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Sex with the neighbor
Artcore Fantasies | 
Erotic sex art by Samarel

It had been about a week since my first "lesson" with my boss, Lacy, and I have had several more since then. David has also come over once or twice after work. He asked to come by tonight, but it was my night off, and I wanted to be alone. I went out to dinner, took in a movie, and went home. My neighbor was in the elevator again. I smiled at him but he didn't smile back. Instead, he stared at me through those shades, clenching and unclenching his hands. I stepped closer to the door, keeping an eye on him. When the elevator stopped, I got out first and hurriedly rushed to my door. I got the key in and the door open...I just didn't get it shut in time. He came in behind me, quietly closing the door behind him. I turn around to look at him and he grabs me. Swinging me around, he forces me back against the door, his right arm coming across my throat. "Do you like it rough." he asks, grabbing my breast and squeezing.

I shook my head.
"Have you ever had it rough?" he asks, pushing up my skirt and forcing my legs apart.
I shook my head.
"Then how do you know whether you like it or not?" He asks again while he rips my panties off of me.
I just stare mutely at him.

"Let's find out." He says, bending his head and biting my breast through the cotton. I gasp in pain and try to get away. He just laughs and bites harder. "Do you know you can find pleasure with pain." he whispers in my ear as his hand is stroking my pussy.
I shake my head.
"Oh, yes," he replied "Pain and pleasure can make a good combination, when done right."
I'm starting to writhe against his hand, pushing my pussy closer to it.

"Please..." I beg.
Please what?" he asks.
"I....I don't know..." I reply breathlessly.
"What? what do you want? Do you want my cock in you? Do you want me to fuck you with my hard cock? Ram it in you so you scream? You want me to fuck you right against this door?"
"YES!" I scream grabbing his cock through his pants.

He pushes away my hand and pulls his pants down. I can feel his cock rubbing against me. His head is wet with precum. I reach down and he grabs my hand and holds it above my head. The head of his cock slides into my pussy. He rams his cock into me, thrusting me back against the door. He covers my scream with his mouth. Furiously he starts thrusting in and out of me. My pussy feels like it's on fire! He seems to go on forever. I am trapped, his body pressing me into the door while his hand holds mine above my head and his arm is across my neck. Just as I'm about to cum... he bends his head and bites my breast again, cumming into me. He removes himself from my body and releases me. I slump to the floor, still shaking from my orgasm. I start to get up and stagger to the bathroom.

He grabs me around the waist and says "uh, uh...I ain't done with you yet." pushing me towards the bedroom. He shoves me on the bed following behind and takes my wrist in his hand. I hear a click and cold metal is laying against it. He loops the other handcuff through the bars on my bed and captures my other wrist, locking that one in too. I am now handcuffed to the bed and totally at his mercy. He climbs on top of me and grabbing my shirt in his hands, he rips it. Buttons pop everywhere and he shoves my shirt and bra up my arms. He pulls down my skirt and throws it to the floor. I am now only wearing my heels. His hands run up my legs onto my inner thighs.

Giving me a pinch, he tells me not to move. He gets off the bed and strips. Taking off his shades, I can now see his eyes are a smoky gray. His body is heaven. Long and lean with perfect abs and muscles. His cock juts proudly out from his groin. His balls hang heavy. He gets back on me and starts pinching my nipples with his fingers. Taking one into his mouth, he bites it. I give a little cry out and he sucks it into his mouth, scraping his teeth on my breast. His other hand is squeezing my other breast real hard. It hurts...but it feels good too. He releases my breast and his hand dives into my hair, holding my head steady. His knees are beside my head when he shoves his cock all the way into my mouth, almost making me gag.

"Blow me." he says holding my head steady.

I start sucking his cock, wanting to give some payback, I use my teeth. He slaps my breast. I feel tears come to my eyes. "Just your teeth." he says, slapping my other breast. I suck him, forever it seems like, while he continues to squeeze and pinch my breasts. Finally, he gives one last thrust and I swallow his cum. Removing his cock out of my mouth, he licks my tears with his tongue. Moving downward, he leaves my sore breasts with his mouth. Reaching up, he releases my wrist from the handcuff. Turning me onto my stomach, he hooks my wrist back up. His hands run down my back to my ass. He squeezes my ass and reaches on my nightstand for the KY Jelly I have sitting there. Separating my ass cheeks, he pours some of it on my asshole, rubbing it in good. I feel one of his fingers go into my ass. I clench in reaction and his hand comes down on my ass. You can hear the sound of the crack in the room. "Up on your knees."

I scramble to get on my knees. Rising above me, I can feel his cock at my asshole.
"I'd be gentle...but it's better to just shove it in." he said with a smile.

I tense up...waiting. He smacks me again. I buck and he shoves his cock into my ass. Oh god, it burned. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, he starts thrusting into me. He rides me like a bronc buster, occasionally slapping my ass. I could feel the tension building up in my body until I screamed as I orgasmed. I felt him pull out and his cum cover my back.

"Oh, yeah...oh... ." he sighed. "Baby, you are one hot ride." He said giving the back of my neck a nip. I tried to turn my head to look at him, but I was too tired. He released me from the handcuffs and turned me over. Pulling me into his arms, he kisses my hair.

"I've wanted you for a long time. I'm just sorry I was so rough...I don't know what came over me" "Don't apologize." I said looking up at him. "That was the best sex I ever had."

I noticed tears come to his eyes and asked him what was wrong. He then proceeded to tell me that in order to save his and his partner's life tonight, he had to shoot a 17 yr old drug addict. I held him as he cried.

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