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Primrose and Lily
Artcore Fantasies


Lily and primrose drifted lightly on the air. The sun had gone behind the clouds; it looked like it might rain. The garden over grown now with ivy; threatened to strangle the flowers that had been left unattended. She noted the lily had taken over the Sweet William and had long ago choked out the Ladies breath.

Sue picked her way through the maze of vegetation, past the sundial. The keeper of time was now gagging with ivy; dripping down its side. The grey flag stone walk way tangled with primrose, cracked in places from past frosts twisted and turned winding its way towards the house. Her foot falls fell in unwavering echoes on the cool stone.

The hickory tree in full bloom brought back memories that had been tucked safely away.

Her silk dress caught on a primrose thorn, Sue cursed softly under her breath, fingering the tiny rip. A slight breeze rose from the lake lifting her hem, she glanced up, knowing he was there watching. Would his honor be tempted by her rising garment? Sue inhaled deeply, she wondered if he noticed the rise and fall of her breasts. Her hand unconsciously smoothed her fiery red hair.

The weather faded brick house, broken only by the green shuttered windows and white awnings stood formally between walnut and maple, the shadows hiding a century worth of ghosts. The stairs led to a portico, dark green ivy climbed the pillars, up the two stories of red brick coming to rest at the grey slate roof.

Juniper and holly snuck up the stairs; she had to pick her way around to gain access the old wooden door. From inside her lace bra, Sue drew out the skeleton key, slid it into the rusted lock. It didn't budge at all.

"Here let me do that," he said coming from the side of the house.

She had almost forgotten he would be there. Richard looked as he always had, his dark hair, wind-blown fell tousled across his forehead. The fine chiseled features lay on a background of dark tanned skin. Richards grey blue eyes sought out hers, a smile crinkled the sides of his mouth.

"It's good to see you Sue, you always loved this house, didn't you?"

"Richard, it's good to see you too. Is my house ready to move in?

Richard was the handy man, who lived in a small cottage at the end of the lane. Sue's husband hired him a few years after they moved in. They had since separated and the house had been sold. It had come back on the market and Sue having always loved it, bought it.

He took the stairs two at a time, nimbly avoiding the juniper. Richard reached for her hand. Lightly he kissed the air just above her skin.

"Well; the house is sound enough, but it may still need a little work. The roof was done last year and the furnace I just replaced last spring."

Richard's huge hand jiggled the key, "this door doesn't get much use," he said putting aside all gentlemanly ways, pushed with a mighty shove throwing his shoulder into it. "Gets a little sticky sometimes," he said his face showed a trace of crimson.

Sue stifled a laugh and went inside. He had been busy, the once dusty old floors boasted new polish, her heels clicked on the smooth surface echoing the long past visitors. Her eyes were drawn to the balustrade running the length of the stairs sweeping up in a curve to the second story floor. There would be time enough to investigate the upper level. Memories waited there, memories of him watching…

Sue marched through the hall, straight through to the familiar French doors tossing them open to let in a rush of cleansing air. Primrose and lily washed over her senses like warm oil, its perfume filling the house.

Richard stood with his hip leaning against the rail, watching her reactions; she hadn't been there for years. She loved the house; it was her husband she had run from, those few years ago. His psyche filled the upstairs rooms; Richard had tried to wash it away with camphor and lye.

Sue plucked a daylily from just outside the French door; they grew rampant from the side of the house jutting their way inside. Raising the petal to her lips her tongue lapped delicately at the sweet inner nectar, Richard's mouth opened in an unconscious mimic of her own. She tossed away the petal watching as the breeze caught it; sending it away down the stone path.

The sunny room darkened as the sun ducked behind the clouds.

Richard stepped lightly behind her, his hand falling gently on her shoulder. She knew why her body cried when he touched her, why the feeling deep in the pit of her stomach fluttered to the surface. Sue's green blue eyes turned up to meet Richard's; her lover from years ago. When she looked into his eyes, her soul threatened to be lost to his.

Richard glanced up the stairs "You remember, don't you? Upstairs in the guest's room; did he watch us, or wait for you to come to him?" her eyes softly closed remembering those long nights. Richards's dark eyes demanded an answer, an answer she knew she couldn't give.

His hand settled on the forbidden curve of her thigh, resting a moment before creeping up the back of her silk dress. Richard's gaze hardened, his fingers sought out the gentle edge of her lace panties. "It's here isn't it, here where the hickory fell, does it still make you hot when you remember?" He whispered.

Sue's breath had slowed to a halt; suddenly she exhaled not realizing she had been holding it in. "Did you run to your room after and finish him off?"

"Richard, please." Her voice came in ragged gasps. "Please don't."

Richards's mouth fell over hers, his tongue probing at her lips. She felt herself melt into his arms. A slow heated kiss rose from their mouths, he tasted the lily still on her breath.

Thunder roared from somewhere outside, rain pattered on the slate roof. "Come out side with me." It wasn't an invitation, but clearly a demand. Sue took his hand; together they went, her mind raced ahead to the hickory tree, the wet branches.

The sundial now shadow-less from the rain; stopped recording time as Richard slid her silk dress down over her heaving breasts. Warm rain washed away the fears from long ago, Sue's eyes closed when his hands found the soft flesh of her breast. Dropping to his knees, tugged at the fabric, her dress fell in a puddle around her feet, relinquishing the rest of her lily-white skin.

Her nerves fired like she knew they would, hot flashes seared through her mind, the pain and pleasures of past events recorded by the sundial were only mere feet away.

"Do you still see him? Does he still like to watch?"

"Richard; you know were not together anymore, I haven't seen him for years."

The rain fell heavily between them; his hair pasted to the side of his head, drops of water fell from his nose. "Does it still make you hot? The water, the wet hickory switch?" he asked grabbing her hands twisting them behind her back.

"Oh god please; Richard," She cried, feeling those stirrings deep in the pit of her sex.

"This time when I take you in the guest room and you lay helpless over the bed with your panties down to your knees, it won't be David there, it will only be me."

His mouth found hers again, a sweeping kiss across soft lips, down her neck, nibbling the flesh. Sweet rain fell over their hot skin. His hands rose to release the cups of her lacy black bra. Her breasts swung free, rain rolled over her skin. Reaching out Richard held her breasts as he would a fragile dish. He cradled them, caressing the
undersides, rolling the delicate points between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them gently, then pinching each harder; eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

Bending, he trailed his mouth across one breast then the other, tasting the silky peaks leisurely. He circled the soft pink breasts with his tongue, then firmly stroked across her right nipple with the flat of his tongue. He caught it tightly between his lips, sucking and nipping it lightly until Sue cried out.

Slowly Richard knelt before her, exploring her lily skin with his fingertips, running over her sides and along the curve of her waist, making her body arch toward his touch. His hands roamed past her hips to caress her soft bottom still covered by lace panties. He rained kisses down the front of her body, licking and nibbling the flesh of her ribs and belly, over her hip and along the outside of her thigh. Slowly his thumbs hooked the black lace dragging it down over her quivering wet skin. His tongue followed his fingers, but not yet touching her sweet inner lips.

He trailed his nails over her legs and up her calves to tease the back of her knees as his tongue explored her inner thighs. Richard grasped her bottom tightly as he kissed her now parted rose colored lips, flicking the tip of his tongue lightly over her unfolding slit. His tongue danced over the hard nub emerging from its folds, back and forth across the sensitive flesh until her clit throbbed beneath his mouth.

Reaching up he found her nipples once more, taking them between his fingers to tug and pinch. Sue drove against him as his tongue tore into her hot, tight canal. She constricted around him as he probed deeper, in and out.

She allowed the feeling to take her over, commanding her attention. It was impossible to keep still. Her concentration left, puddling like the silk dress on the ground. Fire spread throughout her body. Sue felt her climax explode from her, tipping over, spilling along with the rain; onto his lips and tongue. He pushed her roughly up against the stone sundial, rain poured down over them.

"Richard, please," she choked over the words "Take me now, fuck me." She reached boldly between his legs, feeling the hardness still contained in his pants. Her hands fumbled for his zipper. He stopped her; holding her back against the hard-cold stone.

"Tell me! Did he watch us, did he see your eyes cry with pain and pleasure? Did he see your bottom all hot and red, tied; helpless and writhing on the white satin sheets? Did you run to him later and let him rub oil onto your hot flesh?"

"Yes! Yes he watched, he watched from the closet, it drove him wild watching you. Watching us make love afterwards, the wild fucking from behind. I never wanted him though, I only wanted you!"

Richard closed his eyes briefly remembering… How she squirmed and shook. How her body rolled and swayed with every stroke of the switch. How he pounded her from behind after; and the screams of pleasure as he rode her hard.

So David had been watching; she had gone to him after and finished him off; stroking him, allowing him release.

Her husband was gone, Sue was his now and he would have her like he did then; upstairs on the white satin sheets.

Lightning flashed on the nearby lake, accentuating that dangerous look in his eyes. A look she remembered well. It was always followed by her tied helplessly waiting for the strike to her soft white skin. Richard dragged her to the nearby tree, the wet branches waved lazily in the wind. His hands tore away a hickory stick. "This is what you want isn't it? What you've come back for. Tell me sue does it still make you wet." He whispered in her ear.

"Richard no, that's not why I came back!" A river of rain ran down her face. Shivers of cold consumed her skin.

"Come inside before you freeze, we'll see later if it still makes your skin dance.

The familiar ache flooded her senses, the knowing, the feeling of the hickory, the pleading for him to stop. It all came crashing back. Inside Richard led her upstairs, into the bathroom to find a towel. She stood naked watching him peel off his wet clothes. His body was even stronger than before, the years of handyman work had been good for him. Lean hard muscle bulged at his arms around his chest, down to his midsection. Then the piece between his legs, still stiff, but not fully aroused. Further she looked at his huge thighs and lean calves promising strength and an endurance she remembered well.

"Come here, let's get you dried off." He held a soft white towel, wrapped it around her as she came close. He hugged her body tight until her shivers stopped. "Better" he asked. Sue nodded her head and sat on the side of the tub, while Richard dried himself. Her eyes went to the hickory switch lying on the counter, she knew he would have to prepare it, skin off the bark and smooth out the bumps. Sue could feel the twitch of anticipation, the creeping of the juices between her legs. He was right that's why she had come back. No one knew how to handle it like him. No one could make her blood boil her body shake and twitch, bring her to the heights of sheer wanton passion the way he could.

"Go into the guest room and wait for me. Just light the fire it's already prepared"

That was just like him to have everything ready; the fire place would be a welcome treat on the cool rainy afternoon.

Not really surprised she found an outfit on the bed, satiny pale pink panties and matching satin chemise. The fire place first, she lit it and stood a moment soaking up the heat. From across the room she eyed the closest, then without thinking picked up a blanket neatly folded at the end of the bed and covered the closet door. There would be no more peeking, no more running back to her room to finish him off.

Back to the bed Sue held the silk panties in her hand feeling the coolness next to her skin. Slipping them in place elicited a moan from deep within. The chemise slipped around her shoulders and arms, she lightly tied it just above her waist.

Richard stood watching her every move; the pale pink panties excited him. Sue could feel his eyes upon her. Turning to face him in the door way, shuddered at the clean-shaven switch in his hand.

"Your gorgeous Sue, you haven't changed a bit," he said striding toward her. "Your hands love. Give me your hands." Sue turned offering her hands behind her back. Control was lost to him as he wound a soft cloth tie around her wrists.

His pace changed; his eyes dark and attentive. Edging her closer to the bed pushed her lightly over the side exposing her bottom to him. Richard heard her sharp intake of breath, her bottom quivered waiting for his attention. The cool wet hickory touched the back of her thighs, her muscle tensed. A whimper escaped her; as his hand dragged the pink panties down to her knees. Richards hand fell onto her back his other caressed her soft bottom skin. Moisture leaked unabashed from her sex. The first strike left a small red mark, then another and another. His hand was light but quick, her bottom danced and swayed with each smart lick.

Helpless to stop the stinging blows, sue hands desperately tried to gain freedom from the binds. Her bottom was on fire, and still the hickory fell, as she lay vulnerably on the white satin sheets with her panties down around her knees.

The spanking slowed, a finger found her wet entrance, slipping inside her. Sue's body cried out, her need great. She wiggled higher on the bed, her bottom all hot and red pushed up for him to take. "Richard please, no more, take me oh god just take me." She cried. Richard teased her hot skin, vigorously rubbed her hot swollen flesh. Taking her bottom in his hands his mouth covered her sweetness; like dew drops on his mouth he tasted her need, her want.

The hickory switch fell to the floor as he climbed up behind her, his hot pole pressed into her nether lips. Sinking deep inside, he rode her as he had in the past. Deep strong strokes against her soft inner flesh made her gasp and moan, thrashing, moving wildly against him. Their bodies collided over and over, heat from the fireplace made them both sweat. Hot rivulets of lather ran down their skin. Sue felt him stiffen and swell; her own body released its gush just before his hot semen coated her insides.

They fell together in heap of sweat and pleasure, finishing with her head resting on his strong chest. Nuzzling her neck, Richard laid soft kisses down to her breasts. His hands soothed her reddened bottom.

Tonight she would stay with him.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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