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I feel him
Tangled up by me


I am standing looking out the window, there is a slight breeze blowing softly through it. Suddenly I am not alone he is here, I hear nothing yet I feel him, there is a tension in the air as if he knows I am at odds with my­self. I stand still like a statue ignoring his presence waiting... Now he is closer I still hear nothing but I can smell him, the hair on the back of my neck rises, my nipples stiffen and he instantly catches the fact that I have unwillingly acknowledged his presence.


He walks up behind me and touches my shoulder he says he loves me, pushes the hair away from my neck replac­ing it with his lips. All of my senses are alive I know I truly love him back but things are not all that easy. He continues his pursuit by kissing my face, my neck, then my face again, his tongue traces a line from the corner of my lips to my ear a low groan escapes my lips as he slips my earring into his mouth and flips it around with his tongue. Mind –blowing Move, I remember the first time he ever did that to me it was in late November at the beach, it was cold but I was hot, he has not had the time to do that in a long time and I had forgotten how it could make me go all soft inside. His hands are making a ball of my nightgown pulling it up by my thigh he keeps bunching it up further, I raise my arms up, and he simply lifts it over my head.


It crumbles to the floor he strips his clothes off quickly even his socks he always has loved skin to skin contact, he begins to talk very softly and slowly to me as he is simultane­ously stroking me with his fingertips. He is commenting on how my shoulders form a V in the middle of my back, he tells me "your skin is so smooth like velvet and so soft" I am in a trance and am unable to speak afraid to admit I need him more than anything in my life. He is talking about the small of my back the way it curves into my buttocks. I stopped listening and silently asked god what in the world did he put under his fingertips and how could it affect me so deep inside.


I was jolted back to the room with a brisk slap on my ass he laughs low and says to pay attention he is still giving an oral list of my assets. He turns me around in a rough sort of way but when I looked up into his eyes, I can just see the passion in them. He pushes my back against the wall and is kissing me, fast, wet, heated kisses his hands are everywhere burning me he begins to squeeze my breasts, taking each one in his hand gently loving them as if they were an entity of their own. Seizing my nipples, biting, sucking yet kissing each one and yet saying how he loves my reaction to him even when I act like I don't care my body tells the truth.


Lazily he teases me" Your hot and you know it, your nipples are like little marbles, and your eyes are hazy and half closed yet you continue to stare at nothing." He instructs me to part my legs, I do he touches between them they are swollen and wet he says, "Look your wet; it's dripping down your leg what in the world is wrong". I look away he pulls my face back there are tears in my eyes he does not understand. I stare at him then drop to my knees His cock is huge I don't ever think I have seen it so hard and thick its purple head is sticking into my face I open my mouth, he knows where to go I am running my tongue on the shaft as I get to the tip I play with it. It is very cute, has a mind of its own, he readjusts himself, I take him fully in my mouth.


Shoving himself further down my throat until the back of my head hits the wall yet I do not care he is oblivious and it turns me on so much I just keep taking him further. He says he loves me, needs me and all along he is thrusting his member in and out of my mouth he is sweating and it is dripping on me he suddenly asks in a strained voice are you ready? This is my cue I take my finger lace it around the base of his cock and pull tight he stops and removes himself from my mouth. I speak for the first time tonight "No" I stand up and walk into the bedroom, he follows I'm not sure which one of us wants it worse but I refuse to let him know. I lay down he lays on top of me I think for a moment and decide to give it up for the time being.


I shove him off he is about to protest when he realizes I am climbing on top of him. He smiles; I laugh as I lower myself onto him. He is a God bigger than normal days and the initial entry is tough. In contrast we quickly begin sliding up and down together he is sucking my nipples and I am contracting constantly we are in sync with each other as I continue the pat­tern of grinding that we both know so well. There is no need to tell him anything, he says he will meet me there I can hardly breathe and his face is tight he asks if I am ready this time I say yes, now, yes.


We meet our climax together as always continuing each thrust as if it would be the last one. We return to reality, he tries to hug me and says he loves me yet again I turn away and say," you don't have time to love me."


He gathers me back up and turns my head he kisses me deep using his tongue to part my lips, I surrender completely he simply states, "I will make the time", and I know he will try but it will never happen however, As he lays his head down on my chest in that moment of peace I know that it does not matter if we are together or apart he has planted a seed in my heart and will always be a part of me just as if I will al­ways be a part of him.​


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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