firm grasp to feel his full length. She moans in his mouth heavily as he lowers himself beside her onto her bed. She reaches for his shirt...moving her hands up and down...feeling him. Her hands go under his shirt as she rubs him all over. She reaches his short line and he kisses her deeper as she drifts into this real-life fantasy. She sucks his tongue and he groan. He knows. He wants so much.


He leaned down licking her chest, tasting her sweet perfume and sighing. His hand runs down her chest to her thighs, meeting that short hemline of her sexy nightie. He runs his hand around to her ass, squeezing playfully. She lifts her leg up, then over on top of his. She feels him so hard near her growing wetness. He pushes into her and growls in her ear, then kissing hard back to her mouth. With one arm wrapped tightly around her waist, his other hand travels up her thigh, down around her ass, then continuing a little further when he touches wetness. She pushes into his hard cock, wanting to feel him deep inside her...only 2 very thin fabrics separate them...


His fingers run over her wet, bare pussy from behind as he pushes into her from the front. Their kissing intensifies, hungry for each other. He kisses down her chest, pushing aside the spaghetti straps, revealing her hard-taunt nipples to his mouth. He slowly sucks each one, flicking them with his tongue. She moans hotly in her mouth craving him. His finger slips inside her pussy as she moans.... he rubs up to her clit with his thumb, driving her crazy. He pushes her down out of the sideway position then he kisses down her stomach to her thighs, inching down her and down the bed. She spreads her legs for him as he pulls his shirt off over his head quickly. She hears his dog tags clink together...she looks at the shadow in front of her as she licks her lips. She pulls him down to her, needing to feel his kiss. She licks his chin as her hands travel towards his back and chest. He presses into her, his shorts still on...she groans as she licks his chin to his lips. He pushes into her hard. Huskily he says to her, "I need to taste you, feel you, I want you baby..."


He runs his tongue down her neck, pausing to suck her nipples & cup her breasts then move down her stomach. He licks down the full length of her pussy, licking her cum with his full tongue. He licks his way up to her clit and sucks nice and hard, she moans heavily grasping his head. He wraps his arms around her lower body and hold tightly as he sucks contently, she moves her hips up to his mouth close to her first orgasm of the night. One of his hands releases from her and he starts to rub with his finger right below her clit. He then released his other hand...she’s blown away by his ability and desire for her to cum. He starts to finger fuck her, he growls, "Damn baby you’re tight..." as he rubs his finger against the walls of her pussy. He enters 2 fingers, she suctions around them. His thumb travels up and rubs her clit roughly, she thrusts to his touch. She’s close. Her moaning escalates, her body starts to quiver, she squirts hot cum all over his fingers, his mouth was right there to accept her heavenly liquid. He growls at her as her body trembles. He sucked and sucked as much as he could causing her to release more. He says, "Fuck yeah baby, more, give me more." Her body tensed up and contracted, his thumb nestled on her clit, feeling it pulsate against him. He’s the first man who’s ever been able to make her squirt like this. She can do it whenever she wants to but, no man has done so. He should be damn proud.


After that, he moved to oral again, in the 69 position this time...she was craving to suck his cock. He stripped his shorts very quickly. She licked his tip, sucking around his fold, nibbling his throbbing veins. She flicked his tip with her tongue then lowered down his shaft, licking his balls with her tongue. He groans," Fuck yeah." She places her hands around his ass as he thrusts into her mouth. As she’s deep throating his cock, his body trembles as she sucks him harder, tighter, faster. She licks her hand then replaces on his shaft firmly...stroking up and down, pausing to rub her thumb over his tip to tease him. She lowers her hand, thumb pressed into the center, stroking firmly. She gently sucks his balls, rolling them each loosely over her lips then on her tongue. He tongue-fucked her into spasms accompanied by his hands working her body to get what he needs from her. She’s close to cumming again just from his touch and giving him head. She loves head. She craves it so. Being with a man that enjoys her is such a turn on in itself. She cums "normal" and he laps all her creamy cum up. He’s growling. Her clit has grown in size from a tiny baby pea. He fucks her throat groaning, his sweat dripping onto her body. With her free hand, she rubs up and down his chest.


He moves out of position to kiss her. She tastes herself on his lips, sucking them hard. He says, "I know how you love to taste yourself." She wraps her arms around his sweaty body, running her hands over his head. She feels the tip of him teasing her lips. She moans, "Fuck me, please..." She rubs her hand over his back. He rubs his cock up and down her very wet pussy, focused on her clit then moving lower, entering her ever so slowly, just tip. They both moan at the first feel of him inside her. Finally. He grinds down into her fully, she moans louder, bucking her hips up, sending hot sensations throughout her body. He growls as he leans down against her, driving deeper inside her, she feels him throbbing. He pulled out of her, crawled up to her and said," Here baby, I know how you love sucking yourself off a cock..." As she sucked down his shaft moaning as she went down. She licked the tip of him then sucked nice and hard, he growled as she did so. He moved back down, moving her legs onto his shoulders, teasing back inside her awaiting pussy. He leaned down, bending her, kissing her desperately, she sucks his tongue as she moves her hips to meet his. He rocks over her, harder and faster, moving his hand down to her clit, rubbing it as he thrusted in and out of her. She’s close to cumming, he’s learned this by now, he pushes her clit down and gives her a few more hard thrusts then pulls out of her, rushing down to her pussy with his mouth, intent on getting that squirting orgasm he craves from her. He rubs her clit with his thumb, 2 fingers enter inside her and with his other hand he massages her ass. He licks around his fingers and down to her ass. Her body is about to explode as he goes even further to get her off. She moans very heavily, squirting cum all over his hands, he dives in with his hot mouth, sucking on her lips. She’s in lala land. Her body trembles, he’s rocked her world and keeps going. Even with his mouth sucking her cum, a lot escapes down her ass. He licks down...rimming her bud. He’s teasing feels surprisingly great.


She’s shocked he hasn’t cum yet. She knows he’s holding back, she could feel it with giving him head and with their first position of the night, which is why he stopped doing both. Endurance. Stamina. Ohhhh yeah.


He tries several positions...some she’d never even heard of, let alone thought she’d be in. He had her twisted, scrunched up, pinched into...let’s just say, he was workin’ it like she’d ever seen before. Legs above her head, thighs pinching together from his name it, they did it. She’s seen a lot of porn, nothing like this. He’d warned her up front of his animalistic ways know how THAT goes most of the time.


She says, "Let’s try another position" as she moves onto all fours. She looks back at him. He rubs up her silky legs, then over her ass...squeezing, massaging then spanking. He gets off the bed, pulls her down to him, she spreads her knees as he teases her with the tip of his cock. He enters her slowly, the walls of her pussy suctioning his cock. He groans as she backs up and meets his thrusts. She moans heavily with desire, clutching her pillows. He slaps her ass and she moans again. Their penetration is addictive. "Fuck yeah baby", he groans. Harder and faster he enters in and out of her. He says to her," Care to try something you never have hmmm?" As he does so...he slows down his pace. She thinks a second and says," Go for it big boy...just be easy and gentle." He rubs over her bud as he continues a slow pace inside her pussy. He then rubs his cock over her bud. She moans, completely turned on, uninhibited. He’s the pro, she thinks to herself, this is so obvious.


He presses ever so slightly on her virgin bud with his tip, entering a tad. He rubs his cock up and down her pussy to get lubrication. He then presses into her bud a little more. She moans breathlessly, "Easy big boy..." He leans down and licks over her bud, sucking it, spitting on it, then rubbing with his finger gently. He slowly massages his finger around then inching inside. She’s thinking to herself, this feels she moans. He rubs his tip up and down her pussy then slowly enters inside her ass. He goes very slow at 1st, which she likes a lot. He’s growling. He doesn’t want to go this slow. But he has little patience left. He works a little more in and loses control. He’s groaning, "Fuck yeah" as he rubs her ass into a spank. He thrusts into her ass fully, and growls," I’m going to cum soon baby...I can’t hold out much longer"... One more hard thrust, she’s bewildered. Another hard thrust and she breathlessly moans, "Ow..." He screams, "Oh my fucking god yes!!"


loudly...startling her. One more hard, too hard of a thrust inside her...he’s cumming in her ass. She feels his cum shoot inside her. He makes slower thrusts inside as his orgasm is heightened. She feels different. She doesn’t know if she liked it.....but she tried it.


He collapses over her. She feels his cock pulsate on her ass. He crawls down next to her on the bed. Sweat all over his body, as she feels for him, running her fingers over his chest, feeling his tight abs. He leans over kissing her lightly as she feels his heart racing.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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